TBG Torque Bar Review – The Best Tool For Forearms?

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TBG Torque Bar Review Summary

TBG Torque Bar

After having used the Torque Bar almost everyday for months, I believe it is the best piece of forearm training equipment on the market!

Our Rating:

The Good

Extremely good build quality.

Doubles as a plate-loaded dumbbell.

Comes with plenty of accessories.

Super affordable.

The Bad

Slightly more effective methods for training pronation/supination.

Recommended Use

The Torque Bar is ideal for anyone looking to blow up their forearms and also is a great match for arm wrestlers looking to improve their rising strength.

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TBG Torque Bar Performance Review

After having used TheTibBarGuy’s Torque Bar almost daily for the last few months, I’m beginning to love this thing more and more by the day!

Not only do you get the bar itself, but you get a bunch of other forearm training goodies such as the hand grippers, multiple finger strengtheners, and some floss bands.

TBG Torque Bar

This is the most comprehensive all-in-one forearm training kit I’m aware of, and it’s very reasonably priced.

Let’s take a closer look…

How I Tested The TBG Tib Bar Pro

Recently I’ve been getting into arm wrestling and so the Torque Bar serendipitously came to me at a time where my forearms have been getting a ton of reps…

I put this thing through the the wringer, doing a ton of pronation exercises (primarily), as well as radial deviation (we call this rising in arm wrestling).

Turns out this simple movement is one of the major keys to armwrestling success and the Torque Bar is perfectly designed to train it!

I also used the Torque Bar to train the opposite movement, to stay balanced.

If you’re after more of a general forearm workout, this is one of my favorite exercises: alternating pronation and supination…

Just doing these for 30 seconds is going to absolutely BLOW your forearms up!

I also would use the finger strengtheners everyday before bed – it’s amazing how much of a pump you can get from something so simple!

TBG Finger Strengtheners

Let’s check out what else the Torque Bar can do…

The Torque Bar Doubles As A Plate-Loaded Dumbbell

You can unscrew the handle end of the Torque Bar and screw in another weight sleeve, transforming it into a full blown plate-loaded dumbbell.

So if you find yourself needing to lift really heavy weights, or simply want to choose a very specific weight (that your gym might not have), the Torque Bar can come in handy.

How Did The TBG Tib Bar Pro Feel To Use?

The construction quality of the Torque Bar is absolutely incredible!

This thing is super solid and weighs a ton, even with no weight on the end.

Depending on your strength level, for certain pronation/supination movements, you won’t need to use any weight at all!

I’m also pretty sure this thing will last forever.

Best Weight Clips Of All Time!

TBG make the best weight clips I’ve ever used…

I’ve been saying this since I started using their Tib Bar Pro and my opinion hasn’t changed one bit.

TBG Weight Clip

You get 2 of these weight clips included in the Torque Bar package.

Small things like this just give you this overwhelming feeling of exceptional build quality.

One Small Critique About Pronation/Supination Training…

This isn’t an issue with the Torque Bar specifically, but rather a concern with the training stimulus you can achieve with bars like these more generally…

When you’re holding the bar upright, there’s zero tension on the muscle…

Torque Bar Tension Off

It’s not until you’re pretty close to a 60-90° in either direction (pronation/supination) that you’ll actually feel anything…

Torque Bar Tension On

And by that point, your arm can’t move any further and it’s time to go back up…

So you’re really not getting a ton of stimulus doing something like this except for the 90-45° range, which is quite small.

In the above exercise example, you’re also only able to train your pronator in the negative aspect of the movement, which is definitely a limitation.

One pronation training solution I came up with was to lie down on a couch or bed, tuck your elbow into your side, and hang your arm (with the bar) off the side of the couch.

This positions your arm in a heavily supinated position, allowing you to pronate through a much larger range of motion.

This was the only way I could get a really good pump on when training pronation in isolation (not also doing supination).

If you’re happy to train both pronation and supination at the same time, you’ll definitely still get a great pump doing the alternating pronation/supination exercise shown below,

If you want to drill pronation separately, I’d recommend using a cable machine with an attachment designed specifically for that movement.

The Torque Bar Definitely Made Me Stronger!

As I said, I’ve been using this thing almost daily for the last few months as I venture into the world of arm wrestling.

It’s most certainly helped me gain strength in some very specific areas, which is definitely helping on the table.

TBG Torque Bar vs. HGG Wrist Axe

HGG Performance also make a very similar product to the Torque bar, known as the Wrist Axe.

It’s currently the same price as the Torque Bar, so which one should you get?

Although I’ve personally not tested the Wrist Axe yet, you can see how it’s a more rudimentary version of the Torque Bar.

It doesn’t have a detachable handle that allows you to screw in another weight sleeve, meaning the Wrist Axe won’t double as a plate-loaded dumbbell…

It also doesn’t come with the finger trainers, hand grippers, or the floss bands that you get with the Torque Bar.

The Wrist Axe’s handle also lacks knurling which probably makes the Torque Bar a little easier to grip.

Overall, I’d have to say TBG’s Torque Bar is the better choice as it comes with more features and extras.

What’s The Verdict?

Overall I’ve been rather surprised with how much I liked the Torque Bar…

I knew before I received the bar that I’d encounter that issue with pronation/supination range of motion, but after having used the thing, I can say it’s still extremely useful.

Being able to train radial deviation alone has made this thing worthwhile for me and most athletes will still get plenty of benefit out of it when training pronation/supination together.

The thing is exceptionally well constructed and really well priced.

Highly recommended!


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