TBG Nordic Weight Bench Review – Best Nordic Bench Ever?

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Nordic Weight Bench Review Summary

Nordic Weight Bench

If you're an athlete interested in ATG/knees over toes, or just simply want to harness the superpowers that come with Nordic-level hamstring flexion ability, there's no better way to do it than with the Nordic Weight Bench.

Our Rating:

The Good

Fairly quick assembly – requires no tools.

Completely adjustable – perfect for complete beginners as well as advanced athletes.

Seat and ankle pads are super comfortable.

Ridiculously affordable!

The Bad

Would be nice to have a foot plate to get slightly better stimulus.

Construction quality isn’t fantastic – not designed for commercial gyms.

Recommended Use

The TBG Nordic Weight Bench is perfect for any athlete looking to progress towards the full Nordic. It’s also a great bench for anyone who can already do a full Nordic!

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TBG Nordic Weight Bench – The Best Nordic Bench For Regressions

The Nordic hamstring curl is one of the toughest exercises to master and takes most athletes months if not years of consistent work to get to the point of mastery.

The Nordic Weight Bench makes hamstring training way, way easier than it once was!

BY FAR The Easiest Way To Perform Nordic Regressions

In the past, if you wanted to perform Nordic curls at home, you’d have to spend a ridiculous amount of time creatively assembling a setup which would allow you to regress the movement to a level you were capable of doing…

Nordic Regression Setup 1

Nordic Regression Setup 2

Nordic Regression Setup 3

This made training the Nordic a nightmare…

Not only did the Nordic require superhuman levels of strength to pull off, but equal amounts of patience while you struggled with your ghetto Nordic regression setups!

This is the problem the Nordic Weight Bench has well and truly solved.

See the clips below to see exactly how it works.

Simple Assembly: Requires No Tools

The Nordic Weight Bench takes probably 15-20 minutes to setup if you’re as bad at this sort of thing as I am.

Some of the pieces were quite stiff for me and I had a bit of a tough time at first.

Nordic Weight Bench Box

Although the instructions are pretty useless, the good news is that it requires zero tools to setup.

If I could do this by myself in 20 minutes, a monkey could set this thing up!

The ankle pads on the front of the machine are fully adjustable and move both up and down as well as in and out, so you can get a really comfortable setup regardless of how tall you are.

How Did The Nordic Weight Bench Feel To Use?

Although it wasn’t perfect, overall I’ve been really impressed testing this thing out for the last few days.

Very Comfortable, Secure, & Easy To Adjust

The seat (or rather knee rest) is super comfortable and there’s absolutely no pressure on your knees when doing Nordics on the NWB.

Yes, I’m pretty useless at Nordics…

But you get the idea… It adjusts all the way down to a flat bench (and beyond), so anyone of any level will have the perfect amount of chest support.

Adjustable Nordic Weight Bench

The ankle pads also feel great and the back rest (chest support) also worked really nicely.

Even at 6’5″ and 220lbs, I was able to fit on this thing very comfortably and, although the chest support stopped at around my sternum, it still got the job done nicely.

Doubles As A Regular Weight Bench

The NWB isn’t just a great option for Nordics, but also functions as a perfectly good regular adjustable weight bench…

Nordic Weight Bench Versatility

So even when it’s not leg day you’ll be able to get decent use out of this thing!

Ergonomics Could Be Improved With A Foot Plate

One small thing that could be tweaked is if a foot plate was added to the Nordic Weight Bench.

Here’s what I’m referring to…

Nordic Bench Foot Plate

Rogue Nordic Bench

This feature is typical on regular Nordic benches but missing on the Nordic Weight Bench.

This just allows you to really dig your feet in which creates a stronger hamstring contraction.

It’s definitely not a big deal by any means, and Nordics feel almost the same without the foot plate, but it definitely does feel a little nicer.

Construction Quality Is Deliberately On The Lower Side

TBG have deliberately designed the Nordic Weight Bench for use in small home gyms and not for commercial gym environments.

This was to keep costs as low as possible so that more people would be able to afford the product.

Nordic Weight Bench Quality

If you’re planning on just using the Nordic Weight Bench by yourself or with a small group of friends, I don’t imagine you’ll have any issues with quality.

For the price tag, the quality is actually quite impressive.

Most Affordable Nordic Bench On The Market!

This is currently the most affordable Nordic bench on the market coming in at just $239. And with my 10% discount code (A1ATHLETE), it’s even cheaper still!

To buy a full Nordic bench you’d be looking at $600+, and those benches don’t allow you to work through progressions like the Nordic Weight Bench does!

Be sure to check out my full comparison of the best Nordic Benches in 2023.

TBG Have A Heavy Duty Nordic Bench Too…

TBG also have a full sized Nordic bench + back extension machine hybrid…

Enter the NBE (Nordic Back Extension)…

This thing also allows you to do Nordic regressions, except this version allows you to maintain full range of motion, so technically the NBE is even better for regressions!

And it’s obviously amazing if you’re doing any amount of back extensions…

It also has a ‘half bench’ mode which massively improves its portability.

Oh and it’s still going to cost you less than a Rogue Nordic bench!


What’s The Verdict?

Overall I’m a massive fan of the Nordic Weight Bench from TheTibBarGuy.

If you’re an athlete interested in ATG/knees over toes, or just simply want to harness the superpowers that come with Nordic-level hamstring flexion ability, there’s no better way to do it than with the Nordic Weight Bench.

I’m almost certain you’ll progress through to the full Nordic significantly faster using the NWB as it’s super easy to get a brutal hamstring stimulus compared to alternative methods.

Plus you’ll preserve your sanity by forgoing any need for a ridiculous ghetto Nordic setup!


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