4 Best ATG Heel Wedges For Knees Over Toes In 2023

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If you’re big into knees over toes/ATG, regardless of how good your ankle mobility is, using a heel wedge is going to make your life a lot easier.

Not only do these things allow you to get deeper into that full knee bend position, but they also allow for maximum activation of the VMO.

Heel wedges are arguably the best way of elevating your heels for any squat variation including ATG split squats and regular back squats.

They’re cheaper and more versatile than slant boards and are some of the most popular knees over toes equipment.

Best Value

FAE Slant Blocks
  • 4 Pieces for 10°, 20°, & 30° incline angles
  • Super sturdy + comes with hard shell carry case
  • By far the most affordable option!


Runner Up

Harderwill Heel Wedge
  • 4 Pieces for 9°, 15°, & 24° incline angles
  • Extremely popular best seller

In this article I’m going to compare the top 4 options for ATG squat/heel wedges, so you know exactly which one will give you the most bang for your buck!

Let’s begin!

Best Value Heel Wedge


FAE Slant Blocks

FAE Slant Blocks

The lads at Freak Athlete Essentials have designed a set of heel wedges designed specifically for ATG/knees over toes training. Not only are they perfect for all your ATG needs, but they’re also ridiculously affordable!


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Best Value ATG Heel Wedge

There’s so much to love about these wedges…

Perfect Incline Angles For ATG & Stretching

This is another 4 piece feed, this time the 2 base blocks have a 20° incline, and the supplementary block has a 10° incline – stacked together you’re looking at a 30° incline.

The 20° angle will be perfect for the vast majority of exercises but having the option for 30° is great for anyone who has particularly poor mobility.

The 30° incline also makes these the steepest heel wedges on the market and by far the best option for static calf stretching.

Extremely Sturdy

Along with the Harderwill heel wedges, the Slant Blocks have a 2,000lb weight capacity and absolutely no flex or wobble, making them perfect for heavy squats.

Unbeatable Price

The FAE Slant Blocks sell for $50, but with my 10% discount code applied (JUMPSTRONGER), you can get them for just $45, making them by far the most affordable adjustable heel wedges on the market.

They’re about the same price as the Squat Wedgiez and quite a bit more versatile.

You can also get a pair of the 20° Slant Blocks (without the 10° pieces) for just $29 if you don’t need the extra elevation.

Recommended Use

The FAE Slant Blocks are ideal for anyone doing ATG exercises as well as static calf stretching. They’re great quality and also extremely affordable.

The Good

10°, 20°, and 30° Incline angles, perfect for ATG exercises as well as static stretching.

Comes with a hard shell carry case.

By far the most affordable 4 piece heel wedge set on the market.

The Bad

There isn’t much I don’t like about the Slant Blocks!


Runner Up


Harderwill Heel Wedge

Harderwill Squat Wedge

Easily the most popular ATG heel wedge on the market is the 4 piece set from Harderwill. It’s ultra sturdy, super versatile, and yet still quite affordable.

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Best ATG Heel Wedge – Runner Up

When it comes to ATG heel wedges, Harderwill have been leading the way for a long time and they’re pretty hard to beat because they check all the boxes…

Perfect Angle(s) For Squatting

The Harderwill squat wedge comes in 4 pieces: 2 large blocks (15° angle) and 2 smaller blocks (9° angle).

The idea is you can use the large blocks by themselves or stack the smaller blocks on top to create a 24° slant angle.

Being able to use either a 15° or 24° incline makes the Harderwill squat wedge extremely versatile.

Effective For Calf Stretching

Not only is either angle excellent for squatting, but having access to that 24° slant allows you to use this heel wedge as a really effective calf stretcher.

None of the other products on this list (aside from the FAE slant blocks) have a strong enough incline that they can effectively be used for static stretching, which is a huge reason for choosing Harderwill.

Ultra Sturdy

This heel wedge (along with the FAE Slant Blocks) also has the highest weight rating of any heel wedge at 2,000lbs, about twice as much as the others, so you know it’s going to be stable enough for absolutely any purpose.

Very Affordable When On Sale

At the time of writing, this wedge is significantly more affordable than the ATG Buddies but a little more expensive than the Slant Blocks and Squat Wedgiez (which we’ll discuss shortly).

The full price of these wedges usually sits around $79, but more often than not you will find them reduced to around $48, making them an absolute bargain.

When you combine the fact that this wedge has the best incline angle for all ATG exercises as well as a great incline for static calf stretching… as well as being super sturdy and very affordable, the Harderwill squat wedge is pretty hard to beat!

