9 Best Vertical Jump Programs In 2024 (I Bought Them All!)

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Over the past few months, I’ve personally purchased every single vertical jump program on the market

I’ve been methodically going through each of them with a fine tooth comb, analyzing every small detail to determine which vertical jump programs are actually worth doing in 2024…

I wrote this article to help you determine which vertical jump program is the best match for your individual needs as an athlete.

This is the most up-to-date and comprehensive guide to vertical jump training programs on the internet and includes info on many of the old-school jump programs, but also several brand new products you might not yet have heard about!

Best Vertical Jump Programs – At A Glance

  1. Best Overall – Overtime Athletes Elite Vertical Academy
  2. Best Membership – PPA Elite Remote Training
  3. Best For Beginners – Jump Manual
  4. Best Budget Program – Vert Shock
  5. Best Bodyweight Program – PJF Vert Code
  6. Best Jump Mechanics Program – PPA Missing Link
  7. Best Membership (Runner Up) – THP Strength
  8. Best For Advanced Athletes – PJF Vert Code Elite
  9. Best For Dunking – Mac McClung Jump Program
Best Training Membership
Best Jump Technique Program
  • 12 Week program, either bodyweight or weight room
  • Great explanation of science behind vertical jump training
  • Brilliant exercise selection and programming
  • Access to elite level coaching
  • RIDICULOUSLY affordable
  • Choice of 5 different specialized jump programs
  • Big focus on getting really strong
  • Super responsive personalized coaching
  • WAY more affordable than THP Strength


  • Will correct your jumping mechanics to maximize vertical
  • Super affordable


Best Overall
  • 12 Week program, either bodyweight or weight room
  • Great explanation of science behind vertical jump training
  • Brilliant exercise selection and programming
  • Access to elite level coaching
  • RIDICULOUSLY affordable
Best Training Membership
  • Choice of 5 different specialized jump programs
  • Big focus on getting really strong
  • Super responsive personalized coaching
  • WAY more affordable than THP Strength


Best Jump Technique Program
  • Will correct your jumping mechanics to maximize vertical
  • Super affordable


Let’s waste no more time and jump right into the best performing jump programs of 2024!

Best Overall
Overtime Athletes Elite Vertical Academy

OTA’s Elite Vertical Academy came out on top as the most comprehensive vertical jump program on the current market. It’s fantastic for both beginners and advanced athletes and is extremely affordable, making it incredibly good value for money.

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Best Overall Vertical Jump Program

Topping my list of the very best vertical jump programs on the current market is the Elite Vertical Academy, created by Chris Barnard of Overtime Athletes.

If I had to describe this program in one word, it would be comprehensive

EVA Helps You Understand Jump Training

Instead of just telling you what exercises to do, EVA looks to really educate athletes so they understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

The Elite Vertical Academy has one of the most detailed guides to the scientific principles involved in vertical jump training I’ve ever seen, making it one of the absolute best options for novices.

This 50 page guide is actually quite fun to read and explains everything you need to know about vertical jump training!

Something For Everyone

Advanced athletes will also love this program as there’s tons of heavy lifting and challenging workouts.

Perhaps you’re more of a beginner and don’t yet feel comfortable lifting weights… EVA has you covered with their Beginner and Bodyweight versions of the program which are included in the cost!

EVA Beginner & Bodyweight Programs

Masterful Program Design

The exercise selection and programming is extremely deliberate and the EVA Manual contains scientific explanations for why the program was constructed the way it was.

EVA Manual

Chris Barnard is an absolutely legendary figure in the vertical jump training space – there’s virtually no one on Earth more qualified to teach athletes how to jump higher than this guy!

On top of that there’s an in-season training guide which will come in handy for the vast majority of athletes.

Access To Form & Technique Coaching From OTA Team

Included in the EVA is access to the OTA team who are able to answer any questions you might have as well as provide feedback on jump technique or lifting form.

EVA Jump Coaching

This kind of service isn’t commonplace for jump programs in this price range, which is just another reason why the EVA is a no-brainer!

