The Lost Breed ‘Flight School’ Jump Program Review 2024

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Flight School Jump Program Review Summary

Flight School Jump Program

After buying the Flight School Jump Program from The Lost Breed, I am about as disappointed as can be.

Although the exercises are put together in a fairly thoughtful manner, the presentation of the actual program itself is extremely poor and seems very rushed.

Our Rating:

The Good

One of the cheapest vertical jump programs on the market.

Requires minimal equipment.

Programming is pretty good overall.

One of the only shorter-duration programs on the market (8 weeks).

The Bad

Non-existent exercise demonstrations. No alternative exercises provided.

No weight training or upper body movements.

No context or information about the purpose of each exercise or phase.

Lots more not to love!

Recommended For

I would highly recommend you avoid this program and look at either Vert Code or Vert Shock if you’re looking for a decent bodyweight vertical jump program.

Flight School Review – Don’t Buy This Vertical Jump Program!

Although the lads from The Lost Breed can absolutely jump out the gym, they have really done an exceptionally poor job of their Flight School program, for multiple reasons which we’ll get into shortly.

How Does Flight School Work? & What To Expect

Flight School is an 8 week program, which I actually really like because there are very few programs on the market that span a duration of 8 weeks.

You’re usually looking at 12-24 weeks for most jump programs, so it’s cool to see a shorter length program.

It’s broken down into 4 two week phases and consists of almost entirely plyometric exercises.

In Flight School you’re basically training 3 days consecutively and then taking a rest day.

The first 2 days are very jump focused with the 3rd day being more core oriented.

This is the sort of formatting you can expect from the Flight School program…

Flight School Jump Program Formatting

I think it would be a lot smarter to put the core session on Day 2, so that you’d only be jumping every other day as opposed to doing 2 consecutive jump days…

No exercise demonstrations, no alternative exercises, and no information or context for these workouts.

I’ve ended up putting the meat and potatoes of this review in the ‘what I didn’t like about Flight School’ section, so there’s plenty more information down below.

Do I Need Equipment For Flight School?


Although it’s marketed as a plyometrics-only, bodyweight type jump program, you will need some boxes, medicine balls, hurdles, and you’d also benefit from a barbell for the ‘weighted hip thrusts’ and some dumbbells for the ‘weighted step ups’.

Of course you can come up with some alternatives like using weighted backpacks and large water bottles instead of dumbbells.

The Flight School sales page gives you zero information regarding what equipment is needed, which is pretty bad to be honest.

What I Liked About Flight School

Unfortunately the list of things I liked about Flight School is much shorter than the list of things I didn’t like!

It’s Cheap

It’s only $30, which is cheaper than virtually any other jump program out there, but it’s still a really bad investment of $30 in my opinion.

It’s 8 Weeks Long

Almost all vertical jump programs go for 12+ weeks in duration, but Flight School goes for just 8 weeks.

This could be handy for athletes that find themselves in a pinch for time and want results in a shorter timespan.

Programming Isn’t Bad

As far as volume, frequency, and intensity go, this program is actually pretty reasonable.

You’re training 3 days consecutively, but the third day is a core session which is not overly strenuous – and every 4th day you get to rest.

Yes it lacks deload periods, but since the program is only 8 weeks long, that’s by no means a disaster.

The workouts aren’t too long or difficult and there’s a decent amount of variety baked in.

What I Disliked About Flight School

There’s so much not to love about TLB’s Flight School so let’s just start tearing into it…

Lack Of Exercise Demonstrations

The exercise demos for the main program are completely non-existent.

They did put some figures in for the warm up and stretching routine, but this is the least important part of the program!

TLB Flight School Warm Up Demos

You saw earlier in the example of the ‘Week 1 Phase 1’ workout, there’s absolutely no images or videos describing how to do each exercise.

The exercises aren’t even hyperlinked to demo videos – something so simple like this would make such a huge difference! This is what Nathanael Morton does in his programs, which is far more user friendly.

They said briefly in the introduction that if you didn’t know how to do an exercise ‘just go watch our YouTube channel or Google it’ which is super lazy, in my opinion.

Having half decent exercise videos is a core tenet of any vertical jump program!

