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Our Mission

Our goal with A1Athlete is simply to create really helpful articles and videos that’ll bring you one step closer to your goals as an athlete.

Our expert team covers a huge range of subjects from jumping higher to running faster, getting bigger and stronger, as well as optimizing recovery.

We pride ourselves on having the most well researched articles on the web, backed by hard science and put together by subject matter experts who really know their stuff.


Eric Richter, A1Athlete Physiotherapist & Author

Here at A1Athlete, we publish two kinds of content: informational articles and product reviews.

Our informational articles are just that: we’re simply trying to educate our readers about a certain subject.

We’re able to monetize these articles by including display ads on the page.

We’re also very well known for our product reviews, which is where we go out and buy all of the latest training equipment and test it out, so you don’t have to.

Because we’ve had hands on experience with virtually all of the products we discuss, we’re able help you decide which equipment is a good match for you based on your individual needs as an athlete.

In these product roundup and review articles, we’re able to make a small commission when you decide to buy a product through one of our affiliate links.

We’ve built our reputation of having some of the best product reviews in the industry by holding ourselves to extremely high standards when reviewing equipment.

Feel free to check out our Product Review Policy to see exactly how we go about creating this content.

Because we’re not trying to sell you any products, programs, or equipment, we’re able to focus on being as helpful as possible with our content.

Our Core Values

A1Athlete is able to dominate the competition by embodying the following core principles…

Helpfulness Above All

When you hit up Google to find an answer to a question you have, the last thing you want is to have to read through paragraph after paragraph of irrelevant fluff…

At A1Athlete, we design our articles to deliver exactly what you’re looking for as efficiently as possible and we only include information that is actually going to be relevant to what you’re searching for…

One of the ways we do this is by putting the key takeaways right at the top of the article in the green info box you see in the example below.

Info Box For Helpfulness

We’ve also enabled comments on each of our articles, so that if you’ve got a follow-up question you need answered, simply leave a comment and we’ll usually get to it within 24 hours!

Technical & Scientific Accuracy

Whenever we’re discussing sports performance/strength and conditioning concepts we always reference the latest research to back up our claims.

Superscript Referencing System

We use a footnotes referencing system where you can see our sources by clicking on the superscript notation at the end of a sentence.

We also pride ourselves on making sure our content stays completely up-to-date.

Many publications will write articles discussing the “best products for xyz”, yet won’t update their recommendations sometimes for years!

This leads to inaccurate and really unhelpful recommendations.

Here at A1Athlete, we schedule every single one of our articles to be regularly updated with the latest info, products, research, and wisdom.

Each article is updated at least once every 18 months (for the most evergreen subjects) and other articles are tended to every few weeks.

Experience & Wisdom

Sometimes it simply isn’t enough to read a research paper or quote a textbook…

Sometimes the most salient advice can really only be gleaned from years of experience.

Here at A1Athlete, all of our writers are subject matter experts in that they have years of hands on experience either training or coaching (or both) in the domain in which they’re writing about.

We aren’t interested in having run-of-the-mill freelance writers producing articles for us, because we’re not interested in having run-of-the-mill content.

If we don’t personally have the depth of experience required to write authoritatively about a particular subject, we immediately seek out and hire an expert consultant to help us produce the content and ensure it’s accurate and as helpful as possible.


Harvey Meale, A1Athlete Founder

Since the age of 10 I’ve been obsessed with the subject of vertical jump training and it’s something I’ve research to death over the years.

A1Athlete was originally called Jump Stronger and was a blog dedicated to helping athletes increase their vertical jump.

After having written more than 100 articles on the subject of vertical jump training, the blog began naturally expanding into adjacent subjects and we started covering a wider range of subjects.

We decided to rebrand to A1Athlete as this would allow us to write about a much more diverse range of fitness topics, without worrying about straying too far from the subject of jumping higher.

We’re Also On YouTube!

In order for us to make our articles as helpful as possible, we’ve expanded into the realm of video where we’re doing video versions of our most important content, so you can either read or watch our content.

A1Athlete YouTube

For the time being, we really only operate on the blog and on YouTube, but we’ll have an email list up and running shortly.

If you need to get in touch with us, for whatever reason, you can head over to the Contact page and we’ll hit you back within 24 hours!