4 Best Knees Over Toes Sleds In 2023 – For Every Budget

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Pushing and pulling a sled is a core tenet of knees over toes training and is the foundation on which the ATG program is based.

Ben Patrick sleds every single day.

If you’re not also regularly sledding, you’re leaving serious gains on the table.

The good news is there’s some absolutely incredible new sleds on the market, designed specifically for knees over toes training!

Best Value Sled

FAE Multi Sled

FAE Multi Sled
  • Designed specifically for ATG style pushing/pulling.
  • By far the most affordable option.
  • Includes sled strap.


Best Internal Resistance Sled

Torque Fitness Tank M4

Knees Over Toes Guy Tank Sled
  • Removes the need to stack and unrack weight plates.
  • Scales perfectly to the users strength level.
  • Surprisingly affordable!

The best part is that these ATG sleds are way more affordable than you would ever have thought!

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into my list of the only 4 sleds worth looking at when it comes to knees over toes/ATG.

Best Sleds For ATG – At A Glance

  1. Best Value Sled – FAE Multi Sled
  2. Runner Up – HGG BP-Sled 2.0
  3. Knees Over Toes Guy’s Sled – Rogue Dog Sled 1.2
  4. Best Internal Resistance Sled – Torque Fitness Tank M4

Best Value Sled


FAE Multi Sled

FAE Multi Sled

Gone are the days where you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a sled you can drag around. Freak Athlete Essentials have produced a super compact sled designed specifically for knees over toes training that costs less than $200!


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Best Budget Sled For Knees Over Toes

The Multi Sled from Freak Athlete Essentials is a brand new piece of equipment designed specifically for the needs of athletes doing knees over toes/ATG training.

It does exactly what you need it to: nothing more, nothing less… and you can get one from just $135 using my discount code!

Ultra Compact Design

The Multi Sled makes use of a super minimalist frame that weighs just 30lbs, making it one of the most portable sled for knees over toes training.

Freak Athlete Multi Sled

This sled can easily be thrown in the back of a car and taken to the gym and is a fantastic option for travelling trainers.

Comes With Sled Strap

The guys at Freak Athlete Essentials understand just how important the reverse sled pull is and have included a sled strap/waist belt with their sled.

Freak Athlete Multi Sled Strap

To buy an ATG sled strap for your sled, you’d normally be looking at spending an extra $50-$100, but the Multi Sled comes with one at no extra cost!

You Will Need To Add Y Posts For Pushing

No knees over toes sled workout is complete without the sled push, so you will need to add at least 1 set of upright “Y posts” to your order for $50.

With the sled base unit ($150) and a single set of Y posts ($50), you’re looking at just $200 for a fully functional sled that can be pushed and pulled knees over toes style.

With my 10% discount code that’s only $180!

Multi Sled Push

“My favorite by far. Ergonomic, easy to use, easy to store, looks good in the gym, and mobile for on the go trainers! Love the multi-sled.”

Range Hussein (top right)

If you like, you can add 2 sets of Y posts (as shown above) which allows you to push from both directions.

Personally I only use one set of Y posts as I’m only ever pushing the sled upwards and pulling it backwards.

Works On Any Surface

For an extra $50, you can order plastic sled skis that allow you to use it on gravel or concrete without wrecking the base.

FAE Multi Surface Sled

Rogue charges $70 for this sort of upgrade on their sleds, so $50 seems like a very fair price.

Easy To Unload

One of the coolest things about the Multi Sled is that it’s really easy to unload compared to traditional sleds.

Simply pull the center pole out and slide the weights off!

Most Affordable Knees Over Toes Sled By A HUGE Margin

I’m still kind of in disbelief that this product exists at the price point it does… Let’s compare it to your other sledding options…

SledTypical Price
*FAE Multi Sled~$200
Shogun Multi Purpose Sled~$250
HGG BP-Sled 2.0~$291
Rogue Echo Dog Sled~$400
Rogue Dog Sled 1.2~$500
Torque Tank M4~$1,600

As you can see, the FAE Multi Sled is significantly more affordable than the next most affordable option and has very similar functionality!

Recommended Use

This sled is ideal for anyone who wants to push and pull a sled regularly as part of their knees over toes journey or other athletic training. It’s especially great for people who want to travel with their sled or simply for anyone not looking to spend more money than they need to!



  • By far the most affordable knees over toes sled on the market.
  • Includes sled strap.
  • Ultra portable – this is one of the few sleds that are practical to travel with.
  • Super easy to unload.


  • These things sell out quite often and so you may have to preorder.


Runner Up


HGG BP Sled 2.0


HGG BP-Sled 2.0

HGG Performance (formerly Home Gym Guys) have also designed a super practical and effective training sled specifically for knees over toes training. It’s not only extremely high quality but also quite affordable!


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Best Sled For Knees Over Toes – Runner Up

The “Bulletproof Sled” from HGG Performance was designed specifically for knees over toes training and that’s what it does extremely well.