Why EVA Is The Best Value For Money

The reason EVA is so overpowered is because it used to be a fully fledged jump training membership program, meaning you used to have to pay a monthly fee for access…

It’s since been converted into a stand-alone jump program that includes all the benefits of the membership.

Perhaps the best part about the EVA is that it’s far cheaper than you would expect, making it by far the highest value for money program on the market.

Check out my full review of Overtime Athletes’ Elite Vertical Academy!



  • Extremely comprehensive explanation of the scientific principles involved in jumping higher.
  • Beginner and bodyweight specific programs included for those who don’t have access to a gym.
  • Extremely precise exercise selection and programming.
  • Free access to lifting form and jump technique coaching from OTA team!
  • Extremely affordable – unparalleled value for money.


  • Exercise demonstrations could be improved somewhat.
  • Could contain more information about improving jump technique.

Recommended For

EVA is the only vertical jump training program that’s a fantastic match for all athletes, regardless of age or training experience.

Best Training Membership
PPA Elite Remote Training Membership

If you’re looking for a more personalized vertical jump program as well as direct access to form coaching from 2 of the world’s best vertical jump coaches, I believe Project Pure Athlete’s jump training membership is currently your best option.

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Best Vertical Jump Training Membership

Although THP Strength is the current most popular jump training membership, I think the value for money you get with PPA’s full service membership is actually significantly higher!

Specialized Jump Training Programs

PPA’s jump training membership gives you access to 5 different training programs, so you can select the one that best suits your individual needs as an athlete:

  • Power – Base vertical jump program geared towards developing both strength and explosiveness, ideal for the offseason.
  • Explode – Advanced vertical jump program designed to maximize explosiveness through lots of intensive plyos and power movements. This program should be done only by advanced athletes or anyone who’s completed the Power program already.
  • Relentless – Bodyweight vertical jump training program for anyone who doesn’t have access to a weight room.
  • Armour – This program is for people with dodgy knees or mobility issues who deal with pain. Armour is a great starting point for anyone with patellar tendonitis.
  • Competitor – This is a low volume in-season program designed to help basketballers and volleyballers continue developing strength and explosiveness throughout their sporting season.

Other memberships like Vert Code Elite only give you access to a single training program, which might not be a perfect match for you.

Top Shelf Workout Design & Programming

Having combed through each of these 5 programs, I’ve become a massive fan of PPA’s approach to exercise selection and programming.

These workouts are extremely well designed, quite challenging, and have no boring bits…

There’s quite a serious focus on getting really strong, so if you like lifting, this is a great match!

PPA also include plenty of upper body training in their workouts, so you’re getting a really well rounded training experience.

Full Access To World Class Jump Coaches

In addition to being able to select the perfect program, you get full access to two of the world’s best vertical jump coaches: Coach Chase Skinkis and Coach Tyler Ray (The Jump Guys).

Jump Guys Answer Questions

This means you can ask any questions or send in videos of your squat/power clean form or jump technique and get speedy feedback from someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

Coach Chase Video

I had a fairly simple question and received a minute-long video response from Coach Chase himself!

I found that PPA would usually respond to questions from athletes just as quick as THP Strength, and much faster than Vert Code Elite.

Extremely Good Value For Money

The best part about PPA’s jump training membership is that it’s actually affordable for a lot of athletes…

It’s currently less than half the price of THP Strength, and you’re getting a very similar service (see my THP Strength review where I raise questions about just how custom their customized programs are).

Price is definitely a big factor for a lot of (particularly younger) athletes, so I love the fact that PPA are keeping this white-glove level of service super affordable.

Check out my full PPA Elite Remote Training Membership review here!



  • Access to 5 different training programs, so you can start with the option that best suits your current needs as an athlete.
  • Super responsive and helpful in-app coaching from world class jump trainers.
  • Large focus on getting really strong.
  • Significantly more affordable than other jump training memberships.


  • Could include more information discussing the scientific principles involved in jumping higher.
  • Exercise demonstrations could be improved slightly.

Recommended For

PPA’s jump training membership is a great match for advanced athletes who want to maximize their vertical jump progress and realize the value in having a coach to guide them.


Best For Beginners
Jump Manual

I believe Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual is the ultimate introduction to the scientific principles involved in jumping higher. This program also contains a masterclass on jumping biomechanics, so you can learn how to perfect your jump technique to maximize progress.

