MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Review (2024)

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MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Review Summary

MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled

The Mr.1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled is not only extremely well constructed, but it's perfectly configured for knees over toes training AND is currently the most affordable sled on the market!

Our Rating:

The Good

Premium build with high-quality materials.

Comes with pushing posts and pre-installed plastic skis.

Add-ons available to elevate knees over toes/ATG training.

Compact design is great for home-workouts and storing.

The Bad

Sled strap and wrap-around rail options cost extra.

Recommended For

The Multi Purpose Sled is one of the best options for anyone doing the ATG training program who is primarily interested in basic sled pushing as well as reverse sled pulls.

MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Sled Review – The Best Sled For ATG?

The MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled is an extremely solid sled for any type of training – especially ATG/knees over toes training!

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled

It’s a modular, high-quality experience that you can enjoy from home, bring with you to the gym, or take to the great outdoors!

I’ve put the Multi Purpose Sled through some tough workouts these last couple of weeks, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite sleds and one of our top recommendations for the best sleds of 2024.

The Multi Purpose Sled Is Perfect For ATG/Knees Over Toes Training

A lot of sleds you see at the gym are absolutely massive units – and while they work for knees over toes/ATG training, they weren’t specifically designed for it like the Multi Purpose Sled (plus they’re WAY more expensive).

Shogun made knees over toes/ATG training super accessible with this sled and offers a ton of really useful customizations.

Even if you’re not particularly into knees over toes, this sled is a fantastic option for all variety of athletes.

However, if you’re regularly doing reverse sled pulls and training like Ben Patrick, this may be the sled for you…

Wrap-Around Rail System For Reverse Sled Pulls

My biggest gripe with sled training in general is constantly having to unclip my belt on one side and then clip it onto the other side.

This completely takes care of that, and lets me focus on reverse sled pulls without any unwanted breaks – as Ben Patrick says: “100 steps backwards are worth 1000 steps forward.”

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Rail

I was a little skeptical seeing how thin the rail was, but it’s held up perfectly even with a bunch of weight on it – the low/thin profile also keeps the whole sled looking super clean!

This is especially helpful if you have a small space that you’re training in and want to keep the tension consistent rather than needing to reset every time you have to switch directions.

Shogun Also Offer A Premium Sled Strap

You can get a massive discount on Shogun’s sled strap when you get the sled/strap budle.

This 8-foot long belt is very well-made and does its job perfectly – I don’t get any choking around my waist and I’ve had zero worries about it snapping on me.

Shogun Premium Sled Strap

Shogun has tested it for a break strength of 10 tons, and tested the carabiner clip to support up to 1.5 tons – if you’re pulling more than that then I’d suggest hooking up some chains to a train like A-Train in The Boys!

It’s actually our vote for the highest-quality ATG sled strap of 2024!

Feel free to check out our full review of this strap on Youtube.

Skis For All-Surface Training Included!

The Multi Purpose Sled comes with removable plastic skis pre-installed to the bottom that provide a smooth glide over any surface.

I’ve used this on carpet, turf, and my concrete driveway – all surfaces have given a great workout and slide smoothly without scratching up whatever surface I’m on.

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Plastic Skis

The plastic skis are pretty robust too, and have been holding their shape well without getting super dented or beat up from my outdoor workouts.

Premium Build For A Fair Price

There’s always a balancing act when it comes to price and quality of a sled – the Multi Purpose Sled does a fantastic job of walking that tightrope.

At $250, it’s a great price for a sled of this build – from the clean cutouts to the high-quality materials, it works amazing without breaking the bank.

Granted, when you add the premium strap and the wrap-around rail kit, the price jumps up a bit – but with our discount code A1ATHLETE you’ll get it all at a great discount!

Plus, the quality of Shogun’s products means they’ll last you a LONG time, and give you peace of mind knowing they didn’t cut any corners when building this sled.

What I Liked About The Multi Purpose Sled

There’s obviously a lot to love, but let’s put a magnifying glass on what makes this sled so great!

Super Convenient & Portable

The Multi Purpose Sled measures in at 29.5 x 16.7”, with a 17.7″ center loading post and two removable 3-foot pushing posts.

Its compact size means you can use it at home in a small space, or even bring it with you to the gym – it fits perfectly into pretty much every trunk or backseat.