Recommended Use

Perfect incline angle for ATG exercises but also ideal for static calf stretching. I suggest checking the price as these are often on sale and come down to around $50 – I’d probably avoid these at their full price of ~$80.

The Good

Both the 15° and 24° slant angles work really well for knees over toes exercises like squats and split squats.

The 24° incline is steeper than many of the other products and is great for static calf/Achilles stretching.

Price is often reduced to just under $50 making these super affordable (although definitely on the more expensive side at their full price of around ~$79).

The Bad

Although wider than the ATG Buddies, this wedge could also be a little wider, so you don’t have to line your feet up perfectly every time.

Best For Squats


Squat Wedgiez Heel Wedge

Squat Wedgiez

Squat Wedgiez are a super affordable heel wedge designed specifically for squats and ATG movements.

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Best Value ATG Heel Wedge For Squats

It’s super clear to see that Squat Wedgiez really understood the existing problems with heel wedges, and have done a fantastic job at solving them.

Wider Platform = More Confident Squats

The single biggest issue when it comes to using heel wedges is that they’re usually extremely narrow.

This is problematic because it means you have to focus intently on aligning your feet perfectly in the center of the wedges as you’re walking the weight out.

There’s the constant fear of misaligning your foot and having the wedge give out from under you.

This is a genuine concern that I’ve seen several people mention in reviews.

Here’s why Squat Wedgiez are amazing…

Heel WedgeWidth
ATG Buddies4.1″
FAE Slant Blocks4.7″
*Squat Wedgiez6″

Having that extra width means you can focus 100% on your breathing and keeping your core tight and don’t have to spend those extra few seconds getting your feet perfectly aligned before your set.

The slant angle of the Squat Wedgiez is 15° which is perfectly fine when it comes to doing squats of all kinds.

They’re also rated for 500lbs each which is plenty.

Most Affordable ATG Heel Wedge

These things are about as cheap as it gets when it comes to heel wedges and sell for around the ~$40 mark. At the time of writing, they’re a couple bucks cheaper than the FAE Slant Blocks.

Recommended Use

This is a great, budget choice for anyone who plans on doing back squats only and isn’t so concerned about ATG split squats or static stretching.

The Good

Widest, longest, and most stable squat wedge on the market, ideal for back squats.

This is also the most affordable squat wedge on the market.

The Bad

Some users might prefer a steeper incline.

Also Decent


ATG Buddies Heel Wedge

ATG Buddies

Ben Patrick’s very own heel wedge, while it definitely gets the job done, could be improved.



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How Good Is Ben Patrick’s ATG Heel Wedge?

These are the squat wedges Ben Patrick has featured in a few of his videos, so you know they’re going to be pretty solid.

…But I think they need a revision or two before they’re able to compete with the other products I’ve discussed in this article.

Too Narrow?

Above I discussed how the width of heel wedges is really important to get right.

People were complaining that the Harderwill wedges were too narrow and that there’s a risk of instability/toppling under heavy loads.

The Harderwill wedges are 4.7″ wide and the ATG Buddies are even more narrow at just 4.1″.

This is a bit of a turn off for me as it means you have to line your feet up perfectly before beginning your set.

This is why I really like the Wedgiez product as it completely solves this issue.

On the other hand, the ATG Buddies have that flared cone-shaped base which should improve stability somewhat.

Good Incline Angle

The incline angle of the ATG Buddies is 20° which is a pretty nice middle ground between the Wedgiez and Harderwill/FAE options, so I’m quite happy with this.

Too Expensive?

Unfortunately the ATG Buddies are the most expensive heel wedge on the market at the moment…

Ben was pretty adamant about having them manufactured in the USA, but unfortunately this drives the price up quite a bit.

If you’re an ATG Online Coaching member, you can get a 20% discount on the ATG Buddies, but even with that discount applied these are still the most expensive heel wedges at the time of writing!

Recommended Use

These are a decent option if you’re already an ATG member (as you get a 20% discount) and want to support Ben Patrick. They’re still on the more expensive side, however.

The Good

The 20° incline angle is perfect for all ATG movements.

ATG members get a 20% discount.

The Bad

These are super narrow and might reduce confidence under heavier loads.

These are the most expensive ATG heel wedges on the market!


Final Verdict?

I believe the Slant Blocks by Freak Athlete Essentials are by far the highest value option for any athlete doing ATG training. A 20° incline is perfect for knees over toes stuff and having access to the 30° angle as well is ideal for static stretching.

