MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Squat Wedges Review (2024)

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MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Squat Wedges Review Summary

MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Squat Wedges

Shogun have created a set of super robust and highly portable squat wedges that won't break the bank.

Our Rating:

The Good

20º angle is great for most knees over toes/ATG exercises.

Made with high-quality molded rubber that handles everything you throw at it.

The included carry case is perfect for taking the Squat Wedges anywhere.

Doesn’t slide or wobble when using it.

The Bad

One-piece set means you’re stuck with the one slant angle.

Recommended For

Shogun’s Squat Wedges are super convenient for knees over toes/ATG training and for people wanting to bring these to the gym or on trips.


MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Squat Wedges – How Good Are They?

MR1NF1N1TY in collaboration with Shogun Sports have produced a super minimal, super portable, yet super solid squat wedge that’s also more affordable than many of the alternatives.

Shogun Squat Wedges

They’re ultra robust and made with high-quality materials, but unfortunately are pretty simple and only offer a single incline angle.

Let’s take a closer look!

Shogun’s Squat Wedges Are Super Durable

One of the biggest fears I have when training is that my equipment will fall apart on me (or that my gym-crush will see me fail a PR attempt).

Not only is this unsafe, but it’s EXPENSIVE.

The Squat Wedges have handled everything I’ve thrown at them, and then came back asking for more.

Shogun Squat Wedge Side By Side

They’re super durable, and they work perfectly for knees over toes/ATG training – and I’m confident they will for a long time!

The 20º angle works well for pretty much all exercises, and is a comfortable slant for anyone trying to increase their knee flexion.

They’re also decently wide at 4.5 inches, making them comfortable to put your heels on or even your whole foot if it fits – I have a size 10 foot, and it doesn’t quite fit on the 7.75 inch surface.

Standing On Shogun Squat Wedges

The Squat Wedges Are Super Versatile

These are extremely easy to throw under your feet for a ton of exercises!

I mainly use them as normal squat wedges for barbell squats, ATG split squats, and goblet squats, but also found they work perfectly for calf raises, tib raises, and Jefferson curls.

The Squat Wedges performed consistently from exercise to exercise, and the stability and grip they offer lets you do things like sumo/wide squats easily without feeling like they’ll cave.

Shogun Squat Wedges Sumo Squat

Plus they’re super light, allowing me to toss them into my gym bag and barely notice them.

What I Liked About The Squat Wedges

Let’s check out a couple key things that make these great:

Non-Slip Construction

The last thing you want to happen while doing your Poliquin step ups is for the squat wedge to slide out from under you.

The rubberized material sticks to pretty much any surface and doesn’t budge while you’re doing your exercises, giving you confidence to really push!

Shogun Squat Wedges Bottom

It also feels good to train in any footwear, or even barefoot – I didn’t slip regardless of what was (or wasn’t) on my feet.

Very Portable With Hard-Shell Case

The case these come with is awesome, with their “win the now” slogan crowning the top.

Shogun Squat Wedges In Carry Case

The Squat Wedges fit in it like a glove – not too big, not too small – and separates the rest of your gym bag from the Squat Wedges all while looking aesthetic.

High-Quality Build & Stable

The Squat Wedges feel high-quality and have some nice attention to detail, with the grip sporting a cool design and their “win the now” slogan engraved into the back.

Shogun Squat Wedges Front And Back

That all translates into a stable squat wedge – I haven’t gotten any wobbling or flipping happening at all, and am confident every time I step on these to exercise.

I like the tiny lip as well, and don’t notice where the squat wedge transitions into the ground!

Super Affordable

The Squat Wedges offer great value for a great price, coming in at $50 – you can save yourself even more money by using our code A1ATHLETE at checkout!

What I Disliked About The Squat Wedges

The one thing the Squat Wedges are lacking is multiple slant angles.

Now the 20º angle is versatile enough for most exercises as I mentioned, but I find that some exercises like ATG split squats could benefit from slightly different angles than something like a goblet squat, for example.

A lot of squat wedges these days come in “pieces,” allowing you to get different angles very easily – you can use the highest setting for getting that deep, static stretch in your calf, then use a more mellow angle to hit some VMO squats.

The Squat Wedges don’t have that option, making it a little tougher to regress or progress with movements – but the importance of this really depends on your training style and what you want to use these for.

How Do The Squat Wedges Compare To The Competition?

The Shogun Squat Wedges are one of many in the market, so let’s see how they compare against some other options.

TBG Slant Ramps

The TBG Slant Ramps are dubbed our most versatile squat wedges, as they offer 4 different adjustment levels ranging from 22º to 35º slant angles.

TBG Slant Ramps

They also have a skateboard-type grip, which holds really well – I’d say it depends on what your preference is in this case, as both of these grips hold your feet pretty good.

The TBG Slant Ramps have a wider surface area that’s ideal for people with larger feet, but it also has a bigger lip at the bottom – which doesn’t matter too much considering you’ll likely have your whole foot on the ramps anyways.

They fold completely flat, making them ultra portable, and the steel construction is super solid.

TBG Slant Ramps Folded

They are slightly more expensive, coming in at $60 – but you can get them for cheaper by using our code A1ATHLETE!

FAE Slant Blocks

The FAE Slant Blocks are also full-rubber squat wedges, and come with a carry-case too.

FAE Slant Blocks

The cool thing about these is that they offer 10º, 20º, or 30º slant angles with just one block – you just have to take them apart or put them together like a puzzle!

FAE Slant Blocks Pieces

It’s a really cool design that lets you have more control over the slant angle, allowing you to change it up depending on what exercise you’re doing or what your preference is.

The FAE Slant Blocks come in at the same price as the Squat Wedges, costing $50 – unless you use our code A1ATHLETE for a discount!

What’s The Verdict?

The MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Squat Wedges simply do exactly what they’re supposed to: raise your heels and give you more knee flexion.

There’s nothing fancy about these, and that’s OK – there’s beauty in simplicity, and these do “simple” well.

They’re built with high-quality materials that’ll last a long time, and handle all knees over toes/ATG exercises extremely well.

I do wish they’d come with different angle options, but the 20º slant does the job well if you’re looking for a mellow angle and don’t need to switch it up at all – great for anyone that does a lot of barbell squatting for example!

You can pick these up with their included carry-case for $45 using our code A1ATHLETE, which makes them an extra-affordable option to add to your training gear!


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