Bellabooty Belt Review – The Easiest Way To Do Hip Thrusts!

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Bellabooty Belt Review Summary

Bellabooty Belt

The Bellabooty Belt is the highest quality hip thrust belt that lets you switch out the barbell for a padded, comfortable experience that's great for home training!

Our Rating:

The Good

High quality materials for great durability and comfortable feel.

The velcro system locks the weights in place perfectly.

Rated for 400lbs of weight.

Extremely portable and easy to use at home or in the gym.

The Bad

Big dumbbells will squeeze your hips.

Using plates and kettlebells will decrease range of motion.

Recommended For

The Bellabooty Belt is great for people who don’t have a barbell and want to do hip thrusts at home or don’t like the pressure that a barbell gives.

Bellabooty Belt – Save Your Hips From Barbell Bruises!

Bellabooty has created a super unique belt that’ll protect you from the awful bruising you get with a barbell.

Not only is it the most comfortable way to do hip thrusts in the gym, but it also allows you to take your booty workouts to the comfort of your own home.

Bellabooty Belt

The Bellabooty Belt is designed to use dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates at each end of it and then placed over your hips.

I’ve never seen this around the gym before, so I was really intrigued when I saw that that it can hold up to 400lbs… needless to say I had to give it a try!

Let’s check out why the Bellabooty Belt is the easiest way to do hip thrusts and why we’ve rated it as the best hip thrust belt of 2023!

Convenient For Hip Thrusts At Home Or The Gym

The biggest benefit the Bellabooty Belt provides is being able to do hip thrusts at home without a barbell.

Most people don’t have that kind of equipment – it’s expensive and takes up a bunch of space!

Dumbbells and kettlebells are much more convenient in a home gym, which is what the Bellabooty Belt takes advantage of.

For one, it’s super easy to attach dumbbells to it.

You just take the velcro straps and wrap them around your weight, then attach them to the main flap before folding it in half.

Super High Weight Capacity!

I ended up taking it to the gym too to see how it would do during my leg day.

I was pretty skeptical about it holding 400lbs, but I have to say the velcro did an exceptional job!

My gym maxed out at 100lbs dumbbells, so I was only able to try out 200lbs on it…

It worked and held great, but it was a little tough to adjust the belt on my hips with the heavier dumbbells – I have a couple things to say about heavier lifting with the Bellabooty Belt (later in the review).

Full-Body Workouts With The Bellabooty Belt

Depending on where you’re at in your training and how much weight you want to push, the Bellabooty Belt can give you a full-body workout.

Obviously, it works well for hip thrusts, but I also tried a couple other things like lunges, which felt decent to do – the belt draped across my shoulders fairly comfortably, and I felt stable while doing them:

Squats were alright too – I didn’t really like the way it came down across my neck, pitching me forward, but otherwise the padding made things comfortable:

Pushups felt pretty good with it across my back, with the extra weight making them a little tougher – I couldn’t get quite to depth though because the dumbbells hit the ground a bit early, but this could be fixed by adding boxes for my hands and feet:

It won’t replace heavy barbell squats or heavier lunges because it would be pretty inconvenient to setup with heavy dumbbells or kettlebells, but it definitely gets the job done if you’re working with lighter weight or want to train high-rep stuff.

What I Liked About The Bellabooty Belt

The Bellabooty Belt is a good product overall – here are a couple more things that I like about it.

Overall Material Is High-Quality

The belt itself is thick and well-padded, and actually has a soft rubber surface on the back for grip.

It doesn’t feel cheaply made at all, and Bellabooty obviously tried to make their belt a premium experience.

I also feel that it won’t fall apart on me or tear easily, and it still looks the same after I put it through some heavy sets of use.

Velcro System Is Great

This is what I’m most impressed about!

The velcro straps held 100lbs each and didn’t budge – it’s a really smart design that keeps everything in place with no problems.

Bellabooty Belt Back With Velcro Straps

I also didn’t feel any pressure points from the straps in my hips, and the wide surface area provided a better hold on the weights.

Easily Portable

You can bring this thing anywhere you want as long as there’s some weights to lift.

It weighs next to nothing, so you can easily throw it into your bag and not notice it if you want to take it with you to the gym.

What I Disliked About The Bellabooty Belt

I like the overall concept of the Bellabooty Belt and don’t really have anything negative to say, rather these are two points to consider when training with it.

Limited By Dumbbell Availability

This is more so if you want to push heavy weight with the Bellabooty Belt.

It handled the 100lbs dumbbells that I tested it with fine, but the larger size of those ended up pinching my hips a fair bit.

This wasn’t an issue at all with the lighter weights, but definitely made it tough (and a little painful) to do my heavier hip thrusts.

Also, most gyms don’t have up to 200lbs dumbbells or kettlebells if you want to max this thing out – and they’d be pretty tough to move into position if your gym has them!

So, with lighter weights, this is definitely convenient for home or gym use, but not really if you’re trying to push anything past 80lbs or larger dumbbells.

Using Plates & Kettlebells Can Be Inconvenient

The Bellabooty Belt can easily handle using weight plates and kettlebells, but I did find that it decreased the range of motion quite a bit.

Dumbbells generally stay horizontal, but plates are big and round while kettlebells tend to hang down, meaning that either will hit the ground well before you’re done your rep.

Small plates would work alright, but overall it’s not ideal to use anything but dumbbells when doing hip thrusts.

Who Should Use The Bellabooty Belt?

The Bellabooty Belt can be really good for people using lighter weights or wanting to do hip thrusts without a barbell.

I’d suggest trying a barbell pad if you want to do heavier hip thrusts, as this belt causes bigger dumbbells to pinch in the hips.

Otherwise it’s great for home use and high-rep/light-weight stuff!

What’s The Verdict?

The Bellabooty Belt is a really cool idea that I think will pick up in the fitness world over the next while.

It’s a great and comfortable way to do some lighter hip thrusting without a barbell, and is especially good for home training where you might just have dumbbells or kettlebells.

I wouldn’t say it replaces the barbell hip thrust for heavy weights, and I personally prefer just using the barbell with a pad at the gym – it’s way more convenient to add more weight that way if you’re going past 135lbs.

It costs $60, which I’d say is a great price for the quality and comfort the Bellabooty belt offers!

I definitely recommend this if it fits your personal training needs and goals!

Eric Richter, MSPT

Eric Richter, MSPT

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