Try Jump Manual Risk Free! Read Full Review
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Best Vertical Jump Program For Beginners

I was as surprised as you are to learn that a program almost 15 years old still remains scientifically accurate and super helpful.

Jump Manual Illuminates The Scientific Principles Behind Jumping Higher

My favorite thing about this program is how well it educates the reader on how jump training actually works.

Jump Manual Education

Most jump programs either gloss over this stuff or completely forget to mention it, but understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing in a jump program is super important.

Extremely Good Jump Mechanics Guide

Jump Manual also contains some extremely informative information on jump technique – stuff that even I wasn’t aware of!

Jump Manual Technique Guide

There’s no faster way for beginner athletes to add inches to their vertical than by improving their jump technique…

This could be the difference between gaining 4″ over the course of 12 weeks or 7″.

Jump Manual Biomechanics

The videos included in the technique/biomechanics section of the Jump Manual are absolutely mesmerizing…

I learned so much from the Jump Manual that you simply can’t find in any other jump program.

Smart & Simple Program Design

The jump program itself is also extremely well designed, it’s super simple to follow, and has tons of variety baked into it.

This is one of the more beginner-friendly jump programs that involve lifting weights, so it’s perfect for younger athletes looking to start lifting.

Check out my full jump manual review here!



  • Best intro to the science behind vertical jump training.
  • Super simple structure that’s still really effective and will produce great results.
  • Absolutely fantastic jump mechanics video library.


  • Could include a few more upper body movements.
  • On the more expensive side.

Recommended For

Jump Manual is the most comprehensive introduction to vertical jump training, ideal for less experienced athletes who want to learn and are happy to train in the weight room.

Best Budget Program
Vert Shock

Love it or hate it, Vert Shock still has a few things going for itself: it’s dead simple to follow, anyone can do it, and it definitely will produce results without breaking the bank!

Get 50% Off Vert Shock! Read Full Review
If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Budget Vertical Jump Program

The biggest shock I had when reviewing this program was that it was actually surprisingly pretty good!

*Second Best Budget Program…

One thing I should mention right away is that Overtime Athletes’ EVA is currently the same price as Vert Shock, and I do think EVA is a much better program overall…

If EVA hadn’t received my rating as ‘best overall jump program’, it would definitely have won the title of ‘best budget jump program’.

Since PPA’s Project: Vertical is apparently being discontinued (although you can still get it currently), I decided to give Vert Shock the award for the best budget jump program.

Vert Shock Is An Extremely Unique Jump Program

Vert Shock differs from many of the modern-day vertical jump programs for the following reasons:

  • It’s only 8 weeks long,
  • It requires no equipment,
  • There’s no strength development exercises; it’s 100% plyometrics,
  • It’s extremely simple, easy to follow, and very beginner friendly,
  • The workouts are fairly short in duration, so it’s very convenient for busy people,
  • It’s quite affordable.
Vert Shock Workout Example

Other titles I played around with for Vert Shock were…

  • Best vertical jump program for busy people
  • Most convenient vertical jump program
  • Best bodyweight vertical jump program – runner up

Let’s not get things twisted: Vert Shock is not the greatest jump program of all time and there are many ways in which it could be improved, but it’s definitely still going to be a solid option for certain athletes…

I’d recommend Vert Shock if you resonate with the following statements…

  • You’re on a budget,
  • You don’t have access to a gym,
  • You’re looking for quick results (8 weeks) and don’t want to wait 4-8 months to see progress,
  • You’re too busy to be spending hours training everyday,

Put simply, Vert Shock doesn’t ask much of you to complete the program…

Even though it’s painfully simple, this program does get results…

Yes, you’ll almost certainly get better results doing more advanced programs, but those programs take much longer to complete and aren’t always practical for everyone.

For more info, check out my full Vert Shock review here!



  • Top quality exercise demonstrations.
  • Dead simple workouts that don’t take ages to complete.
  • Program lasts only 8 weeks so it won’t take forever to complete and see results.
  • One of the more affordable programs that are actually worth doing!


