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OTA Elite Vertical Academy Review Summary

Elite Vertical Academy

After reviewing every jump program on today's market, I've concluded that Overtime Athletes' Elite Vertical Academy is the best value for money program in 2023.

No other program offers such a comprehensive approach to jump training for such an affordable price.

Our Rating:

The Good

Does a great job of introducing the scientific principles behind jumping higher.

Workout walkthroughs make you feel as though you’re being personally coached by Chris Barnard!

Access to coaching team to ask questions and get feedback on form and technique.

One of the most comprehensive and versatile programs.

Extremely affordable!

The Bad

Some of the exercise demos could use a little work.

Recommended For

Elite Vertical Academy is the only program I think is a great option for any athlete looking to increase their vertical jump, regardless of your age or experience level.

OTA’s EVA Review – Best Value Vertical Jump Program!

There’s good reason why I’m now recommending OTA’s Elite Vertical Academy as the best value vertical jump training program for 2024!

OTA Elite Vertical Academy

If I could use one word to describe EVA it would be comprehensive. This program has it all!

Let’s unpack all the reasons why EVA is superior to the competition…

Before we get into it, make sure you check out my full list of the current best vertical jump programs on the market!

How Does Elite Vertical Academy Work? & What To Expect

Chris Barnard of Overtime Athletes has put together a 12 week vertical jump program that’s broken down into 3 phases (which we’ll get into shortly).

You will need access to a weight room to complete the main EVA program, however you also get access to a bodyweight program which you can do if this isn’t an option for you.

This program is designed to be completed during the offseason, however it also includes an in-season training program, so you can start at any time of the year!

Elite Vertical Academy Structure

As mentioned, EVA is a 12 week program in which you’ll be training 4 days per week: 2 days on, 1 day off.

OTA take a triphasic approach to training (eccentric, isometric, concentric) which is generally considered the way to go and is also used in the PJF Performance programs as well as in Nathanael Morton’s programs.

EVA’s training is broken down into 2 upper body focused days and 2 lower body focused days.

On the upper body days you’re still starting your session with jumping/plyometrics – it’s just the strength/lifting component that is upper body…

Of the 4 jumping days, we’re breaking those down into 2 bilateral focused days and 2 unilateral focused days.

Here’s an example of an ‘upper body focus’ day,

OTA Elite Vertical Academy Workout

An example training week will look like the following…

  • Day 1 – Upper Body
  • Day 2 – Lower Body (Unilateral)
  • Day 3 – Rest
  • Day 4 – Upper Body
  • Day 5 – Lower Body (Bilateral)
  • Day 6 – Rest
  • Day 7 – Rest

Again it’s important to remember we’re still looking at 4 days of jumping here.

You can expect to be training for 60-75 minutes for each session, making the EVA workouts fairly convenient and easy to get through.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the 3 phases of the EVA…

Phase 1 – Activation Focus (4 Weeks)

The programs starts out by easing us into training with a lot of isometric movements to help blow off the cobwebs and get familiar with each of the movements for this phase.

We’re then quickly ramping things up by increasing both the intensity and volume.

Phase 2 – Absorption Focus (4 Weeks)

The absorption phase is all about teaching our body to ‘put the breaks on’ so that we’re proficient at absorbing landing forces as well as translating our horizontal approach momentum into verticality.

This phase could also be defined as the ‘eccentric’ phase where we’re primarily focused on deceleration and the pre-stretch phase of the vertical jump.

Phase 3 – Propulsion Focus (4 Weeks)

In the final phase of the EVA we’re focusing on concentric modalities and looking to maximize our springiness through a heavy plyometric focus.

We’re also doing a bunch of complex training during this phase while lowering overall volume to peak our vertical jump by the end of the program.

After completing week 12, you’re encouraged to take a week off and then test your vertical.

EVA Manual – The Ultimate Guide On Jump Training

One reason Overtime Athletes is a fantastic option for beginners is their belief in educating their athletes on really understanding how jump training works on a deep level.

One of my absolute favorite things about the Elite Vertical Academy is the EVA Manual which is worth its weight in gold!

This 50 page PDF is an absolute masterclass on the scientific principles involved in jumping higher and explains in great detail why EVA was designed the way it was.

This document reminds me a lot of the Vertical Jump Bible…

The only other program that does such a good job of introducing the theory of vertical jump training is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual, which is why both of these programs are my top recommendations for beginners!

Several Mobility Routines Included

EVA also comes with 3 different mobility routines, one for each of the different phases of training.

Chris did something really smart here, in my opinion, by making the mobility routines accessible to anyone who wants them, but not baking mobility exercises into the actual workouts.

