FAE Iron Tib Bar Review (Expert Tested)

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Iron Tib Bar Review Summary

Iron Tib Bar

Having personally used almost every tib bar on the market, I was shocked to discover that the Iron Tib Bar is at least as good as the other top tib bars... while retailing for only a fraction of the price.

If you're after a standard bilateral tib bar, the FAE Iron Tib Bar is by far the best value for money.

Our Rating:

The Good

Significantly cheaper than all other tib bars on the market at just $49. With my 10% discount code it’s even more affordable!

Super thick ankle/foot padding is really comfortable and prevents any bone pain on the tops of your feet.

Minimal plate slippage during use.

Latest version of the Iron Tib Bar includes a detachable weight sleeve, increasing the portability massively!

The Bad

The only criticism I had of the Iron Tib bar was fixed in the updated model. This thing is now perfect!

Recommended Use

Functionally speaking, this is one of the best tib bars out there and still retails for way less than any other tib bar on the market. I recommend it for everyone!

Make sure to use my discount code “A1ATHLETE” for 10% off your entire order!

Why The Iron Tib Bar Is The Best Tib Bar On The Market

Tib bars aren’t exactly rocket science…

They perform a very simple task and in my eyes, the tib bar that can do the job effectively without breaking the bank, is the best tib bar.

*Note the below video review is of the old Iron Tib Bar – the new version is way better!

The FAE Iron Tib Bar is that tib bar!

Having tested almost every tib bar on the market, I can pretty confidently say that the Iron Tib Bar is at least as good as the competition, yet is significantly more affordable.

How I Tested The FAE Iron Tib Bar

When I’m testing out a tib bar, I do my best to be as thorough as possible and to stress test them as much as I can.

I’ve been using the FAE Iron Tib Bar every other day for the last few weeks and have been doing 20-25 sets of tib raises per week.

FAE Iron Tib Bar

I do a variety of lower weight higher repetition sets as well as some heavier sets using more weight.

I threw every different kind of weight plate I could find on this tib bar and even tested it using 25kg and it handled everything really well.

How Did The Iron Tib Bar Feel To Use?

The Iron Tib Bar felt really nice overall.

I experienced no plate slippage and no discomfort on my feet due to the extra thick padding.

This tib bar feels extremely similar to the TBG Tib Bar Pro which was my previous favorite tib bar.

But since it sells for slightly less, I have to put the Iron Tib Bar out in front of the pack.

Thicker Bar & Padding Is More Ergonomic

The below image is a side-by-side comparison of the FAE, TBG, and HGG tib bars.

As you can see, the Iron Tib Bar has significantly thicker padding compared to the alternatives.

The HGG Tib Bar’s padding isn’t thick enough for my liking, and it causes some minor pain in the bones on the top of your feet.

The thicker bar on the TBG product reduces this and feels about the same as the heavily padded Iron Tib Bar.

The newer version has EVEN THICKER padding too!

Iron Tib Bar Thick Padding

This thing feels seriously good on your feet!

The Iron Tib Bar Works Great Barefoot!

I did test the Iron Tib Bar out barefoot and it’s extremely comfortable – the thicker padding is really helpful when going barefoot.

Portability Is Fantastic With Detachable Sleeve

The original model didn’t include a detachable weight sleeve, meaning the tib bar was just a single piece of metal, making it difficult to fit in a sports bag.

Iron Tib Bar Detachable Sleeve

However the latest version of the Iron Tib Bar includes a detachable weight sleeve, making this one of the few tib bars that can easily fit into your gym bag!

Iron Tib Bar Vs Tri-Flexor?

So you’re looking at both the Iron Tib Bar as well as the Tri-Flexor and are wondering which piece of equipment is the better purchase…

Honestly, it’s pretty close.

Iron Tib Bar Vs Tri-Flexor

The Iron Tib Bar is slightly cheaper and is a more efficient way of strengthening your tibs, as you’re training both legs at the same time…

But the Tri-Flexor allows you to hit the tibialis raises even harder and you can do so much more with it such as leg curls, hip flexor raises, and ankle rotations to train the other muscles in your lower leg.

If you’re looking for as much versatility and the largest possible training stimulus for your dollar, opt for the Tri-Flexor.

If you just want to train your tibs and aren’t too worried about the other stuff, go for the Iron Tib Bar.

Why I Recommend The Iron Tib Bar Over Any Other Tib Bar…

It’s really simple: the Iron Tib Bar does exactly what it promises and it’s way cheaper than anything else on the market.

For a product that’s much cheaper than anything else, you’d expect it not to function quite as well as the other tib bars, but the opposite is true.

I believe it works just as well as other top tib bars and it performs better than many of the popular brands.

If you’re still not sold, make sure you check out my full roundup of the 6 best tib bars in 2023 to get a more complete picture of the current tib bar market!

If you’re ready to buy, you can save a further 10% by using my discount – hit the link below to get those tibs pumped!


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