You do need to preorder these though, so if you don’t want to wait until early December, I’d opt for the Harderwill squat wedges as they’re quite similar, have smart incline angles, and are more affordable than other options.

The Squat Wedgiez are also a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to save some cash, and also values a long and wide base for superior stability when squatting.

My ATG Heel Wedge Research & Review Process

I always make it my mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so I can be as helpful as possible to my readers.

Unfortunately, since I’m living abroad in Thailand, I’ve not been able to purchase and test any of these ATG heel wedges yet, as customs and duties fees and delays have made it super difficult to import equipment like this.

So in the interest of full transparency, I cannot yet speak about these products from first hand experience.

I do however regularly do heel elevated squats, although I primarily use a slant board for this.

I also intend on purchasing and testing the FAE Slant Blocks once they’re shipping again towards the end of the year, so you can stay tuned for a more detailed review.

Since there wasn’t much information available on the internet about ATG heel wedges, I decided to take the time to research each of these options and put together this list anyway, hoping some of you would find it helpful.

As an affiliate for each of these products, I often get a heads up regarding new product releases before the general public, which allows me to put together reviews with all of the most up-to-date kit.

Research Process

I spent a solid day looking at all of the different heel wedges on the market and compared things like incline angle, price, stability, and size/dimensions to help me decide which heel wedges would be most effective for ATG/knees over toes training.

I read through every review I could find on the web to find out what other people were saying about these products and was quickly able to narrow it down to just 4 products that should cover the needs of 99% of athletes.

Continually Updating With New Products & Information

As I gain more experience using ATG heel wedges, I’ll be updating this article so that you know exactly how my feelings towards each product evolve over time.

I’m also constantly on the hunt for new wedges that can offer value to the marketplace for inclusion in this article.

If you’re a heel wedge manufacturer and want your product reviewed and included in this article, please get in touch.

Feel free to read more about my product testing standards and review process.

Other Products Which Didn’t Make The Cut…

My research process was able to narrow it down to what I believe are the 4 best products, but here’s a few products I looked at which didn’t quite make the cut.

Double Circle Squat Wedge

The Double Circle squat wedge actually used to be a decent option up until recently, as they’re super solid and fairly affordable.

While the size/dimensions are quite good, they only come in 10° or 20° inclines and are still a bit more expensive than the newer options discussed earlier in this article.

Rogue Squat Wedge

I’m usually a big proponent of Rogue’s products, but I think they were pretty far off the mark with their squat wedge

Rogue Squat Wedge

The product itself is extremely high quality, but absurdly expensive…

The base unit starts at $95 and you’ll pay more for the incline angle you want.

Rogue Expensive Squat Wedge

So not only are they really expensive, but they’re also not adjustable.

Amazing bit of kit, but I simply couldn’t justify the price to include it in this roundup.

Prime Squat Wedge

This is another really expensive product ($125) that has recently been discontinued and can no longer be found on the Prime Fitness website.

Prime Squat Wedge

There’s still some available on the EliteFTS store last I checked, but I simply can’t see how this would be a practical option for ATG exercises.

Why Weight Plates Are Not A Good Solution

This is the ‘solution’ I used to use at the gym and, to be completely honest, it is absolutely awful.

The issue with just throwing down some weight plates to squat on is the massive shift in your center of gravity.

Squatting on weight plates puts you up onto the balls of your feet which makes driving through our heels virtually impossible.

There is also greatly reduced lateral stability and you’ll probably find it an absolute nightmare trying to get your feet perfectly aligned before your set.

There’s just no feeling of ‘sturdiness’ when using this approach, which is problematic when squatting.

Just the other day I was using this method and I probably spent 15 seconds with the barbell on my back, wiggling my feet around trying to get them into a position where they could get a good bite on the 5kg plates I was using…

If you’re doing any serious squat volume, invest in your own comfort, stability, and safety and just grab a pair of proper heel wedges!

Slant Board Vs Heel Wedge?

Slant boards also work extremely well for most of the ATG/knees over toes movements, with the added benefit of being ideal for calf stretching.

I actually prefer using my slant board for my ATG work.

The benefit of wedges is that they can be used for ATG split squats, but to be completely honest, if you do a couple weeks static calf stretching on a slant board, you’ll probably develop the ankle mobility necessary not to need an elevated heel for the split squat!

As far as price goes, you can usually get a slant board for around the same price as the Harderwill wedges/ATG Buddies, so it might be well worth taking a look at a slant board instead of the heel wedges!

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