Different athletes require different amounts of mobility work… Some guys might need next to nothing, and other guys may need to be spending an hour a day on this stuff.

Chris highly recommends everyone does the mobility routines, although he makes it your responsibility to get this done.

Other programs like Vert Code Elite integrate this mobility stuff into the program itself, which really seems to dilute the workouts, making them much longer and less enjoyable.

Mobility is super important, so I’m glad it’s included in EVA and I’m a big fan of keeping it separate from the actual program.

Coaching Support Included!

One of the coolest things about EVA is that you get access to the OTA coaches.

If you have any questions or need some advice, you can send them a message and receive the feedback you’re looking for.

OTA EVA Coaching

This type of service is generally not included with stand-alone vertical jump programs, so it’s really cool to see OTA going the extra mile for their athletes here.

Do I Need Equipment For Elite Vertical Academy?

Access to a weight room is strongly advised for Elite Vertical Academy, as the main program requires gym access…

However it also comes with a bodyweight program, which can be done with zero equipment…

OTA EVA Bodyweight Program

For the main program, I’d recommend having access to medicine balls, a trap bar, some resistance bands, and some boxes/platforms.

The fact that equipment isn’t necessary makes EVA a fantastic choice for all athletes!

What I Liked About Elite Vertical Academy

There’s so much to love about the EVA, so here are a few of the highlights for me…

One Of The Few Programs That Aims To Really Educate & Explain The WHY

Many vertical jump programs dive straight into the workouts and don’t give you any context for why you’re being asked to do certain exercises…

Some vertical jump programs briefly introduce some very basic theory and touch on some of the physics involved in a couple sentences or a few short paragraphs…

But the Elite Vertical Academy is one of those rare programs that give you a comprehensive introduction to how vertical jump training really works.

EVA Manual

The EVA Manual gives you a full rundown of the scientific principles at play and teaches you about the actual physics involved in jumping higher.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced athlete, learning why you’re doing what you’re doing in the gym is going to set you up for long term vertical jump success, so you can continue to make gains after your program is finished.

The only other vertical jump program on the market that does as good of a job when it comes to this stuff is Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual.

Both of these programs are therefore my top recommendations for beginners who aren’t yet familiar with the fundamentals of jump training.

Excellent Workout Overview Videos

Each week you get a training walkthrough video where Chris explains what the workouts look like, how they’ve progressed from the previous week, and what things to focus on.

Elite Vertical Academy Workout Overview

These videos really make you feel as though you’re being personally coached by Chris himself!

They also do a fantastic job of clearing up any questions you might have had about the program and help get you into the right mindset for the forthcoming week of training.

Brilliant Structure & Programming

Having reviewed every jump program on the market, I believe the exercise selection, periodization, and workout structuring of the EVA is second to none.

EVA has an adequate amount of upper body training baked into it, plenty of heavy lifting, and includes some more advanced training techniques.

There’s also an extremely good balance of bilateral and unilateral exercises in this program, which other programs like Vert Shock do quite a poor job of.

Each workout is challenging and exciting – there’s really no boring bits here. Part of that is because the mobility work has been separated from the main workouts, which I think was a really smart move.

Access To Coaching Support

Most vertical jump programs, especially ones at this price point, don’t offer any form of access to coaching…

OTA EVA Coaching Questions

Included in EVA is access to the OTA team which allows you to ask questions about training or upload training/jump videos to get form/technique feedback.

This type of service really separates EVA from other programs in the same price range.

Includes Beginner & Bodyweight Program

EVA includes two additional programs, one geared towards younger athletes who are complete beginners and a bodyweight version of the main program for those athletes who don’t have access to a weight room.

EVA Beginner & Bodyweight Programs

I think this is a really smart move on OTA’s behalf since the lower price range naturally tends to attract younger athletes who might not yet have any resistance training experience or a gym membership.

This is just another reason why EVA is one of the most comprehensive vertical jump programs on the market!

Includes In-Season Program


One of the most common obstacles we see with longer duration jump training programs is conflicts with sporting seasons…

The EVA program is designed to be done during the offseason, but they’ve also included an in-season training manual as well as a 3 month in-season training program.

EVA In-Season Training

By now you’re probably starting to see why the Elite Vertical Academy is my absolute favorite vertical jump program on the current market!

Includes Speed, Agility, & Quickness Program

And if all of that wasn’t enough, you also get access to a speed program which can actually be ran alongside the main program.

EVA Speed Agility & Quickness

This is for athletes who don’t just want to develop their vertical, but also want to maximize their quickness on the court.