  • It’s quite one dimensional: no lower body strength training, no upper body training, just plyometrics.
  • Workouts can be a little repetitive at times.

Recommended For

Vert Shock is still a great option for less experienced athletes who don’t have access to a weight room and simply want something that is easy to complete and will lead to fast results.

Best Bodyweight Program
PJF Performance Vert Code

If you don’t have access to a gym, Vert Code is unquestionably the most comprehensive bodyweight program on the current market.

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Best Bodyweight Vertical Jump Program

If, for whatever reason, you don’t have access to a weight room, Vert Code is the most comprehensive program on the market.

Unlike Vert Shock, it includes a really nice balance of lower body strength, power, and plyometric exercises, so you’re able to develop both the strength and speed side of the power equation.

This 12 week program is masterfully crafted by one of today’s best NBA performance coaches, Paul Fabritz, and is an ideal choice for younger athletes or anyone who isn’t ready to start lifting weights.

The amount of value packed into Vert Code is pretty astounding as it includes the following,

  • Foot training protocols
  • Jumper’s yoga routine
  • Explosive athlete’s mentality guide
  • Patellar tendinitis management advice
  • Upper body training guide
  • Flexibility assessments
  • Jump mechanics masterclass
  • Nutrition guide
  • Ankle mobility assessments
  • Pre-season conditioning guide
  • Weekly schedule guide (balancing jump training with skills)
  • Ball handling workouts
  • Information on different training surfaces
  • Posture guide

No one has put anywhere near as much time and effort into their vertical jump programs as Paul Fabritz of PJF Performance has. Period.

The program itself is presented beautifully and it’s an extremely well packaged product.

Vert Code Bodyweight Workout

Not only will Vert Code develop your vertical jump, but it’s got tons of speed, agility, change of direction, and lateral movement work baked in, so you’ll end up becoming a much more well rounded athlete.

Although slightly more expensive than Vert Shock, Vert Code is by far the most comprehensive bodyweight vertical jump program on today’s market and I highly recommend it!

Check out my full Vert Code review here!



  • Best exercise demonstrations of any jump program.
  • Super functional movements that translate to athleticism beyond just jumping.
  • Large focus on easing into the program, fantastic for beginners.
  • Includes one of the best jump technique guides ever.
  • Huge video library of training resources that are extremely well produced.


  • Upper body training isn’t included in this program.
  • Despite having tons of bonuses, it doesn’t include an ‘intro to jump training theory’ guide.

Recommended For

For younger athletes or those who don’t have access to a gym, this is by far the most comprehensive vertical jump program.

Best Vertical Jump Technique Program

The single quickest way to increase your vertical jump is to improve your technique so you’re moving more efficiently…

This one of a kind program is designed to be run in conjunction with your regular vertical jump training program, and seeks to help you master the technical side of jumping biomechanics.

The Missing Link program goes for 12 weeks and breaks down the vertical jump into its constituent parts and has you drill them individually.

You’ll perform exercises in this program you’ve never seen before and by the end of it you’ll have corrected any technical errors you might have previously been making!

I strongly recommend all athletes serious about maximizing their vertical jump progress get this program!

PPA’s Coach Ty is extremely well known for his biomechanical breakdowns of world class jumpers and his ability to articulate ways in which people can correct their technique.

Having achieved a 48″ vertical jump himself, Coach Ty knows his stuff better than anybody and I’m sure a good 95% of athletes out there could learn a lot from this program!

Check out my full Missing Link review here!



  • Helps you quickly identify flaws in your own vertical jump technique.
  • Will almost certainly lead to multiple inches gained over the 12 week period.
  • Can be stacked with any other vertical jump program.
  • Really affordable!


  • Formatting/presentation of the information could be improved somewhat.

Recommended For

All athletes, especially younger and less experienced jumpers, will benefit immensely from the Missing Link program.


Best Membership - Runner Up
THP Strength

Getting a tailor made vertical jump program from John Evans and Isaiah Rivera is a surefire way turbocharge your progress on your vertical jump journey.

Check Current Price Read Full Review
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Best Jump Training Membership – Runner Up

Run by Isaiah Rivera and his coach John Evans, THP Strength’s unique angle is that they offer tailor made vertical jump programs based on your own individual needs as an athlete.

