Kineon MOVE+ Review – Best At-Home Red Light Therapy Device?

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Kineon MOVE+ Review Summary

Kineon MOVE+

The Kineon MOVE+ red light therapy device uses an advanced red light/laser combo to deliver super effective recovery results. It's also super portable and convenient and can be worn while doing other activities.

Our Rating:

The Good

Lowers joint pain – great for anyone struggling with arthritis or workout pains.

Build-quality is excellent – the plastic and strap are robust and feel comfortable on skin.

Design makes it easy to target many different joints.

Battery life is great and lasts many treatment sessions.

Super portable and can be used while doing other activities.

The Bad

No click-release to get the modules out of the strap.

Recommended For

The Kineon MOVE+ is great for anyone suffering from joint pain, injuries, or even athletes simply looking to improve their recovery protocol with a device that is super practical and portable.

Kineon MOVE+ Review – The Best At-Home Recovery Device?

The Kineon MOVE+ is the best red-light therapy device I’ve used in a long time, making it a great pick from the tidal wave of devices being thrown at you.

Its unique, wearable, hands-free design makes recovery not only effective, but also convenient and time-efficient – perfect for people who are always on the move or need to multi-task (“The Office” isn’t going to binge-watch itself, after all). 

Let’s check out why the MOVE+ is a worthy addition to your recovery arsenal, and why this red-light therapy device deserves your hard-earned cash over all the other ones!

The Kineon MOVE+ Is The Most Practical Red Light Therapy Option For Athletes

The problem with most at-home red-light therapy devices is that they’re usually big towers or awkward hand-held/wearable devices that just make things inconvenient.

The Kineon MOVE+ is like the evolution of all these devices into an actual recovery tool that you WANT to use. 

Towers take up space and sitting in front of one for 20 minutes is, well, BORING, while other hand-held/wearable devices are often not versatile enough to use on several different joints or are just tedious (who wants to wave a device around for 10 minutes after an arm workout?)

The MOVE+ takes care of this in several ways (which we’ll dive into down below) by providing a time-efficient, adjustable, modular, hands-free device that accurately targets where you NEED it to target.

Recovery is easier when it’s convenient, which is exactly what the MOVE+ does extremely well.


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The Kineon MOVE+ Is A Great Alternative To Other Recovery Methods

Say goodbye to hours of icing aching joints, crying tears of pain from foam rolling, and half-heartedly doing a couple of post-workout stretches hoping to trick your body into recovery mode.

The MOVE+ offers red-light therapy as a more effective alternative to your classic ice, massage gun, and foam rolling combos, defeating the “no pain no gain” mentality that these other recovery methods have.1

Kineon has done their research, with the MOVE+ marrying the effectiveness of red light therapy and simplicity into one handy device.2

What I Liked About The Kineon MOVE+ Red Light Therapy Device

A high-quality, versatile, accurate, time-efficient red-light device that improves my workout recovery and lowers my pain from all the beatings I’ve put my body through?

Sign me up.

I love that I can just clip this thing around my knee, elbow, shoulder, ankle, neck – you name it – press a button, and feel quick improvements in pain levels and movement. 

It’s simple and lets me get to my next workout session recovered and ready to train hard. 

Let’s dive into more specific aspects of why this a great device:

The MOVE+ Actually Works…

I snowboard (a lot) and slam pretty hard (a lot), and so I’ve been using the MOVE+ on my injured knee for the last couple of weeks to see if it makes any difference. 

I was pleasantly surprised.

My pain is significantly down, and the 360º build of this device allows me to hit every side of my knee at once.

Kineon Move+ Red Light Therapy Device On Knee

I’ve stopped foam rolling completely in favor of using the MOVE+ before and after my workouts and boarding sessions, and it’s allowed me to move more pain free and focus on building strength back into my knee without needing to reach for the ice.

In fact, it’s helped so much that I was able to finish the boarding season virtually painless!

A lot of these recovery gadgets say they work, but you don’t really notice much of a different… That definitely wasn’t the case with the MOVE+!

Modular Design Hits Multiple Joint Angles

Having used other red light therapy devices in the past, such as belts, I’ve found that securing these devices on your body exactly where you want it can prove quite challenging.

Kineon’s modular design makes targeting the exact area you want way easier…

There are 3 separate modules that you can use at once for that 360º treatment – Kineon also includes extra casings so that you can choose the alignment for each of them separately to accommodate any joint. 

Kineon Red Light Therapy Device Casings

It wraps around your target area with the modules directly on your skin, providing pin-point accuracy and coverage for entire joint treatment.

The MOVE+ has dual light technology, meaning it uses both LEDs and lasers to get a deeper penetration into the joint, speeding up recovery and improving healing/pain relief.


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The modules also sync with each other for uninterrupted treatment.

