Jump Manual Review (2023) – Is The Jump Manual Outdated?

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Jump Manual Review Summary

Jump Manual

If you're looking for the most comprehensive introduction to vertical jump training, no program does it better than the Jump Manual...

More than 10 years old, Jacob Hiller's Jump Manual has aged like fine wine and is still outperforming many of the modern day jump programs.

Our Rating:

The Good

Extremely detailed introduction to the scientific principles involved in jumping higher.

Simple and convenient structure that doesn’t get repetitive or boring.

Includes one of the best guides on jump technique.

The Bad

Could possibly use a couple more upper body exercises.

On the more expensive side.

Recommended For

Jump Manual is the ideal vertical jump program for beginners and intermediate athletes who want to learn about and deeply understand the science involved in vertical jump training.

It’s also super simple and convenient and is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of spare time.

Jump Manual Review – Why The Jump Manual Remains Superior

Despite being one of the older programs on the market, the Jump Manual is packed cover to cover with so much absolute gold that you simply don’t find in other programs.

Let’s dive into exactly why Jacob Hiller’s Jump Manual remains one of the best choices in today’s vertical jump program market…

Before we get into it, make sure you check out my list of the current best vertical jump programs for 2023.

How Does Jump Manual Work? & What To Expect

The Jump Manual is a 12 week holistic vertical jump program, which means it requires access to a weight room to see best results.

While plenty of weight-free exercise alternatives are provided, so it could be done as a bodyweight program, you’re going to be leaving a lot of gains on the table if you do it this way.

Jump Manual Begins With One Of The Best Vertical Jump Theory Guides

Jump Manual isn’t just a workout program… It’s also the best educational resource when it comes to vertical jump training.

Understanding why you’re doing certain exercises is going to give you a better understanding of how to execute them more effectively.

Most programs will provide a brief intro on this stuff, but the Jump Manual does a way better job of educating athletes about the scientific principles you need to understand in order to jump higher.

Jump Manual Education Guide

The only other program that goes into similar detail on the theory behind vertical jump training is the Elite Vertical Academy by Overtime Athletes

The Vertical Jump Bible by Kelly Baggett also springs to mind, but it’s a lot longer of a read, whereas the information in Jump Manual is very punchy and to the point.

As someone who absolutely loves geeking out on this stuff, I was pretty amazed to see that, despite being almost 10 years old, the theoretical information contained within the Jump Manual is still accurate and super relevant to modern day athletes.

Jump Manual Improvement Zone

If you’re brand new to vertical jump training, there’s no better way to familiarize yourself with the concepts necessary to see massive improvements than by reading everything contained within the first 3 sections of the Jump Manual…

Jump Manual Theory

Some absolute gold in there!

Jump Manual Follows A Simple Yet Effective Structure

One other thing I really like about Jump Manual is its structure…

It’s a 14-day repeating format, which means you’re resuming from day 1 after finishing day 14.

Jump Manual Format

I believe this structure is way better than what we see in programs like Vert Shock which get criticized because they’re extremely repetitive…

In Jump Manual you’re doing something different every single day for 2 weeks, so you’ve got plenty of variety baked into this thing.

I should probably also mention that the sets and reps for each exercise are listed in the exercise demonstration section of Jump Manual, in case you were wondering…

I believe having the freedom to intuitively increase weight as you progress through the program is also a better approach than some other programs which will at times demand that you squat with exactly 82% of your 1RM with an RPE of 9 etc…

The Jump Manual Exercise Demonstrations Are Fantastic!

Jacob has done a fantastic job with the exercise demonstrations section of the Jump Manual.

The videos are accompanied by a ton of additional information that help you understand how to execute the movements properly.

Jump Manual Exercises

You’re also encouraged to perform a couple depth jumps after certain exercises, so there’s quite a large focus on conjugate training in the Jump Manual.

Jacob also does a fantastic job of providing bodyweight alternatives for those who don’t have access to equipment – small things like this that so many other jump programs completely overlook are things I love to see!

Detailed Jump Mechanics Guide

Jump Manual also contains a few fantastic videos discussing the biomechanics of the vertical jump.

You can tell Jacob really knows his stuff.

Despite having reviewed every vertical jump program on the market, after just a few minutes of watching Jacob correct an athlete’s jumping mechanics, I found myself learning things that I’d never seen anywhere else before!

The value you get from this relatively small section of the Jump Manual is no joke!