Tailor Made Vertical Jump Programs

They do this by having you fill out a questionnaire when signing up.

THP Strength Questionnaire

From this they create you a custom vertical jump program that should produce the best possible results based on your starting point.

Full Access To Coaching & Private Community

Your THP Strength membership also contains access to an extremely active private Facebook group in which you can ask questions and post videos of yourself lifting or jumping to receive feedback on.

THP Strength Facebook Video

Isaiah and John are super responsive and this is the only Facebook community where people are actively discussing the topic of vertical jump training every day!

*It’s currently not clear if you actually still get access to this Facebook group or not.

Just How Custom Are The THP Strength Programs?

One thing I’m not quite sure of is exactly how custom these jump programs are…

Do THP Strength simply have 5-10 default ‘starting’ programs they put new members on when they sign up, based on their questionnaire results?

THP Strength Program

If this is the case, there’s very little difference between this membership and the Elite Remote Training Membership offered by PPA.

With over 500 active THP Strength members, each needing new workouts every week, how could it be practical for John and Isaiah to spend more than 5 minutes per program per week?

I’d like to see John reveal how they go about customizing each program and their process used.

Premium Price Tag

Although THP Strength may still have the best vertical jump training membership, when we factor in price, they’re far less affordable compared to the PPA membership.

You can expect to pay about twice as much per month as a THP Strength member than you would a PPA member…

This obviously makes it unaffordable for a huge number of athletes and is why I’ve given THP the title of ‘runner up’ as far as memberships go.

Check out my full THP Strength review here!



  • Jump programs are tailored to your individual needs as an athlete.
  • Extremely active Facebook group where you can ask questions and post videos for feedback.
  • Coaches are super responsive.


  • It’s unclear exactly how much time goes into the personalization of each program.
  • Far more expensive than PPA’s membership.

Recommended For

THP Strength is probably the best option for athletes who are super serious about maximizing their vertical jump progress, if they’re able to afford it!

Best For Advanced Athletes
PJF Performance Vert Code Elite

Vert Code Elite from PJF Performance is a year-long program geared towards more advanced athletes, although I personally believe it’s an extremely good option for younger athletes as well. As far as membership programs go, the value for money you get from VCE is unparalleled!

Check Current Price Read Full Review
If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Vertical Jump Training Program For Advanced Athletes

Vert Code Elite is about as comprehensive as it gets when it comes to vertical jump training… this program is an absolute masterpiece.

Vert Code Elite has the longest duration of anything on the current market (12 months), making it the perfect option for those athletes who realize that vertical jump progress is a slow and gradual process that can take years to realize.

Having said that, I can appreciate how some athletes might prefer a shorter duration program so they can ‘peak’ their vertical for a certain event (i.e. start of season, prior to a big tournament, etc).

The exercise selection and programming is world class and covers all bases from mobility to strength, power, speed, agility, and everything in between.

The best thing about Vert Code Elite is that it’s much more than just a program…

You get access to a ton of invaluable resources with this product that you simply won’t find anywhere else…

Vert Code Elite Video Library

One of my favorites is Paul’s jump mechanics guide which is absolutely outstanding and even teaches you how to jump properly with a basketball!

Paul Fabritz is an absolutely legendary figure in the vertical jump training space and has made Vert Code Elite remarkably affordable when compared to other jump training memberships out there.

Check out my full Vert Code Elite review here!



  • Extremely smart programming from an exceptionally experienced coach.
  • One of the best jump technique/mechanics guides I’ve ever seen.
  • Comes with access to a huge video library of training materials.
  • One of the most affordable jump training memberships.


  • While you do get access to a basic discussion board, where you can ask coaches for advice, response times are quite slow.

Recommended For

Vert Code Elite is a fantastic, long-term solution for advanced athletes who want to gradually increase their vertical jump over a period of months.

Mac McClung Jump Program

One of the most underrated vertical jump programs I’ve ever looked at, the MMCJP is a perfect match for anyone close to dunking or already throwing down. If you’re a serious hooper, definitely check this program out!

