HGG Performance Tib Bar Review (Expert Tested)

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HGG Tib Bar Review Summary

Tib Bar

HGG Performance (formerly the Home Gym Guys) were the original inventors of the tib bar and their product has long been considered one of the best tib bars money can buy.

Although it is considerably more expensive than other comparable tib bars, if you're looking for a quality product that'll last you forever, the HGG tib bar is definitely an investment worth thinking about.

Our Rating:

The Good

Highest quality materials and finish: stainless steel weight sleeve, custom rear collar, beautiful welds.

Detachable weight sleeve makes this tib bar significantly more portable than single-piece units. You can actually fit this tib bar in your gym bag!

Original inventors of the tib bar.

The Bad

Expensive! These things are more than 50% more expensive than the other tib bars on the market.

Recommended Use

The HGG tib bar is an extremely high quality, super durable tib bar recommended for athletes doing frequent tibialis training.

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HGG Tib Bar Performance Review

The HGG tib bar was everything I hoped it would be.

HGG Tib Bar

Although it wasn’t perfect, it performed extremely well overall and is definitely the nicest tib bar I’ve used thus far (and I’ve used almost all of them)!

How I Tested The HGG Tib Bar

When I’m testing out a tib bar, I do my best to be as thorough as possible and to stress test them as much as I can.

I’ve been using the HGG tib bar every other day for the last few weeks and have been doing 20-25 sets of tib raises per week.

HGG Tib Bar Demo

I do a variety of lower weight higher repetition sets as well as some heavier sets using more weight.

I threw every different kind of weight plate I could find on this tib bar and even tested it using 25kg and it handled everything really well.

I was also extremely rough with it and threw it around the place fairly recklessly. It’s super solid, although one of the plastic endcaps did pop out after a few weeks…

HGG Tib Bar Endcap

It went straight back in just fine however.

By Far The Best Weight Sleeve On Any Tib Bar!

One thing that really stood out about this tib bar was the stainless steel weight sleeve. It was super smooth and fit 4 different types of plates on it with no issues.

HGG Tib Bar Stainless Steel Weight Sleeve

The TBG Tib Bar Pro really fell down in this area as the powder coat finish on the weight sleeve made it impossible to fit some weight plates on initially and it took a bit of work to get plates on and off the sleeve.

But the HGG tib bar was as smooth as baby’s bum from day one!

How Did The HGG Tib Bar Feel To Use?

Overall the HGG tib bar felt extremely nice to use.

One thing I’ll mention is that the weights won’t always stay flush up against the collar and so you’ll occasionally get the weight plates sliding around the sleeve just a little bit.

It’s only ever very minor and doesn’t really negatively affect your sets, but it would feel a little better if the plates stayed flush and didn’t move at all.

This happens to some extent with all tib bars, so it’s definitely not a defect of the HGG tib bar.

I didn’t notice this happening as often using the TBG Tib Bar Pro however, possibly because that product has a super heavy duty clip, or it might have to do with the stainless steel weight sleeve on the HGG bar.

The HGG Tib Bar Works Great Barefoot!

I used the tib bar barefoot several times and it felt just as comfortable to use as it did wearing shoes!

The HGG Tib Bar Foot Padding Could Be Thicker

One extremely minor critique I have of the HGG tib bar was that the padding on the top of your feet could be a little thicker…

When you’re doing tib raises, the metatarsal bones of your feet tend to stick out and the bar sits right on top of them.

I wouldn’t go so far as saying the HGG tib bar caused discomfort on the tops of my feet, but you can definitely feel your bones pressing up against the bar.

This was one of the few things I thought could be improved about this particular bar to make it even nicer to use.

HGG Tib Bar Padding

I noticed that the TBG Tib Bar Pro was a quite a bit more comfortable in this area because of the larger bar and thicker/softer padding.

Again, definitely not a negative worth being concerned about, but something that could easily be improved.

Sleeve Detaches For Increased Portability

One of my favorite features of the HGG tib bar is that the stainless steel weight sleeve unscrews in just seconds

HGG Tib Bar Dismantled

This makes it a lot easier to fit into your gym bag than other tib bars.

HGG Tib Bar In Gym Bag

There’s no way I can fit my TBG tib bar into my gym bag because it’s a larger single piece of metal, but I don’t have this issue with the HGG tib bar.

So for anyone bringing their tib bar to and from the gym, the HGG tib bar is definitely going to be the superior choice in terms of convenience.

Isotib Vs Tib Bar

So which is better?

Tib Bar Vs Isotib

Honestly, I’m really on the fence with this one…

Sometimes I just want to get a quick and easy tib workout in and I’ll just throw my tib bar in my bag and head to the gym.

When I’m in the mood to completely annihilate my lower legs, I’ll grab the Isotib so I can get the most comprehensive workout possible.

To learn more about my thoughts on the Isotib and why it might well be superior to the tib bar, check out my full Isotib review.

What’s The Verdict?

Overall I have been extremely pleased with the tib bar from HGG Performance.

It remains my favorite tib bar because of its detachable stainless steel weight sleeve which I really like.

This tib bar is a lot more expensive than alternatives, however, so I do advise shopping around a bit before purchasing.

Make sure you check out my full roundup of the 6 best tib bars in 2023 to get a more complete picture of the current tib bar market!


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