FAE Multi Sled Review – The Most Portable & Affordable Sled?

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Freak Athlete Essentials Multi Sled Review Summary

Freak Athlete Essentials Multi Sled

The Freak Athlete Essentials Multi Sled is the most compact and affordable sled perfect for knees over toes training.

Our Rating:

The Good

Ultra compact design great for home workouts and transporting.

Comes with sled strap.

Removable loading bar makes unloading super easy.

Extremely affordable!

The Bad

Doesn’t come with Y-posts for pushing, but can be added for a big discount.

Recommended For

The FAE Multi Sled is perfect for anyone wanting an affordable ultra-compact sled that is made for knees over toes/ATG training at home or while traveling.


FAE Multi Sled Review – Super Compact & Ultra Affordable

Freak Athlete Essentials has created an ultra-compact sled that is perfect for knees over toes/ATG training on a budget!

Freak Athlete Essentials Multi Sled

I generally get a little worried when a company tries to make something too compact, and I was expecting the Multi Sled to be unstable and overall unequipped to perform…

I mean, it wouldn’t make sense for a sled of this size to handle my training… right?


FAE has managed to smash my expectations to bits, with the Multi Sled performing extremely well — and I genuinely enjoy using it!

Let’s take a closer look…

The Multi Sled Is About As Portable As They Come!

The compactness that originally worried me is now something I truly appreciate, and the stability is perfect.

FAE has created this sled with knees over toes/ATG training specifically in mind, and it’s been great – especially with the extra-small footprint.

The included sled strap clips onto the sled on either end, allowing you to do reverse sled pulls with ease.

I can put bumper plates on it with no problems, and it handles more weight than I can push!

It comes in at a remarkably tiny 29 inches long and 9 inches wide, making it about the size of a skateboard.

And it only weighs about 30lbs, making it extremely portable and easy to use at home in a tight space, or even at the gym if you want to bring it with you.

FAE Multi Sled In Trunk

I don’t think I need to mention that this sled fits into pretty much any trunk!

All Surface Rails To Train Anywhere

You can opt to add UHMW skis to the bottom (that stands for ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a super wear-resistant plastic) that’ll let you rock this sled on concrete or pavement.

*NOTE The all-surface skis now come standard with the Multi Sled base unit! You don’t have to pay extra!

FAE Multi Sled Plastic Skis

It glides super smoothly, and I’m not worried about damaging the sled itself or scratching up the surface that I’m training on.

They also come pre-installed, letting you jump to sled training on your driveway right out of the box!

Fully Modular & Minimalist Design

I’m notoriously terrible at assembling stuff, which is why I love the minimal and modular design of the Multi Sled.

FAE Multi Sled Pieces

You simply insert the loading bar and optional Y-posts without having to do any other assembly or needing to screw anything together.

It took me longer to open the box than it did to assemble the Multi Sled!

This is great not only for quick use, but also for storing and transporting.

FAE Multi Sled Stored

All the pieces come apart within seconds, and the tiny footprint of the sled is perfect if you need to make every space count in your home like I do.

It also makes it easy to add the Y-posts if you decide to get them after already buying the base sled, as you don’t need any special tools or assembly instructions.

This creates a plug-and-play experience that couldn’t get any simpler!

The Multi Sled Is Our Best Budget Sled Of 2023

It’s hard to come by any product that balances price and quality so well (we’ll talk about another sled that does down below), so it’s comforting to know that you don’t have to choose between an empty wallet or a well-built sled.

We’ve dubbed the FAE Multi Sled as our “Best Budget Sled” of 2023, as the base model that includes the sled strap comes in at just $150.

The base unit now includes one set of Y posts and all-surface rails, as well as a sled strap – all that for just $250!

But you can get all this for $225 by using our discount code A1ATHLETE at checkout!

That’s an impressively low cost for something that’ll last you many years of tough training – I’d actually be surprised if you’d ever need to replace this, it’s that good!

What I Liked About The Multi Sled

The FAE Multi Sled has plenty going for it, so let’s check it out in some more detail…

High-Quality Sled Strap Included

FAE knows how important a sled strap is for knees over toes/ATG training, so they’ve included one with the base model!

FAE Multi Sled Strap

Sled straps will usually cost you $50-100, but the included one makes this budget-friendly deal even sweeter.

It has a good length and is made with high-quality materials – I didn’t get any pinching at all when using it.

While not the absolute best sled strap I’ve ever used, it definitely gets the job done and I have absolutely no issues with it!

Quick Weight Removal

This is one of my favorite features on the Multi Sled.

The loading bar can be pulled out after putting plates on it, making it extremely easy to just slide the weights off.

This makes cleaning up after a heavy sled session more convenient, and also allows you to load the sled with other types of weight like dumbbells or sandbags without having the loading bar get in the way.

FAE Multi Sled With Dumbbells

Premium Build Quality

The sled overall is robust and solid, with high-quality materials welded together to create a sturdy experience.

FAE Multi Sled Close Up

I didn’t feel that the Y-posts were ever going to bend or that the sled strap was going to rip out of the carabiner holes, and I have no doubt that the Multi Sled is going to handle everything I throw at it for years to come.

How Does The Multi Sled Compare To Other Sleds?

I mentioned another sled that balances quality and price extremely well so let’s see how it compares!

MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled vs. Freak Athlete Essentials Multi Sled

The MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun Multi Purpose Sled is another one of my all time favorite sleds.

We’ve awarded this sled our title of the ‘best overall’ sled of 2023, but it was only just by a whisker and truth be told, this sled and the FAE Multi Sled are virtually neck and neck!

Shogun Multi Purpose Sled

It has a compact design that’s also perfect for knees over toes/ATG training, and is made with rock-solid materials that’ll last a lifetime.

It’s a bit bigger than the FAE Multi Sled, is heavier by about 30lbs, and doesn’t have a quick-removable loading bar – but that’s not to say it’s not portable!

Both these sleds are ridiculously good.

I think that the FAE Multi Sled is the better option if you’re looking for an ultra-compact sled and want to do a lot of traveling with it.

It definitely wins if we’re looking strictly at value for money as well.


Using the discount code “A1ATHLETE”, you can currently get the FAE sled for $225 and the Shogun sled for $297.

Shogun’s sled is slightly better overall with fantastic options for a wrap-around-rail kit and premium belt, and also includes the pre-installed plastic skis and a set of upright posts.

Who Should Use The Multi Sled?

The Multi Sled is great for anyone needing an ultra-compact design for storage and home-workouts or anyone wanting to get into knees over toes/ATG sled training without breaking the bank.

You can also add an extra set of Y posts, turning it into a dog sled…

So while you can use it for general sled training needs, it can reportedly only hold up to 450lbs – more than enough for knees over toes training, but something to keep in mind!

What’s The Verdict?

The FAE Multi Sled definitely surprised me in how well it does for knees over toes/ATG style training while being ridiculously small.

It has a great modular design and a high-quality build, all while being the cheapest option out there.

The included sled strap is awesome and a great feature, and I can confidently recommend the Multi Sled to take care of your knees over toes/ATG training needs!


Eric Richter, MSPT

Eric Richter, MSPT

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