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If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Best Vertical Jump Training Program For Dunking

And finally the Mac McClung Jump Program is a really solid option specifically built for basketballers.

This program is aimed at anyone who is already dunking or close to it and contains tons of drills requiring a basketball and hoop.

Almost all of the exercises in this program are modified in some way to be more dunk specific, and there’s even several palming drills…

If your main goal is to dunk a basketball, this program should be right at the top of your list!

It is quite advanced, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it if you’re a complete beginner or not already fairly close to dunking.

Check out my full Mac McClung Jump Program review here!



  • Hyperspecific to the needs of basketballers and dunkers
  • This is the only PJF program that includes upper body training built-in!
  • Super affordable in comparison to Vert Code Elite and other options!


  • Lacks information about how to integrate the program when in-season.
  • Could use slightly more really heavy lifting!
  • Program is much easier to complete with a partner.

Recommended For

The Mac McClung Jump Program is a great option for aspiring dunkers and is best suited to those who are already dunking or can at least touch the rim.

Final Verdict?

Each of the programs I’ve discussed so far made it into my top recommendations because they serve a particular purpose exceptionally well.

Which program is best for you will ultimately depend on your individual needs as an athlete.

Having said that, Overtime Athletes’ Elite Vertical Academy is the one program which really stood out to me as being exceptional value for all athletes, regardless of your starting point.

If you’re looking to take your training to the next level and are willing to invest in elite level coaching, I’d strongly suggest the PPA Elite Remote Training Membership.

Those two products are my current top recommendations, but any of these 9 programs will get you fantastic results.

My Vertical Jump Program Testing & Review Process

This article is the culmination of 3 months of work and hundreds of hours of poring over every single vertical jump program money can buy.

I’ve literally purchased, analyzed, and reviewed all of the jump programs there is, so you guys can get a clear picture of what’s good and what’s not.

Actually completing 15+ vertical jump programs wasn’t super practical, so I decided to analyze each of their attributes side by side and then grade them based on how effective I think they are as a whole.

I put together the below graphic to illustrate how each program compares to one another…

Vertical Jump Programs

I actually used quite a few more factors than the 4 mentioned above to determine my overall opinions on each of these programs…

In no particular order and with varying weightings, these are the 11 criteria I used to compile my list of the top 9 vertical jump programs.

  • Exercise Selection – How effective are the chosen exercises? How well will they translate into vertical jump gains?
  • Programming & Periodization – This relates to things like training frequency, the inclusion of upper body training, having a mixture of strength, power, and reactive movements, as well as how deload periods are integrated into the system.
  • Presentation Of Information/Ease Of Use – This is to do with formatting as well as exercise demonstrations. How easy is it to navigate the website/app/PDF? How helpful are the exercise demonstrations?
  • Workout Enjoyment – How fun are the workouts to do? Are they challenging and stimulating or are they boring and repetitive? This can have a major effect on the adherence to a program.
  • Accessibility – This primarily refers to things like whether equipment or gym access is required, but also ties into price.
  • Athlete Education – How well does the program educate the athlete about the scientific principles involved in vertical jump training?
  • Price – Is the product priced fairly compared to the value being delivered?
  • Accuracy Of Information – How technically accurate is the information in the program and is it founded upon good science/research?
  • Access To Support – Are you able to access coaches if you have a question or would like some feedback on your form or technique?
  • Expertise & Credibility – How authoritative is the author of the program? How much experience do they have coaching athletes to increase their vertical jump and have they been able to transform their own vertical?
  • Results – Does the program actually work? Can we see evidence of people having improved their vertical jump from completing the program?

Based on each of these factors I’ve given each program a rating out of 5 stars, which can be seen on each program’s individual review article.

Continually Updating With New Programs & Information

I’ll be keeping tabs on each of these programs and periodically adjusting my rankings based on the latest versions of each program.

I’m also constantly keeping an eye on new program releases, so as soon as something else comes along that I feel is worthy of a place in my top 9, I’ll add it to this article.

Feel free to read more about my product testing standards and review process.

Vertical Jump Programs That Didn’t Make The Cut

I decided the above 9 programs do a great job of covering all bases and that the vast majority of athletes would be able to find a great match from the products already discussed.