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Is Portable

The center post can be somewhat annoying if you have a low trunk, but Shogun includes two wrenches that you can use to quickly detach it.

I don’t have the living space, so being able to slide the pushing posts off and hide them away with the rest of the sled in a corner has been a game changer for storing this thing.

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Storage

We already talked about the convenience of the wrap-around rail system, but it’s worth mentioning again – it’s that good!

Awesome Extra Options

Something really great about the Multi Purpose Sled is that you can customize what add-ons you buy depending on what your goals are.

The base model comes with 2 pushing posts, plastic skis, and the sled, but you can upgrade your package to include the custom wrap-around rail kit ($99) and the premium sled strap ($99).

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Belt and Rail

The base model takes care of all your pushing needs, but if you want to get serious with knees over toes training you’ll want the sled strap for some reverse sled pulls.

The wrap-around rail kit is amazing but not 100% necessary if you want to save the cash, since the sled has holes to hook the strap into on both sides.

Keep in mind you get all this even cheaper with our code A1ATHLETE!

Extremely Versatile

The Multi Purpose Sled lets you get your workout in anywhere, anytime.

Not only are the skis great for versatility, but the shape of the sled acts as a kind of “cup.”

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled Top View

This means that if you don’t have olympic/bumper plate weights at home, you can toss dumbbells, sandbags, milk jugs – you name it – on top to act as weight, and it won’t slide off.

Premium Design & Feel

This thing has some heft to it.

And that’s a good thing – yes it does add a bit of weight (about 60lbs with the poles) when transporting it around, but it’s totally worth it for the sturdiness and quality!

It definitely won’t fall apart on you!

What I Disliked About The Shogun Multi Purpose Sled

I’m a big fan and don’t have any real critiques, but there is one small note:

Assembly Time

This may just be me and my terrible assembling skills, but the Multi Purpose Sled took longer to setup than most other knees over toes/ATG oriented sleds.

It took me about 10 minutes of twisting nuts on bolts, but the included wrenches and instructions made the process very straight-forward.

I don’t think this is a negative overall, but I wanted to mention it since other sleds like the HGG Performance BP Sled are much quicker.

Again, 10 minutes of assembly time for a sled that’ll last a lifetime is definitely a price I’m willing to pay!

How Does The Multi Purpose Sled Compare To Other Sleds?

There’s some great sleds out there, so let’s see how the Multi Purpose Sled holds up!

Shogun Multi Sled vs. FAE Multi Sled

FAE’s Multi Sled is another awesome product for knees over toes/ATG training.

It’s more compact than the Multi Purpose Sled and comes at a slightly cheaper price, and it’s also made with strong materials and is high-quality.

FAE Multi Sled

One nice bonus about the FAE Multi Sled is that it comes with a strap, Y posts, and all-surface rails included – but I don’t think any strap on the market compares to Shogun’s.

FAE Multi Sled Strap

I’d say the quality is pretty close to equal in terms of the actual sled, so it comes down to how compact you want it and if you want that wrap-around-rail which is a feature exclusive to the Shogun sled (and the Rogue Dog Sled of course).


Currently, for a sled with 2 upright posts, all surface skis, and a sled belt, you’re looking at ~$250 if you go with FAE or $297 if you go with the Shogun sled, making the FAE sled slightly more affordable overall.

Either way, you can use our code A1ATHLETE to get a discount on both!

Who Should Use The Multi Purpose Sled?

This thing is great for anyone wanting to do knees over toes/ATG training in their home or outdoors.

It’s ideal for reverse sled pulls as well as pushing.

The premium build and design makes it easy to use in tight spaces and get a workout in with any types of weight, and I’m fully confident that the quality of this sled will last a long time!

It’s also perfect for those focusing on reverse sled pulls, as the optional wrap-around rail system makes it one of the most convenient sleds I’ve used.

What’s The Verdict?

I think this is a top contender for the best knees over toes/ATG sled, as the quality, price, and add-ons make it a game-changer for anyone wanting to train at home.

This sled boasts amazing build quality while actually being cheaper than all other options except the FAE Multi Sled (including the HGG BP-Sled 2.0 when you factor in shipping), making it my top overall recommendation for anyone looking to get into knees over toes training.


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