HGG Performance BP-Sled 2.0 Review (Expert Tested)

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HGG BP-Sled 2.0 Performance Summary

BP-Sled 2.0

I've just finished testing out the BP "Bulletproof" Sled from HGG Performance and overall this sled performed better than expected!

I'm convinced this is one of the best sleds on the market for any athletes doing any sort of ATG/knees over toes training.

Our Rating:

The Good

Comes in a small box with 1 minute assembly.

Ultra compact unit, fantastic for anyone who wants to get their daily sled work in while travelling.

The included sled strap is super comfortable and works a treat.

The BP-Sled is significantly more affordable than other options on the market such as the Rogue Dog Sled.

The Bad

The upright posts aren’t quite high enough which means taller athletes have to bend over quite a bit to push the sled.

Recommended Use

This is a fantastic sled option for anyone doing the ATG/knees over toes program – i.e. basic pushing and pulling movements. It’s also the most portable sled on the market!

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The BP-Sled 2.0 – One Of The Best Sleds For ATG/Knees Over Toes?

After having spent the last couple days playing around with my BP-Sled 2.0 from HGG Performance, I can pretty confidently say this is a great option for anyone doing knees over toes/ATG work.

HGG BP Sled2.0

It isn’t perfect, as we’ll get to later on, but overall it performed really well and did exactly what I needed it to.

I filmed a video review of the BP-Sled so you might prefer checking that out below!

The BP-Sled Is Ultra Compact

Compared to other sleds, the BP-Sled is really, really tiny.

In the below image you can see the BP-Sled side by side with one of the older more normal-sized sleds in our gym (which is also small compared to some options).

HGG BP-Sled Push

As you can see, the base unit is absolutely tiny in comparison.

This makes it really good if you need a portable sled or something that won’t take up too much room in your gym.

The BP-Sled Assembles In Under A Minute!

The assembly for this thing was so quick that I completely forgot to take a photo of the pieces before throwing the box out!

It’s simply a base plate, a weight sleeve, and two upright posts – as well as a sled strap.

No tools are required to set this thing up.

The BP-Sled Only Comes With 2 Upright Posts

When it comes to ATG/knees over toes stuff, you really don’t need more than 2 upright poles anyway.

The vast majority of users are going to simply push this thing forward 30-60 feet and then drag it backwards – this is basically all it was designed for.

BP Sled 2 Uprights Only

Still I can see how some people might complain about not having the option to order an extra set of uprights.

I’m sure you could contact HGG and have some extras included if you really needed it – I just don’t see the use personally.

Fantastic Sled Strap Included

I’ve long been of the opinion that the sled waist strap from HGG Performance is the best value sled strap on the market.

At around $50 (you can buy them separately), the strap is included with the BP-Sled 2.0 so you have everything you need to start pulling right out of the box.

BP-Sled Waist Strap

It’s super comfortable to use and does the job nicely.

I don’t see why you’d pay sometimes twice as much for a more ‘premium’ sled strap when this thing does exactly what you need it to.

How Did The BP-Sled Feel To Use?

Overall I was super pleased with how the BP-Sled felt, but there were some things I wasn’t a fan of…

Ultra Lightweight Frame Means More Weight Plates

Because this thing is so damn lightweight, you really have to load it up with weights to get a decent enough stimulus.

Just pulling an empty Rogue Dog Sled gives me a fairly decent stimulus but, when using the BP-Sled, I needed to put over 50kg of plates on the sleeve just to feel like I was working.

That’s not really a complaint, by the way, but was noteworthy when comparing how this super compact design compares to other sleds.

Upright Posts Are Definitely Too Small…

My biggest gripe with the BP-Sled is that the upright posts are simply too short at 26″ in length which forces you to bend down in an arms outstretched position to push the sled.

Most upright posts on sleds are somewhere between 37″ and 40″ which is far more ergonomic as it allows you to tuck your elbows in and drive through your hips…

Here’s an example of what I mean…

FAE Multi Surface Sled

This pushing position is simply not possible with the BP-Sled.

Having said that, this is by no means a deal breaker… Even at 6’5″ I was able to move the sled just fine and, although it’s not my preferred pushing posture, it certainly isn’t uncomfortable.

Would definitely be nice to have the option of pushing both ways, however.

Reverse Sled Drag Is Super Smooth

Pulling this sled is about as good as it gets: it really glides across the floor.

The sled waist belt is absolutely fantastic and I think the BP-Sled is probably the ideal setup for anyone looking to do tons of reverse sled pulls!

How I Tested The BP-Sled 2.0

I asked a friend of mine (an Olympic lifter who’s also interested in ATG) if he was keen for the ultimate sled workout of death…

He said yes and so we took the BP-Sled to the gym and pushed and pulled it for an hour straight.

We played around with different amounts of weights and so far have only used the sled on the artificial turf surface in the gym.

We’ll continue testing it out over the coming weeks and I’ll update this article accordingly.

My friend echoed the exact same sentiments regarding the sled as I did.

Him, being not quite as tall as I am, didn’t mind that you had to push the sled in an outstretched position, however he agreed it would be nice if you could use other positions.

What’s The Verdict?

Overall the BP-Sled is an awesome product for anyone interested in knees over toes/ATG training.

It’s significantly cheaper than most other options on the market, however more expensive than the FAE Multi Sled as well as the Shogun Multi Purpose Sled, so I think it’s still worth shopping around a little to see what else is out there.


Currently, the best and most affordable sled on the market (for the purpose of knees over toes movements) is actually the MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sledcheck out our full review here!

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Rail

To see a full comparison, check out my full roundup of the best knees over toes sleds for ATG training.

If you’d like to grab yourself a BP-Sled today, be sure to click the button below to get yourself 10% off!


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