The Best Belt Squat Belt In 2023 – Spud Inc Vs Rogue!?

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Whether you’re using a standalone belt squat machine or a belt squat rack attachment, you really need to get yourself a proper belt squat belt to get the most out of it.

There’s nothing worse than trying to make do with a crappy old dip belt…

In 2023, there’s really only two belt squat belt options worth considering: Rogue and Spud Inc.

They both cost virtually the same amount, but which one should you buy?

And what about Spud Inc’s new Pillow belt?

Today I’m going to compare the two most popular belt squat belt brands to help you decide which is best for you.

Let’s begin!

Rogue Multi Belt

Rogue’s multi belt comes standard with their Monster Rhino belt squat attachment and standalone machines.

Rogue Mutli Belt

There’s a lot to love about this belt.

Overall More Comfortable Than Spud Inc Belt

As far as comfort goes, the Rogue multi belt is far nicer than the Spud Inc alternative.

It’s made using a foam material which is why the entire belt feels way softer than the harsh nylon material used in the Spud belt.

For users lifting lighter weight, comfort is a pretty big deal and this belt simply feels magnificent around your waist.

5 Adjustable Length D-Rings

Having multiple D-rings is a feature I believe all belt squat belts should have.

Rogue Adjustable D-Rings

The reason multiple D-rings are so handy is that they allow multiple different users (of different size waist or height) to use the same belt squat machine without having to adjust the squat depth of the machine.

If a 6’4″ powerlifter wanted to use the belt squat machine or attachment after a 5’2″ crossfitter had just finished her set, they could just slip the Rogue belt on and choose the right D-ring for their waist and squat depth.

With the Spud belt, which does not have adjustable D-rings, the powerlifter would have to alter the height of the J-cups on the belt squat machine and/or change the height of the foot platform so that they can comfortably reach depth when squatting.

Clearly, multiple D-rings is going to be the best choice for commercial gyms where there’s high traffic volume or even just for home gyms where you have several different people using the belt squat attachment on your rig.

Some other multi belts have nylon/fabric D-rings as opposed to steel and I think most users found them quite fiddly to attach the carabiner to, whereas the steel rings were far easier to use.

So it’s great to see Rogue decided to go with the steel D-rings.

D-Rings Can Cause Aggravation For Larger Users When Doing Marches

One negative of the multi belt is that if you have a larger waist, use the lowest D-ring, and are performing belt squat marches, you may experience the strap grinding on the inside of your thighs.

I believe this will only be an issue for people using a cable belt squat machine who are doing belt squat marches (i.e. walking on the spot above the cable).

Anyone using a lever belt squat machine/attachment or actually doing squats shouldn’t have this issue.

Who Should Choose The Rogue Multi Belt?

I believe for the majority of users, the Rogue multi belt will be the best option mainly because it’s more comfortable and versatile than the Spud belt.

Anyone using a belt squat rack attachment – The Rogue belt will be able to handle any amount of load being moved using the vast majority of belt squat power rack attachments.

Anyone lifting <500lbs of weight – Again for the vast majority of athletes, the Rogue belt will do the job nicely and is going to be way more comfortable than the Spud belt.

Anyone training with a training partner – Unless they’re the same height and build, training legs with multiple people will be far more convenient using the Rogue multi belt.

Commercial gyms – Any gym environment where there’s lots of different people using the belt squat machine will benefit from the multiple D-ring setup on the Rogue belt.

Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt

Spud Inc have long been regarded as the market leaders when it comes to belts of this kind, but how does their belt squat belt stack up to the improvements Rogue has made?

Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt

If I was to sum up the Spud Inc belt squat belt in two words I’d probably go with: heavy duty.

Performs Better Than Rogue Under Heavy Loads

If you’re moving any serious weight (>500lbs), the Spud Inc belt is going to be far superior to the Rogue belt.

The issue with the Rogue belt is that it stretches a lot under heavy loads.

This can cause problems with range of motion and to be honest just feels awful.

You want your belt to stay nice and tight to your waist and that’s exactly what the Spud belt does.

MAC Strength & Performance compared both the Rogue and the Spud belt on a cable belt squat machine while doing heavy belt squat marches.

Even at 485lbs it was very noticeable how much stretch there was in the Rogue belt.

At 600lbs weight, the Rogue belt may have appeared to rip/tear under the pressure.

The Spud belt, on the other hand, didn’t stretch at all and was solid as a rock even under really heavy weight.

So if you’re moving any substantial weight, definitely consider going with Spud.

Comfort Could Be Better But It’s Definitely Not Terrible

These belts are made from quite a coarse nylon material that is pretty rough, but for most people this is a minor inconvenience at worst.

They’re still feel significantly better than using something like a dip belt as they’re properly designed for belt squats with sufficient padding.

Single D-Ring Is Best For Personal Use

Since the current iteration of the Spud Inc belt squat belt only has a single point of attachment, this means it’s not going to fit everyone who uses it, so the belt squat machine/attachment may need to be adjusted for your size.

If it’s just yourself doing belt squat work, this shouldn’t cause any issues.

Padded Option For Additional Comfort

Spud Inc have released what they’re calling the ‘Pillow Belt‘ which is their standard belt but with improved cushioning.

Spud Inc Pillow Belt

Although I’ve not personally tested it, this belt looks to have solved the comfort issues with the original Spud Inc belt squat belt.

I would imagine this belt functions as a perfect middle ground between the Rogue Multi Belt and the original Spud Inc belt.

I’d highly recommend giving it a crack!

Who Should Choose The Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt?

For some athletes, the Spud Inc belt will be a far better choice than the Rogue belt.

Anyone lifting really heavy – If you’re lifting around 485lbs or more, the Rogue belt is going to stretch like crazy and loses a lot of its comfort. The Spud belt is definitely best for super strong athletes.

Anyone doing belt squat marches – If you’re doing strongman training using a cable belt squat machine and like to do walks/marches, you should definitely get the Spud belt as the Rogue one is awful for this use case.

Larger athletes using a cable or free weight belt squat machine – Basically you want to avoid using the Rogue belt on the lowest D-ring as this setting will cause a nasty pull on your inner thighs when standing directly over the pully system.

Final Verdict?

Since they’re both priced around the $90 mark, which belt squat belt is right for you largely comes down to strength.

If you’re pushing some big numbers, the Spud Inc belt squat belt is going to be the superior choice because it has absolutely no give and holds up better under heavier loads.

If you’re not lifting crazy amounts, the Rogue multi belt is going to be a bit more comfortable and the multiple D-rings make belt squat workouts easier to get through.

You could also try the Spud Inc Pillow Belt if you want to prioritize comfort, even though it’s a fair bit more expensive.

Overall, I’d say the majority of users should pick the Rogue belt but the Spud belt is definitely going to be an awesome choice for some stronger athletes who train solo.

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