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Here at A1Athlete we write really good, well researched, scientifically accurate articles aimed at educating athletes on a wide range of subjects.

Instead of just regurgitating textbooks, our content aims to share really practical training advise – concepts that are actually going to move the needle – stuff we’ve learnt from years of training and coaching.

Whether you’re looking to jump higher, run faster, get bigger or stronger, our team of experts is here to help you on your journey to physical dominance.

Our goal is really simple: to be as helpful as humanly possible.

We do that by thoroughly researching different fitness subjects and products, consulting with other experts, and presenting to you the most important takeaways that’ll really take your training to the next level.

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Harvey Meale, A1Athlete Founder

We Have Nothing To Sell You…

Our business here at A1Athlete is real simple: we make really helpful articles and videos, designed to make your life easier as an athlete.

That’s all.

We don’t sell training programs, we don’t sell equipment, and we don’t sell courses.

Instead we’re simply hoping that one day you’ll stumble across one of our articles on Google (or videos on YouTube) and find the answer you’re looking for.

We’re able to pay the bills through advertising and affiliate commissions – which means we can focus on producing ultra helpful content.

Oh and don’t worry… we have super strict standards when it comes to product reviews, so you can be sure our product recommendations are legit!

Here at A1Athlete, we produce content across 5 key areas…

Vertical Jump Training

Vertical Jump Training

The bulk of our content discusses how you can go about increasing your vertical jump.

Knees Over Toes & ATG

Knees Over Toes

We’re big proponents of developing foundational strength through the knees over toes methodology.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

We also cover a huge range of topics related to strength and conditioning.

Training Equipment

Training Equipment & Reviews

We make detailed reviews of the various equipment we personally use in our training.

Recovery & Rehab

Recovery & Rehab

We also have a qualified physiotherapist on staff writing about how athletes can optimize recovery.