Complete List Of All 33 Isochain Exercises! (With Videos)

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One thing the Isochain doesn’t get enough credit for is being insanely versatile.

This device produces the most effective isometric stimulus in almost every muscle in your body.

I’ve created a giant list of all the known Isochain exercises, so you can quickly see each of the different ways to hit certain muscles, allowing you to create your own perfect Isochain workout.

Big shout out to Chris of NoLimitSquad who I’ve used as the demonstration clips in this article. Make sure you head over to his YouTube channel and subscribe for an endless supply of Isochain content!

If you want more detailed instructions on how to perform any of these movements, he’ll usually have a video on his channel which explains it in greater detail!

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Let’s begin!

Isochain Leg Exercises

I find people are often surprised at just how many incredible leg exercises are possible with the Isochain.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the top Isochain leg exercises.

Isochain Belt Squat

The Isochain belt squat is the single exercise which allows you to output the maximum possible force using your legs.

Isochain Belt Squat

The belt squat itself is an awesome movement because there’s no spinal compression. It’s pure leg drive.

You will need to pick up some forearm forklift lifting straps from Amazon to create a make shift belt squat belt.

These things are absolutely bulletproof and are super affordable. A must have addition to your Isochain!

Be sure to check out my full article explaining the benefits of doing belt squats!

Isochain Back Squat

Most people thought it wasn’t possible to back squat with the Isochain, but most people were wrong!

You’ll need to grab yourself some ISO-FLO straps and an EZ bar, but once you’ve got those items, you’ll be able to attach your bar to the Isochain via the straps.

Make sure you’re pushing through the quads when doing this exercise.

Isochain Deadlift

For the deadlift, you want to use a chain link length such that the Isochain is just above your knees.

Make sure your spine is neutral, core is engaged, and your chin is up.

Isochain Deadlift

Make sure you remember to breath!

This exercise doubles as an excellent grip strength movement.

Isochain RDL

The Isochain RDL is one of the most effective hamstring isometric movements there is.

Isochain RDL

Make sure you hinge at the hip and keep a neutral spine, so that all of the tension is on your hammies.

Isochain Front Squat

This variation of the squat is my least favorite with the Isochain because of how much pressure it puts on your wrists.

In a traditional front squat, you’re resting the bar on your shoulders and not your wrists like this.

Isochain Front Squat

It definitely still works well as a leg exercise, so long as you make sure you keep your wrists directly under the handle (so they’re not bent back as they would be in a normal front squat).

To be honest, just avoid this movement and do the zercher squat instead (see below).

Isochain Zercher Squat

This squat variation is much less taxing on your wrists and allows you to generate more power with your legs.

Isochain Zercher Squat

This is the easiest squat variant to do with the Isochain and I recommend it over the others, especially for beginners.

Isochain Austin Squat

The Austin squat was invented by an Isochain user and the idea is to use a low enough chain link that allows you to pull the handle over your kneecaps so it’s taught against your lower thighs.

Isochain Austin Squat

Once the bar is locked against your lower thighs, you’re able to generate force using exclusively your legs.

No other squat variation has ever been able to get the load point so low on the human body, not even the belt squat (which attaches at the upper glute).

This allows for zero spinal loading and maximum quadricep activation.

Incredible movement!

Isochain Bulgarian Split Squat

The rear foot elevated split squat is one of my favorite unilateral leg exercises that I do every week.

Isochain Bulgarian Split Squat

This one’s great for seeing how big your muscle imbalances are in your legs.

Doing this movement with the Isochain will allow you to see how much force your left VMO can generate as opposed to your right.

Doing unilateral movements like this will help iron out muscle and strength imbalances over time too.

Isochain Standing Calf Raise

For the calf raise you’ll want to use the same chain link you use for the shoulder shrug or possibly one above or below that.

Isochain Standing Calf Raise

Use a double overhand grip and keep your feet a little closer together than usual.

Isochain Seated Calf Raise

You can also do seated calf raises using the Isochain if you want to hit more of the soleus as opposed to gastroc.

Use the same chain link as you would for the seated wrist curl.

Isochain Seated Calf Raise

You should be pushing your knees into your wrists when doing this movement,

Isochain Shoulder Exercises

There’s no shortage of amazing ways to build stronger shoulders when using the Isochain.

A lot of these movements are compound in nature and will work your triceps and back as well.

Isochain Shoulder Press

The Isochain shoulder press can be performed at multiple angles and I recommend not just doing them at the 90 degree angle (as below).

This is the easiest and most effective shoulder builder to begin with.

If you want to focus more on strength output, start closer to the bottom of the movement, with the handle closer to your upper chest.

Isochain Shoulder Front Raise

When doing the front raise, make sure you keep a neutral spine and generate force using only your shoulders.

Try to keep your arms fairly straight throughout the contraction.

Isochain Press Lockout

This is just the shoulder press except closer to the top of the movement.

Most important with this exercise is to make sure you keep a neutral spine.

Some upper back arch is okay, but you want to avoid excessive lumbar lordosis (curving of lower spine).