Crazy Affordable!

From the value you get in this program, I would expect it to cost between $100-$150…

But you’re able to get 50% off the Elite Vertical Academy today using the link below!

This discount makes the EVA one of the most affordable vertical jump programs on today’s market!

What I Disliked About Elite Vertical Academy

I honestly had to think long and hard to come up with something I didn’t like about EVA!

But there was one thing that I felt could use some work…

Exercise Demonstrations Could Be Improved

A number of the exercise demos in the EVA are muted and simply contain the coach demonstrating the movement, but with no verbal instructions.

While this isn’t a big issue, it would help the end user if we could get a few tips, cues, or things to focus on while performing each movement so that we can get the most out of them.

Having said that, Chris’ weekly workout walkthrough videos often do a great job of clarifying much of this stuff.

I’d also like to see alternative exercises listed for many of the exercises on the program…

I think this would be quite easy to do and makes life a lot easier for anyone struggling to do a certain movement or for those who don’t have access to a certain piece of equipment.

Who Created Elite Vertical Academy?

Elite Vertical Academy was created quite recently by Overtime Athletes’ founder and head coach, Chris Barnard.

Overtime Athletes Chris Barnard

Chris has long been regarded as one of the top guys in the world when it comes to the subject of vertical jump training.

Not only has he coached hundreds of elite athletes to college scholarship or pro contract level, but he’s actually walked the walk and achieved one of the most impressive vertical jumps of all time.

Through following the principles delivered in the Elite Vertical Academy, Chris was able to achieve a 44″ standing vertical jump, putting him right at the top of the elite echelon of jumpers.

Quite often we see vertical jump programs being released by elite jumpers who have no idea how to coach… Sometimes we’ll see jump programs from elite coaches who have no idea how to jump!

So when we get the chance to learn from an elite coach who is also an elite jumper himself, and has over a decade of experience teaching others, you know you’re going to get the best possible information!

Chris Barnard is, by all measures, vertical jump coaching royalty and there’s simply no one else I’d really rather learn from…

You can tell just from listening to Chris talk about the EVA workouts that this guy really knows what he’s talking about.

How Does Elite Vertical Academy Compare To Other Vertical Jump Programs?

EVA is really in a league of its own and dominates virtually all other vertical jump programs of its sort for multiple reasons…

EVA Is One Of The best Bodyweight Options

Because EVA contains a bodyweight program, it not only competes with the likes of Vert Shock and Vert Code, but actually dominates them when you factor price into the equation.

EVA Is Extremely Beginner Friendly

As far as beginner-friendly programs go, it really doesn’t get better than EVA because of the detailed introduction you get to the theory/physics of jump training inside the EVA Manual.

Chris holds your hand every step of the way with his weekly workout walkthrough videos as well.

The only other jump program that does a really great job of this is Jump Manual, which is 50% more expensive than EVA!

EVA Is Great For Advanced Athletes Too!

Advanced athletes will also love EVA because there’s tons of heavy lifting and a good split between upper and lower body training, which is an area in which Vert Code Elite lets you down…

I’d say EVA’s approach to training is quite similar to PPA’s Online Training Membership or their Project: Vertical program – except EVA is far more beginner friendly.

EVA Is Super Affordable

Compared to other jump programs on the current market, EVA is priced towards the middle of the pack on the lower end.

There’s only a handful of programs more affordable than OTA’s Elite Vertical Academy, and none of them offer anywhere near the amount of value you get from this program!

Who Should Do The Elite Vertical Academy?

EVA is the only program on the current market I think is a great fit for all athletes, regardless of where you’re at.

The reason for this is because it actually used to be a monthly membership program, but was converted into a stand-alone program.

This means it’s far more comprehensive than basically any other similar product on the market and has something for everyone.

After reviewing close to 15 vertical jump programs over the last few months, not a single other product is as well rounded as EVA.

It’s also crazy affordable (when you use the link below), which makes it a great fit for all budgets!

What’s The Verdict?

Having reviewed every single vertical jump program on the market, I can confidently say that Overtime Athletes’ Elite Vertical Academy is one of the most comprehensive programs on the current market.

This almost certainly should be priced a lot higher than it is, which is why I think it’s the best value for money program by a long shot!

OTA Elite Vertical Academy FAQ

As I start to receive more questions regarding OTA’s Elite Vertical Academy, I’ll be updating this section of the article with the latest info.

Does Overtime Athletes offer refunds?

Overtime Athletes offer a 90 day money back guarantee, which is the longest guarantee period of any vertical jump training program on the current market!

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