The MOVE+ Is Rock Solid

The Kineon MOVE+ is well-built, with solid plastic and a great strap that gave me no chafing or discomfort. 

Kineon MOVE+ Quality Materials

I have zero worries about breaking the casings or modules themselves – they’re sturdy and have good weight to them.  

The actual hold of the modules in the casing is tight and snaps in place nicely – they’re definitely not going to fall out by accident. 

The high-quality build exceeded my expectations for a device at this price point. 

The Kineon MOVE+ Is Reasonably Priced

Laser therapy tends to be expensive, which is why Kineon did an amazing job balancing pricing and quality compared to other red-light therapy devices.

You get high-quality materials with a genius design that exceeds the price you pay for it – plus you can get a 10% discount using our code A1ATHLETEMOVE+ at checkout!

It’s on the low-medium end of the price spectrum, making the MOVE+ a high-value product in a saturated and over-priced market.

Fantastic Battery Life

I use the MOVE+ everyday for 2-3 session (each session is programmed to 5 minutes) for about 2 weeks before I charge it (batteries haven’t died at that point), but Kineon says it lasts for 4+ hours (which is about 48 treatments).

The battery life has held up great for when I’m travelling and don’t have time/opportunity to charge it – yet another reason this is a great tool for busy athletes.

A full charge from 0% takes around 3.5 hours with the included charging dock. 

The Kineon MOVE+ Is Super Versatile

The MOVE+ is mainly for knees (tendonitis), but I’ve played around with the casings and the strap and found that I can comfortably adjust the MOVE+ for my shoulder, elbow, wrist, and more quiet easily – I’m very pleased with the versatility.

This goes back to the modular design being super practical compared to other options like belts and wands.

Comes With Carry Case

I recently traveled and wanted to bring the MOVE+ with me – the carry case is sturdy, small, and protective, giving me no issues traveling even with just a backpack.

Kineon MOVE+ Carry Case

Again, nothing I’ve seen really comes close to the MOVE+ in regards to portability!

What Could Be Improved…

I only have two very minor critiques about the MOVE+ device…

Lack Of Quick Release

Having a quick release to get the modules out of the casings would help because they’re in there so snug – which is a good thing, but requires a bit of extra OOMPH to get them out.

Treatment Time Preset

On the original MOVE+ device, the treatment was preset to 5 minute sessions, which is usually great except for when you want to have a 10 or 15 minute session…

Kineon took this feedback on board and in the latest version of the device, you can select from between 5-15 minute treatments.

Kineon MOVE+ Pro Treatment Time Selection

So nice to see companies swiftly acting on customer feedback – Kineon are awesome!

How Does The MOVE+ Compare To Other Products?

There’s not many other devices that properly compare to the MOVE+ due to its unique design and high quality, but here’s a quick look at two similar products.

Kineon MOVE+ vs. dpl Joint Flex Wrap

The MOVE+ uses dual light technology which is much more effective than the dpl Joint Flex Wrap, which solely uses LEDs.

The MOVE+ also offers a more customizable and versatile design for almost any part of the body.

The quality of the straps and dedicated modules is also better in the MOVE+, while giving an effective treatment in ¼ of the time as the Joint Wrap (5 minute treatments vs. 20 minutes).

Kineon MOVE+ vs. Joovv The Go 2.0

The MOVE+ is strapped to you, while The Go 2.0 requires you to wave the device over your target area for the treatment duration. 

The Go 2.0 is also currently $100 more expensive and requires longer treatment times, but only has a 2 hour battery life and a 5.5 hour charging period compared to the 4+ hour battery life and 3.5 hour charging period of the MOVE+.

I found that the MOVE+ is a more convenient and versatile device, giving me more options to recover while on the move due to the hands-free design.

Who Should Use The Kineon MOVE+?

If you’re an athlete participating in any high-impact sports like basketball, volleyball, crossfit, or any form of running or jumping, taking extra good care of your joints is going to give you a serious competitive advantage.

The Kineon MOVE+ is ideal for athletes/weekend warriors wanting to level up their recovery, or anyone looking for a way to treat their arthritis and joint injuries while relieving pain.

It’s also great for busy people who want effective recovery while on the move or simply want a change of scenery from endless foam rolling and icing.

Kineon is backed by Olympic athletes and World Record holders, giving all-the-more reason for us mortal folk to take a serious look at the MOVE+ for our own recovery needs.

What’s The Verdict?

I love this thing. 

It’s helped me deal with a persistent knee injury and improved my overall recovery, letting me go hard with my training and sports while virtually pain-free.

I used to shy away from red-light therapy because of how expensive and inconvenient it was, but Kineon has cracked the code between battery, affordability, and versatility to create an effective recovery method that is now my go-to. 

The MOVE+ is priced competitively to other red-light devices and brings more value to the table in my opinion, making it the choice for me when it comes to at-home red-light recovery!


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Eric Richter, MSPT

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