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Slant Board Guy Review Summary

Slant Board Guy

Having personally tested a number of the top slant boards money can buy, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really nothing quite like the Slant Board Guy products.

Every time I test out a different slant board, it simply reminds me of why I like the SBG slant boards so much and how they’re quite simply the superior option.

Our Rating:

The Good

Nice big size for all uses and large feet.

Super grippy grip-tape surface offers maximum traction.

Sharp 30° incline angle is great for static stretching.

The Bad

Super expensive compared to alternatives.

Recommended Use

I recommend the SBG slant board for anyone wanting to do lots of static calf stretching to improve ankle mobility, as well as anyone doing the ATG/knees over toes exercises.

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Why Slant Board Guy’s Slant Board Is Superior

There’s no one feature that really stands out about the SBG slant board: it’s more that they’ve absolutely nailed every little thing to create the most well-rounded product on the market.

Most slant boards I’ve tested in the past have something I really dislike about them, but if we ignore the price tag for a moment, there’s not a single obvious flaw about the SBG slant board.

You can tell SBG have been refining their product for a long time and know exactly what athletes are looking for in a slant board.

SBG’s Grip Surface Is Perfect

One thing SBG does better than anyone else in the industry is their full surface grip-tape finish.

Slant Board Guy Slant Board Grip Surface

Grip is one of those things that can make or break a slant board…

In the past I’ve tested a $100 slant board which was seriously lacking in the grip department and to me that product is completely useless.

The grip surface on all the SBG products is absolutely magnificent and is ideal for use both with shoes as well as bare feet.

I like to use my slant boards around the house for stretching and squats and I like being able to do so barefoot.

Many other slant boards simply don’t provide enough traction to use them barefoot, or they’re very uncomfortable on the bottoms of your feet.

The SBG slant boards feel amazing to use with both shoes and no shoes!

Sharp Incline Angle For Deep Stretching

The SBG slant board uses an aggressive 30° incline angle which makes it ideal for static stretching.

Slant Board Guy 30 Degree Incline Angle

You can also use it for squats, sissy squats, calf raises, and any of the other strength exercises you were wanting to perform on a slant board.

The other thing I absolutely love about this slant board is that there’s no ‘lip’ on the front. It’s just a smooth, flat ramp off the front of the board.

This makes all your squats feel significantly more ergonomic compared to slant boards with that front lip.

Here’s what I’m referring to, by the way.

If you’re using the slant board barefoot and have your toes hanging off the edge, that steep drop down does not feel good whatsoever.

Again, just one of the many reasons SBG have nailed the design of their slant board.

Why Size Matters

After grip, the second most important thing to look at in a slant board is size.

This isn’t just important if you have big feet, but it’s particularly important if you’re planning on doing squats or other externally loaded exercises.

Being able to get your entire foot on the same gradient massively increases stability and comfort during your set.

Slant BoardDimensions
FAE Slant Board20″ x 14″
SBG Slant Board19.7″ x 12.6″
TBG Slant Board19.5″ x 11″
StrongTek Slant Board16.5″ x 13.2″
Mr. 1NF1N1TY Slant Board15.5″ x 14″
Yes4All Slant Board14.5″ x 14.5″
Lumia Foam Slant Board12″ x 11.5″

SBG’s slant board is the second largest on the market which means there’s plenty of room for whatever you’re trying to do.

I have size 12-13 feet and I can pretty easily get my entire foot on this slant board, but you can easily see how my feet (with shoes) wouldn’t fit on many other slant boards…

Here’s an image of me on the Mr. 1NF1N1TY slant board, which felt awfully cramped to use…

Shogun Slant Board Narrow

Slant Board Guy Dimensions

The dimensions of the Slant Board Guy slant board are 19.7″ x 12.6″ and 5.9″ high with a 30° incline angle.

Jump Stronger Custom Slant Board

This is definitely on the steeper side which some athletes will definitely prefer.

Some people, myself included, feel as though 30° is slightly too steep for ATG/knees over toes exercises like Poliquin step ups and ATG squats, but certainly still workable.

Some athletes may in fact prefer the sharper angle.

If however you’re working on your ankle mobility with plenty of static stretching, 30° is absolutely perfect for getting that nice deep calf stretch in.

SBG Calf Stretch

Custom Designs

As you’ve already seen in this article, you can have your logo printed on your slant board for an extra $30.

SBG Custom Logo Slant Board

This is a really nice touch that you won’t find with any other slant board manufacturer!

Largest Range Of Products For Every Need

In addition to their slant board, SBG have a pretty wide range of products with something for literally everyone.

SBG Slant Board

Throughout this article so far I’ve been discussing the slant board which is made of structural wood and built to hold even the heaviest external loads.

SBG Slant Board

My favorite exercise to do with the slant board is… whatever you call this…

I guess it’s some sort of awful range of motion weighted sissy squat, but that’s about as far as I can go before my knees explode!

This movement feels absolutely incredible on the slant board and gets tons of blood flowing into the knees. The 30° incline angle is absolutely spot on for this one.

Perhaps the most popular slant board exercise is a simple ass-to-grass squat, or goblet squat which work really well on the SBG board too.

SBG Duo Review

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and significantly more portable, the SBG Duo might just be the product for you.

These are effectively just squat wedges designed to elevate your heels for squatting movements.

SBG Duo Review

These things are the best option for anyone travelling to a gym who doesn’t want to lug around a giant slant board.

They stack on top of one another, taking up virtually no room in your gym bag.

Not only are these great for regular squats, but they’re much nicer to use for the ATG split squat if you’re looking to elevate that front heel.

SBG Duo Incline Angle?

Just like the SBG slant board, the SBG Duo also has a 30 degree incline angle.

SBG Step Up Board Review

SBG also have a step up box which is ideal for any step up variations, calf raises, and ATG split squats.

SBG Step Up Board Review

I primarily use the Step Up Board by stacking my slant board on top and performing Poliquin step ups.

This box is super solid and will surely last forever.

If you’re big into ATG/knees over toes and don’t have a good option for Poliquin/Petersen step ups as well as calf raises, get yourself a Step Up Board from SBG!

SBG Axis Board Review

One of SBG’s newer products is known as the Axis board.

This thing has two angled sides and is designed for explosive lateral movements, to help athletes train for sudden changes in direction.

SBG Axis Board Review

Since I’m not yet ready to dive into plyometric work, I personally just use it to train ankle inversion and eversion.

It’s pretty remarkable how good simply standing on the Axis Board is for improving your ankle mobility – it doesn’t look like much but it’s been instrumental in my daily ankle mobility routine.

You can use this thing for almost anything, although it’s primarily designed for lateral movements and plyometrics.

SBG Axis Board Demo

I’ve seen people doing all sorts of different squat variations using their Axis Boards – check out the SBG Instagram page to get some inspiration!

What’s The Verdict?

Initially I wasn’t completely sold on the SBG slant board but the more I use it and the more I use other products, the more it grows on me.

I’m convinced there’s no better slant board on the market for serious athletes looking to perform both static stretching as well as a variety of slant board squats.

Have you noticed that Ben Patrick almost exclusively uses his SBG slant board in his videos now? That’s because it simply performs better than the alternatives, and I’ve personally tried serval of them.

So yes, the SBG slant board is currently the best slant board, hands down… In my opinion.

And yes, they’re expensive…

At of the time of writing, they’re about $140 which is significantly more expensive than the alternatives.

Having said that, a slant board is one piece of equipment many athletes use almost daily, so it makes sense to invest in a decent piece of kit.

Slant Board Guy Discount Code

I can ease the sting of the price tag just a little by offering you guys 10% off your entire SBG order.


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