Isochain Push Press

Start the push press in a typical overhead press position using a double overhand grip.

Make sure your knees are bent considerably more than in the typical shoulder press.

You want to begin with the handle just above your chest, closer to the bottom of the movement.

Isochain High Pull

The EZ bar high pull is one of my favorite movements for anterior deltoids as well as the upper back and now you can replicate this movement using the Isochain.

Isochain High Pull

This is great for developing strength and stability through the inner/upper back.

Isochain Chest Exercises

While the chest is one of the harder muscle groups to train using the Isochain, it definitely is still possible!

Isochain Chest Press

The standing chest press is the easiest way to work your chest using the Isochain.

Start with the bar roughly parallel to your nipples, and push the bar upwards and away from you.

Again, make sure you avoid excessive curvature of the lower spine.

You should feel a good pump in your chest when doing this one!

Isochain Bench Press

If you wanted a proper bench press solution, you can head to the hardware store and create a fairly inexpensive attachment which will allow you to bench more or less as normal.

Isochain Bench Press

It’s definitely not a perfect solution, but it is a brilliant chest pump!

Isochain Incline Bench Press

It’s also possible to target the upper chest using a standard gym bench.

Isochain Incline Bench Press

This movement is a little clunky and you do have to press the bar back over your head, which limits how much force you can produce, but it works really well!

Isochain Back Exercises

There’s plenty of ways to hit your back using the Isochain.

Obviously a lot of these movements could be considered bicep exercises too.

Isochain Seated Row

The neutral grip seated row is virtually no different to how you’d do it at a gym using a cable machine.

Isochain Wide Grip Seated Row

You can also switch the grip up to target your lats a little more.

Admittedly it’s a little frustrating not being able to use a neutral grip when doing these seated rows, as you have to use either a supinated grip or double overhand.

Isochain Shoulder Shrug

The shrug is a fairly simple trap builder.

You can use either a double overhand or mixed grip.

Make sure you keep that spine neutral and focus on generating force using primarily your upper traps.

Isochain Bent Over Row

The Isochain bent over row isn’t quite as simple as it is with a barbell and takes a little finessing to get right.

The key is to make sure you’re hinging at the hip and using your upper body to generate power (not your hamstrings; this isn’t an RDL).

Isochain Clean Pull

Who would have thought you could do Olympic lifts using the Isochain!

The clean pull requires you to use a double overhand grip while raising up onto your toes.

You should feel this one deep in your upper back around your scapula.

Make sure you keep your elbows flared out to the sides and your chest needs to stay upright.

You really shouldn’t feel this in your shoulders too much.

This is my favorite movement for building that yoke/strongman upper back thickness.

Isochain Arm Exercises

The amount of arm exercises you can do using the Isochain is quite absurd.

Almost each of these can be modified to use different joint angles, which is something I recommend you do from time to time.

Isochain Bicep Curl

To perform the bicep curl, use a supinated grip and really focus on squeezing the peak of your bicep as tightly as possible.

Play around with using a low, medium, and high angle for these.

Isochain Finger Pull

The finger pull is one of the best ways to develop your grip strength.

Use a double overhand grip with your thumbs on top too.

Drive upwards using your entire body and hang on for dear life!

Focus on curling the bar into your wrists using just your fingers.

Isochain Reverse Curl

The reverse curl is a great brachioradialis builder.

However it is a frustrating movement because of how underwhelming your force output is, especially if you have weak wrists like me!

Isochain Dinosaur Arm Reverse Curl

One alternative is to completely sacrifice your wrists and just pull as hard as you can using your forearms.

This variation is better for developing the upper forearms, whereas the former variation is better for developing the muscles closer to your wrists.

Isochain Tricep Extension

Your standard tricep extension works great for the Isochain, however I’d recommend keeping your elbows more in front of you as opposed to flared out to the sides (as below).

Isochain Standing Overhead Tricep Press

This movement is one of my favorite tricep finishers at the gym and it’s also excellent for the Isochain.

In this movement, you do want to flare your elbows out to the sides as you’re focusing more on a pressing movement as opposed to an extension.

Isochain Scullcrusher

The scullcrusher is one of the toughest tricep exercises out there, but it’s the one I’ve seen the best results with.

Isochain Tricep Kickback

Although this movement doesn’t exactly look like your traditional tricep kickback, it still feels almost identical.

Kickbacks are no fun because they’re a unilateral movement that take forever to complete. But with the Isochain, you can do both arms at once.

This is one of the most effective ways to make your triceps strong in the lockout position.

Isochain Seated Wrist Curl

Find a chain link that allows you to rest your forearms on your knees, and then curl the handle in towards your torso.

You should feel an epic burn in your forearms.

Isochain Seated Pronated Wrist Curl

You can also do this with a pronated grip.

Your number is going to be much lower, but it’s important to include this variation to make sure you’re hitting your outer forearms and brachioradialis too.

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If you’re still not sure, take a look at my complete Isochain review for more details or take a look at some cheaper Isochain alternatives!

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