There were several other programs I analyzed and reviewed in order to narrow it down to these 9, some of which were also quite good, and others were pretty awful…

In no particular order, I’ll briefly discuss a little about some of the other vertical jump programs you might also be aware of.

Nathanael Morton’s Vertical Jump Programs – Special Mention

Nathanael Morton has also created some really solid vertical jump programs and I believe his Beyond The Rim 2 program is well worth checking out.

There’s plenty of information and lots of great advice contained within, and his programs could easily have made it into my top 9!

Nathanael Morton's Jump Programs

If you’re considering buying one of Nathanael’s programs, you most definitely won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check out my full review of Nathanael Morton’s jump programs for more info.

Bounce Kit – Special Mention

Jordan Kilganon’s Bounce Kit is also a really solid vertical jump program and I believe it’s seriously underrated!

Bounce Kit Videos

It’s a pretty challenging program that’s better suited to advanced athletes but it will definitely get results.

Having personally spoken to Jordan, he’s told me that he’s working on a new vertical jump program, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, check out my full review of Bounce Kit.


BoingVERT, after receiving many recent upgrades, is now one of the better budget vertical jump programs on the market.

It’s definitely not perfect, but if Vert Shock was too expensive for your liking, give BoingVERT a try as it’s less than half the price.


Be sure to check out my full BoingVERT review for more details.

Flight School

The Lost Breed’s Flight School was my least favorite vertical jump program that I had the displeasure of reviewing…

It’s extremely rushed and not particularly helpful.

The Lost Breed's Flight School

Yes, it’s cheap, but you’re better off putting your $30 towards any other program on this list.

Check out my Flight School full review here.

Nick Briz Vertical Jump Program

Nick Briz had a vertical jump program going for a while, but it appears to no longer be available and, despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to find any way of getting my hands on it.

Chris Staples Vertical Jump For Ballers

Chris Staples also had a vertical jump program going for a while but, like Nick Briz, it appears as though he’s pulled this product.

Air Alert

Air Alert is one of the oldest vertical jump programs ever written. This thing is literally an antique.

It’s pretty awful and outdated and I didn’t bother to review it.

You should be able to access the program for free here, although it definitely isn’t worth your consideration.

What To Look For When Buying A Vertical Jump Program

When shopping around for a vertical jump program, your mission is to find a program that is a great fit for your individual needs as an athlete.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering each of the above options,

  • Do you have access to equipment or are you willing to buy some of the basics?
  • Do you suffer from knee pain and will this inhibit your ability to perform certain movements?
  • Do you have much experience lifting weights? Are you ready to start learning?
  • Do you understand the scientific principles at play when increasing your vertical jump? Are you interested in learning?
  • Are you trying to peak your vertical jump for a certain time period or event?
  • What does your sporting schedule look like and will it interfere with your training?
  • How much time do you have available per week to train?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you particularly bouncy but not very strong? Or are you really strong and not very springy?
  • Are you also interested in increasing your speed and quickness, or primarily concerned with jumping higher?
  • What does your budget look like?

Be sure to ask yourself each of these questions before deciding on a program, as your answers should guide you towards certain options…

Most importantly don’t overthink it.

Most of these programs come with refund policies and will guarantee your satisfaction, so make a decision and pull the trigger!

Vertical Jump Program FAQ

As I receive more questions regarding the subject of vertical jump programs, I’ll be updating this section with more information.

Are vertical jump programs worth it?

Absolutely. Increasing your vertical jump can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Following a well constructed program is the most direct way to see a meaningful increase in your vertical jump.

Best vertical jump program for volleyball?

Almost all of the vertical jump programs I’ve discussed today will be great options for volleyball players. My top recommendation would be OTA’s EVA, although they’re all decent choices.

I’d recommend volleyballers avoid the Mac McClung Jump Program and honestly steer clear of most the PJF Performance programs, as they contain a large amount of acceleration and agility exercises as well as lots of unilateral movements which won’t translate quite as well to the volleyball approach jump.

I’ve also written a guide specifically for volleyballers on how they can increase their vertical jump.

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