Product Review Policy

A large part of what we do here at A1Athlete is review the training equipment we’re working with in my own careers as athletes.

People often come online to search for advice before making purchasing decisions, and a big part of the A1Athlete brand is to help educate and advise people on which items are the best fit for their needs.

You’ve probably encountered a number of different product reviews on the internet before. They usually come in the form of those “Best X For Y” type articles where the writer is comparing a number of the top products.

We have written several of these articles here at A1Athlete and I wanted to talk briefly about how we go about researching and testing products and also the standards we hold ourselves to when publishing this sort of content.

Helpfulness Above All Else

My purpose with this site is to be as helpful as possible, period.

Since this is my core philosophy, it means I’m able to write reviews that authentically describe my experiences with the product, without being influenced by potentially more financially rewarding incentives.

We would rather people saw us as a trustworthy advocate of the end user’s needs as opposed to a shill for the vendor which has the most lucrative affiliate program.

Many product reviewers will often recommend the product which offers the highest affiliate commissions, regardless of whether it’s actually the best product or not.

We made the decision a long time ago that I wouldn’t ever operate this way, even if it affects my bottom line.

This also means we’re able to do things like offer multiple options for where you can buy the product, even if it means we don’t receive a commission if you buy through one of the links.

Again, this is all in the name of being as helpful as possible.

Hands On Performance Reviews

Whenever we do a product review, we do our absolute best to get my hands on the product and to test it thoroughly over a number of weeks before we start writing about how well it performs.

If we’re writing about the “7 best tib bars”, for example, I’ll look to have thoroughly tested all 7 of the products I’m discussing before writing any of my review articles on the subject, so I’m better informed about the differences between each option.

You’ll be able to tell that we have extensive first hand experience with a product whenever you see the following ‘Read Full Review’ badge next to the product box:

Hands On Performance Testing

If you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a far more detailed product review, where you can find out exactly what we thought of the product.

While we do our absolute best to get my hands on all of the products we’re reviewing, unfortunately it’s not always practical, and often near impossible.

This has given us a bit of an ethical dilemma when it comes to discussing/reviewing the products we’re not able to physically test… To review or not to review?

Complete Transparency

For many of the subjects we write about, there’s very little information on the web, and getting the help you need can be a slow and painful process.

We believe that it is possible to still offer value to readers, even without having hands on experience with a product.

With enough research, you can generally do a pretty good job of compiling a list of the best options on the market and you can discuss their different features, prices, and make recommendations based on how well you understand the needs of the end user.

In each of our reviews, we make it very clear to the reader whether I’ve actually used the product or not, as well as exactly how we researched the product and compiled my list of recommendations.

Frequent Updates

There’s nothing worse than reading a review knowing the product recommendations haven’t been updated in years. It’s careless and irresponsible, and most importantly, it’s not helpful to the end reader.

We regularly go through each of our product reviews and seek to improve them when new products become available.

Each of our product-related articles are scheduled to be revisited every 4 months, and quite often we’ll find ourselves updating these articles every few weeks.

You can see when an article was last updated in the header of the post:

If you have any questions about any of our product reviews, you’re more than welcome to contact us directly or leave a comment on the article and we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.