VMO Pro Review – The Ultimate Slant Board For ATG?

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VMO Pro Review Summary


The VMO Pro is arguably the single best slant board for knees over toes/ATG. This thing is not only perfect for squats and static stretching, but it also doubles as a step up box, making it ideal for Patrick/Poliquin/Peterson step ups!

Our Rating:

The Good

This is the only slant board on the market which doubles as a step up box!

Incline angle adjusts from 20° to 40°, making it ideal for both squats and static stretching.

The VMO Pro folds completely flat, making it the most portable slant board on the market!

High quality steel construction makes this slant board super robust and durable.

The Bad

Lacks stability during certain movements when raised.

Recommended For

The VMO Pro is ideal for anyone doing knees over toes/ATG who wants to do both squats and Patrick steps/Poliquin step ups, as well as static stretching.

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VMO Pro Review – Is This The Ultimate Slant Board?

MR1NF1N1TY’s VMO board has recently received an upgrade, taking the phrase ‘adjustable slant board’ to a whole nother level…

The VMO Pro is an extremely unique piece of equipment: it’s some sort of hybrid between a slant board and a step up box.

It’s immediately earnt itself a place on my list of the best slant boards for knees over toes.

Shogun VMO Pro

This thing can be raised 6 inches off the ground, which makes it fantastic for a whole range of ATG/knees over toes related exercises.


Now you not only have a regular slant board which adjusts from a 20° to 40° incline angle, making it great for squats and static stretching, but it’s also perfect for Patrick/Poliquin/Petersen step ups!

Let’s take a closer look at the VMO Pro in action…

Why The VMO Pro Is Perfect For ATG

The VMO Pro is the single most adjustable slant board on the market – no other product I’m aware of allows you to adjust the incline from 20° to 40°!

This means you can easily find your own ideal incline angle for squats.

Some athletes will prefer 20-25° whereas others will get a better feeling from a 30-35° incline.

If you’re like me and have awful ankle mobility, the VMO Pro is also the best option for static calf stretching and I’ve found the 35-40° angles are ideal for this purpose.

What makes this product super cool though is that it doubles as a super lightweight and portable step up box…

This is the only slant board on the market that can be raised off the floor in this manner, making it ideal for step ups of all sorts.

As someone who regularly does Poliquin step ups, the VMO Pro has been extremely convenient for me and I now find myself taking it to the gym for every leg day!

VMO Pro vs. Slant Stack

The only other product on the market which offers a similar slant board + step up box hybrid is the Slant Stack from TBG.

Slant Stack

Although I haven’t personally tested the Slant Stack, I think I’m a bigger fan of the VMO Pro mainly because it’s a single unit, making it significantly more portable.

The VMO Pro collapses completely flat, making it far easier to travel with or take to the gym.

The VMO Pro is slightly more affordable than the Slant Stack as well!

The VMO Pro Isn’t Perfect

Although I am a big fan of the VMO Pro overall, there are some things you might want to be aware of…

Firstly, when raised and on an incline, you need to be extremely careful with your center of gravity.

When I was performing Poliquin step us (which involve shooting your hips forward so your knee tracks over your toes), the VMO Pro would wobble/topple over.

Obviously this isn’t ideal, but it can be avoided quite easily by either reducing the incline angle or focusing on keeping your weight above your heels.

The surface of the slant board could also be a little more grippy – it’s perfectly fine when you’re wearing shoes but be aware that the traction isn’t ideal when going barefoot at higher incline angles.

The dimensions of the slant board could also be a little larger in my opinion.

Shogun Slant Board Narrow

I wear size 12 shoes and my feet barely fit on the surface – it’s also quite narrow.

Having said all that, I can totally live with each of these minor complaints because even though it’s not perfect, it certainly gets the job done.

Final Verdict? Is The VMO Pro Worth It?

Overall I’m a big fan of the VMO Pro from Shogun/MR1NF1N1TY…

Not only is it the most adjustable slant board on the market, making it ideal for both squats and static stretching, but it also folds completely flat, making it super portable.

The ability to raise the slant board 6″ off the ground is extremely useful and makes this one of the most practical pieces of equipment for ATG/knees over toes exercises.

It’s priced very fairly and I think this is one piece of equipment I’ll personally get a ton of use out of.

Highly recommend!

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