As far as jumping mechanics and technique training go, both Vert Code and Vert Code Elite come with some extremely good video guides as well.

You also can’t forget Project Pure Athlete’s Missing Link program which is designed specifically to help athletes master the technique of jumping.

However the majority of jump programs provide very little (if anything) in terms of jump technique, so it’s really nice to see Jump Manual doing an excellent job in this area.

Do I Need Equipment For The Jump Manual?

You’re really going to want access to a weight room in order to get the most out of the Jump Manual.

Yes, each exercise comes with non-weight alternatives, so you could get by without a gym, but you definitely won’t see as good results.

You’ll also need a sturdy chair, box, or platform as well as a jump rope. A medicine ball (or something similar) is also needed.

What I Liked About Jump Manual

There’s so much to love about this program so let’s jump right into it.

Ultimate Theoretical Introduction To Jump Training

If someone wanted to simply learn about vertical jump training and the principles involved, I would immediately direct them towards the Jump Manual.

Laws Of Vertical Jump Improvement

It’s probably the most efficient way for an athlete to learn everything they need to know about how jump training really works.

I say efficient because you’ve got the Vertical Jump Bible which is very long and you’ve also got OTA’s EVA Manual which also does a decent job of introducing theory, but it’s much more dense.

Jump Manual’s theory section is jam-packed with knowledge and won’t take you multiple days to get through!

Simple But Very Smart Structure

The idea of the 14-day repeating format is simple yet really effective…

You can take one glance at the program and understand exactly how the next 12 weeks is going to look within seconds.

Other, more modern programs, drip feed you your workouts on a weekly or monthly basis, meaning you don’t have a clue what exercises you’ll be prescribed the following week until the program is released (often the day before).

I’ve seen this lead to all sorts of scheduling conflicts and people simply being ill-prepared for training…

You really ought to be able to see your training schedule well in advance, so you can ensure you have access to all of the equipment you need and can familiarize yourself with the movements ahead of time.

Jump Manual has the same degree of simplicity as Vert Shock, but twice as much variety baked in, which means athletes will probably find the Jump Manual much less boring and easier to stick to!

It’s also a comprehensive workout program, meaning it’s not just a random smattering of plyometrics, but rather a well-thought-out mixture of bilateral and unilateral strength training as well as power and plyometric movements.

Jump Manual Is SUPER Convenient For Busy People

You’re actually only doing 2 really challenging workouts per week in the Jump Manual…

Jump Manual 2 Days Per Week

In addition to that, you’ve got another 2 minor workouts that simply involve some core and upper body work and usually take between 10-15 minutes to get through.

And then you’ve got 3 full days off each week!

So even though you’re technically training 4 times a week, 2 of those workouts can be fit in and around a busy work schedule very easily.

So as long as you can find time to do 2 tough sessions per week, there shouldn’t be anyone who is too busy to do the Jump Manual!

Jacob Hiller Is A Fantastic Coach

It didn’t take long for me to conclude that Jacob Hiller is the real deal…

Not only was he a fantastic athlete, but he’s an even better coach who really knows what he’s talking about.

Jacob Hiller Broken Backboard

It’s not often I find myself learning new things when it comes to vertical jump training, but every time I listen to this guy speak I’m amazed at his depth of knowledge.

He has a real knack for making jump training practical and efficient.

Hiller Has A Deep Understanding Of Biomechanics

One of my favorite parts about the Jump Manual are the “Instant Inches” videos where he talks about some things you can do to improve your jump technique.

Jump Manual Biomechanics

Most of the stuff I saw in this section I’ve not seen discussed anywhere else, so there’s some really excellent value for athletes of all levels.

This is the difference between a superfreak athlete and an experienced coach who really understands on a deep level how nuanced vertical jump training can get.

What I Disliked About Jump Manual

I really had to think pretty hard to come up with stuff I didn’t like about the Jump Manual!

Could Use More Upper Body Exercises

There’s virtually no upper body training in the Jump Manual.

There are weighted upward arm thrusts which are aimed at improving your arm swing, but that’s about it.

It would be nice to see a couple more upper body movements sprinkled throughout the program, but it’s definitely not a big deal.

Many of the top jump programs deliberately omit upper body exercises, which I’m personally not a huge fan of, but it seems to be fairly standard across the board.