Without video demos, you’re going to have to spend A LOT of time seeking out demonstrations for each exercise and you’re still left in the dark as to alternative exercises if you can’t do something.

Jump Mechanics Guide Is Laughable…

Flight School provides some of the lamest advice on jump mechanics I’ve ever seen.

They managed to write 5 paragraphs about ‘how to jump’ without really giving any cues or practical advice on how to biomechanically optimize your technique.

You can start to see how quickly this program was put together.

It’s as though it was rushed out in a single afternoon.

If you really want to learn about improving your jump mechanics, check out the Jump Manual or PPA’s Missing Link program.

Information Indicates A Lack of Knowledge

Small things like this make it seem as though TLB are just superfreak athletes without a clue when it comes to coaching…

Any vertical jump coach knows the answer to ‘how many inches will my vertical increase’ is primarily dependent upon your training age – i.e. how long have you been lifting and doing jump training for?

According to Flight School, if Jordan Kilganon and a 15 year old kid who has never trained before put the same amount of ‘effort and dedication’ into this jump program, they’ll get the same results!

No Information Regarding Pain Management

What happens if you start to experience really bad patellar tendinitis?

What do you do if you have crippling DOMS and can’t do a workout?

Flight School does not have any answers for you.

Super Rushed ‘Bonus’ Leg Weight Program

You also get a weight training program and are encouraged to perform 2 leg workouts per week alongside the Flight School program.

However nowhere in the actual program does it mention you should be doing weight training – it’s only thrown in there after you’ve completed the 8 week program like, “oh by the way, maybe lift some weights?”

That would end up being 5-6 days of jumping as well as 2 days of lifting which would be far too much volume for most athletes to manage…

The weight program also has absolutely nothing to do with vertical jump training and again looks like it was rushed out in 20 minutes…

Compare this to the exercise selection used by Paul Fabritz in Vert Code, where every single exercise is incredibly specific to the end goal, Flight School have completely overlooked the principle of specificity here.

No Upper Body Exercises

Your shoulders, arms, and back contribute to around 15-20% of your vertical jump, so it makes sense to include some upper body work in a jump program…

Yes there’s core work in this program, but nothing whatsoever for the upper body.

No Deload Days

This program is fairly intense and runs for 8 weeks straight without any deload period.

I think an extra day or 2 of rest around the 4-5 week mark would be super helpful for athletes to shed some fatigue.

Who Created Flight School?

The Lost Breed are a group of fitness influencers who are well known for their incredible jumping ability and displays of explosive power.

They have countless jump-related videos on their YouTube channel and I highly recommend checking them out!

Just because I think they failed at packaging together a jump program, that doesn’t mean I don’t think they know what they’re doing when it comes to jumping higher!

How Does Flight School Compare To Other Vertical Jump Programs?

If I’m being completely honest, Flight School is right down there with some of the worst vertical jump programs on the market.

It’s definitely not quite as bad as Air Alert, but I’d recommend BoingVERT over this program, which is definitely saying something!

I honestly don’t mind the programming in the Flight School program at all – but the packaging is so awful that it completely ruins it for me.

Not having exercise demonstrations or any information about general training principles is not acceptable, even for the $30 price point.

Who Should Do The Flight School Program?

I don’t really recommend anyone does the Flight School program – there’s simply much better options on the market.

If you can afford to spend $30 on a program, you can probably afford the $39 for PPA’s Project: Vertical program which is a much better budget jump program.

And if you can find $39 for that program, I’d highly recommend saving a little more cash and upgrading to Vert Code for $85 which is by far the best bodyweight jump program on the market!

What’s The Verdict?

Overall I was super disappointed with The Lost Breed’s Flight School jump program.

It’s a real pity because the programming is actually fairly smart, but the packaging is so poorly executed that it’s almost worthless in my opinion.

I could probably have written this eBook in about a day…

It seems very rushed and I don’t believe it’s worth the price tag!

Make sure you check out my full roundup of the best vertical jump training programs of 2024.

Flight School Jump Program FAQ

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding TLB’s Flight School…

Does The Lost Breed Offer Refunds?

TLB do not offer refunds on digital products including the Flight School program.

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