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Tib Bar Pro Review Summary

Tib Bar Pro

The Tib Bar Pro has quickly become one of my go-to tib bars because it’s extremely comfortable to use compared to other options…

As far premium quality steel tib bars go, you won’t find a more affordable tib bar on the market than TBG’s Tib Bar Pro.

Our Rating:

The Good

By far the most affordable steel tib bar on the market.

Larger bar with thicker padding makes it more comfortable to use (doesn’t dig into the bones on your feet as much as other bars).

Top tier durability and super strong weight clips keep the weights from sliding around, further improving comfort.

The Bad

Powder coating initially made it difficult to fit weights on the sleeve.

Weight sleeve doesn’t detach which makes the bar much harder to transport in a bag/backpack.

Recommended Use

This tib bar is the ideal option for all athletes. It’s the perfect blend of functionality and affordability.

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TBG Tib Bar Pro Performance Review

I was extremely happy with how this tib bar performed overall.

After having used almost every tib bar on the market, the Tib Bar Pro is currently my top recommendation based on value for money.

TBG Tib Bar Pro

When we’re talking about quality steel tib bars, you’ve got the TBG Tib Bar Pro retailing for $79, the Shogun Tib Crusher selling for $84, and the HGG tib bar going for about $130.

Having used both the Tib Bar Pro and the HGG tib bar, I can confidently say the Tib Bar Pro is the better choice financially.

How I Tested The TBG Tib Bar Pro

When I’m testing out a tib bar, I do my best to be as thorough as possible and to stress test them as much as I can.

I’ve been using the TBG Tib Bar Pro every other day for the last few weeks and have been doing 20-25 sets of tib raises per week.

Tib Bar Guy Tib Bar Pro

I do a variety of lower weight higher repetition sets as well as some heavier sets using more weight.

I threw every different kind of weight plate I could find on this tib bar and even tested it using 25kg and it handled everything really well.

Struggled To Get Weight On The Sleeve Initially

The only major gripe I had with the Tib Bar Pro was the powder coating had made the weight sleeve slightly too thick, which made it difficult to fit weights on initially.

TBG Tib Bar Pro Weight Not Fitting

I ended up using a second weight plate as a hammer and was eventually able to get the weights to slide onto the sleeve.

This was only a problem during my first session with the Tib Bar Pro but now that the thread has worn down a little, I have absolutely no issues getting weights onto or off of the sleeve.

How Did The TBG Tib Bar Pro Feel To Use?

Overall the Tib Bar Pro felt extremely nice to use.

In fact, I’d say this tib bar felt better than any other tib bar I’ve used before…

Part of this has to do with the extremely strong weight clips that come with the bar.

Weight Doesn’t Slide Around

The heavy duty clips really lock the weights onto the bar super securely, which prevents them from sliding around at all.

I noticed using other tib bars, the weights wouldn’t stay flush up against the collar and so there’d be a little bit of sliding around when using the bar – but I didn’t have this issue with the Tib Bar Pro.

Larger, Thicker Bar Is More Ergonomic

Compared to other tib bars, the Tib Bar Pro is larger, the bar is thicker, and the padding is also thicker.

HGG Tib Bar Padding

This helped prevent the bar from digging into the bones on the tops of my feet while using it, making it more comfortable to use than skinnier tib bars.

The TBG Tib Bar Pro Works Great Barefoot!

I also used the this tib bar barefoot several times and it felt just as comfortable to use as it did wearing shoes!

The Least Portable Tib Bar On The Market…

One thing I definitely don’t like about the Tib Bar Pro is that it’s a single piece of metal and doesn’t have a detachable weight sleeve.

It’s also a bit larger than other tib bars and so it’s very difficult to fit into a gym bag compared to something like the HGG tib bar which is significantly more portable.

Tib Bar Pro Vs Solo Tib Bar?

People often ask me whether they should go for the single leg tib bar (Solo Tib Bar) or a standard bilateral tib bar…

Both are fantastic products and serve quite unique purposes.

Solo Tib Bar Vs Tib Bar Pro

Honestly, I’m really on the fence with this one…

Sometimes I just want to get a quick and easy tib workout in and I’ll just grab my Tib Bar Pro and head to the gym.

When I’m in the mood to completely annihilate my lower legs, I’ll grab the Solo Tib Bar so I can get the most comprehensive workout possible.

To learn more about my thoughts on the Solo Tib Bar and why it might well be superior to the Tib Bar Pro, check out my full Solo Tib Bar review.

Why I Highly Recommend The Tib Bar Pro

The TBG Tib Bar Pro currently holds the status of “runner up” as far as tib bars go in my books.

It’s super comfortable to use and is made of steel so it’s going to last forever.

But the main reason it’s taken the that second place is because of the price. At just $79, it’s way, way cheaper than similar tib bars and is at least as functional.

It only loses out to the Iron Tib Bar from Freak Athlete Essentials which I believe is just as functional and even superior value for money!

Make sure you check out my full roundup of the 6 best tib bars in 2023 to get a more complete picture of the current tib bar market!


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