Inactive Facebook Group

One of the resources you’re given access to as part of the Jump Manual is the ‘Jumpers Forum’ which is just a private Facebook group where I guess you can ask questions and get feedback?

Jump Manual Jumpers Forum

Unfortunately this group appears to be pretty dead, as I applied almost 2 weeks ago and my membership status is still pending…

Jump Manual Facebook Group Inactive

It doesn’t appear as though I’m missing out on much! Still it would be a nice resource to ask questions and chat about training with others, if it were active.

Jump Manual Results

By now you should have a decent understanding of how the Jump Manual works and what I think of it, but at the end of the day, what sort of results can we expect over the course of 12 weeks?

Andy Gained 7″

Andy managed to gain approximately 7″ from completing 12 weeks of the Jump Manual.

Not bad considering he was 40 years of age!

I couldn’t find much in the way of good footage to use for other Jump Manual results, but there’s endless testimonials on the Jump Manual website (check Reviews tab).

Who Created Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller is a personal trainer by craft who has become one of the most well known vertical jump coaches in the world.

Jacob Hiller

Hiller isn’t just a freak athlete, but he’s actually qualified to teach this stuff and has years of experience coaching athletes.

Many jump programs on the current market are put together by athletes who can jump ridiculously high, but aren’t necessarily fantastic at coaching others.

Hiller was never a genetically gifted athlete but managed to teach himself how to jump exceptionally well, and more importantly, is one of the best at instructing others how to do the same.

After having reviewed every jump program on the market, I’d put Jacob Hiller right up there with guys like Paul Fabritz, Tyler Ray, and Chris Barnard as being among the best vertical jump coaches on the planet!

How Does Jump Manual Compare To Other Vertical Jump Programs?

I’ve personally purchased and analyzed every vertical jump program on the current market, so I was quite surprised to see Jump Manual outperforming many of the more modern day programs.

I’ll come right out and say it: Jump Manual is probably still the best vertical jump program for anyone who is interested in really understanding how jump training works.

That might make it the best overall program for a very large number of athletes…

No other program does anywhere near as good of a job at educating people about the science involved in getting serious vertical jump gains.

The only other program that does almost as good of a job in this area is Overtime Athletes’ Elite Vertical Academy, which is a $40/month membership, so it’s considerably more expensive than the Jump Manual.

I’ll do a whole separate article comparing Jump Manual to Vert Shock, but I personally thought Jump Manual outperformed Vert Shock in every single aspect.

It’s just as simple, yet has far more variety in it so you’re not going to be bored to death!

As far as overall rankings go, it’s a close one between Jump Manual and Vert Code Elite. Considering Jump Manual is 3 times cheaper than VCE, I think Jump Manual will be more accessible to a wider audience.

The Mac McClung Jump Program also rivals Jump Manual, but doesn’t do anywhere near as good of a job of discussing the theory side of things.

It’s quite a bit more advanced and is also a bit more expensive.

Who Should Do Jump Manual?

I believe the Jump Manual is the best option on the current market if the following describes you:

  • You have access to at least some basic gym equipment,
  • You want to really learn about and deeply understand the scientific principles involved in vertical jump training,
  • You want to improve your jump mechanics/technique,
  • You’re looking for a simple, easy to follow, and convenient program,
  • You can’t afford to spend all day every day in the gym,
  • You are relatively new to vertical jump training (i.e. this is your first jump-specific program),
  • You not looking to spend too much money…

Jump Manual is also perfect for athletes who aren’t basketballers – volleyballers and track and field athletes will also get a ton out of this program!

It’s probably the best overall option for beginners and intermediate athletes who aren’t interested in spending $275 for Vert Code Elite.

And yes, it is definitely better than Vert Shock! Anyone saying otherwise is probably trying to shill you on a particular program and hasn’t objectively compared them side-by-side like I have!

What’s The Verdict?

Overall I was extremely pleasantly surprised with the Jump Manual.

After having reviewed every other jump program on the current market, I can safely say that Jump Manual is right up there at the top of my list of the best jump programs in 2023.

It’s an extremely well rounded program and Jacob Hiller does an amazing job of conveying the information that really matters when it comes to jump training.

Jump Manual FAQ

As I get more questions about the Jump Manual I’ll be updating this FAQ with more information.

Does Jump Manual Offer Refunds?

Jump Manual Refund Policy

Yes, Jump Manual comes with a 60 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee, so you can try the program risk free!

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