Now in its second iteration, this is the most compact sled on the market, weighing only 25lbs in the box with the poles and straps!

BP-Sled Only 2 Upright Posts

Be sure to check out my video review of the BP-Sled for the full rundown!

High Quality Waist Strap & Skids Included

This sled comes with what I believe is the best value ATG sled strap on the market.

BP-Sled Waist Strap

This sled strap is super comfortable to use and makes pulling the sled an absolute delight.

Criticism: Upright Poles Are Quite Short…

My one small criticism of this sled is that the upright poles are only 26″ in length, which means you have to get down quite low to push.

The 40″ poles Rogue uses are nice because it means you have the option of tucking your elbows in and standing more upright as you push the sled.

The Y posts on the FAE Multi Sled are 37″ off the ground which is also significantly higher than the uprights on the HGG BP-Sled.

While this definitely wasn’t ideal, it by no means is a deal breaker. I’m 6’5″ and was still able to push the sled just fine – it wasn’t at all uncomfortable.

It would simply be a nice option to use a different pushing posture.

Competitively Priced

The BP-Sled sells for just under $300, however shipping to the US will cost an extra $60 or so.

This is still significantly cheaper than either of the Rogue sleds (which we’ll get to in a bit), but still about 50% more expensive than the FAE multi sled!

HGG BP-Sled Vs. FAE Multi Sled?

Both the BP-Sled and the Multi Sled are super compact, lightweight sleds designed specifically for knees over toes training.

They both have extremely similar features, but the Multi Sled is almost a third of the cost.

The Multi Sled also has an easily detachable center pole which makes unloading the sled far easier.

The FAE Multi Sled also has higher upright poles, which means it’s going to be slightly more ergonomic to use.

Both sleds are great, but I think the FAE Multi Sled is the clear winner.

Recommended Use

The BP-Sled is a great option for anyone who really values portability and wants to travel with a sled that doesn’t weigh too much or take up too much space.

Be sure to check out my full performance review of the BP-Sled 2.0.



  • Comes standard with plastic sled skis and one of the highest quality sled belts on the market!
  • Tiny footprint and is super portable!


  • Upright poles are a little too short which forces you to push in an arms outstretched position.


Knees Over Toes Guy’s Sled


Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

Rogue Dog Sled 1.2

If you’re looking for the identical sled Ben Patrick uses in his own gym, which has been featured on his videos numerous times, it’s the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 with a wraparound rail kit.

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Knees Over Toes Guy’s Sled Setup

Before HGG’s BP-Sled and now FAE’s Multi Sled, the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 was definitely the best option for knees over toes training, but only because there wasn’t anything on the market built specifically for knees over toes…

Just because Ben Patrick uses this particular sled in his gym, that doesn’t mean that you should too.

When Ben started sledding, the other sleds we discussed above didn’t yet exist!

How Ben Patrick Modified This Sled

Ben Patrick has a few of these sleds in his gym, each of which have some addons that make them a little bit easier to use for knees over toes work.

I’m talking about the wraparound rail kit which looks like the following…

Rogue Wraparound Rail Kit

This allows you to drag the sled backwards and once you run out of room, walk around to the other side of the sled and drag it back to where you came from.

It basically gives you a dynamic sled strap attachment point.

This Setup Is Really Expensive

Unfortunately the wraparound rail kit costs $85 but you also need to order the cross bridges that attach to it, which is another $120.

The sled itself costs $325 and comes standard with 2 upright arms, which is enough for knees over toes, but it doesn’t come with a sled strap or plastic skis which are additional addons/costs.

If you wanted to recreate the exact sled setup Ben Patrick has in his gym, you’re looking at $604 which includes the sled strap and wraparound rail.

If you’re happy foregoing the wraparound rail, which definitely isn’t necessary, you’re still looking at a cool $400 for this sled.

The plastic skis are also way too expensive at an extra $70 if you wanted those too!

Overkill For Knees Over Toes?

Rogue is known for producing some of the highest quality fitness equipment around, and their Dog Sled is no different.

These things are incredibly solid, weighing about 4 times as much as HGG’s BP-Sled.

Rogue Sled Push

I personally think it’s way more bulky than it needs to be if all you’re using it for is pushing and pulling it back forth using relatively light weights.

If you’re planning on also using it for other activities like heavy sled work or CrossFit, then it’s a great option.

There’s a huge range of attachments you can get for these things and endless different ways they can be used.

Recommended Use

This sled is a great choice for anyone who plans on using it not just for knees over toes, but other heavy sled work. It’s unnecessarily large/bulky/expensive if you’re just doing basic knees over toes sled push/pull work.



  • If it’s good enough for Ben Patrick, it’s good enough for just about anyone!
  • Wraparound rail makes this a super convenient way to perform reverse sled pulls, especially if you don’t have a ton of space.
  • Great for people who want to do more than just basic knees over toes sled push/pull work as it’s extremely solid and customizable.


  • Doesn’t come standard with a sled strap or plastic skis.
  • Super expensive.
  • This thing is 4 times heavier than the BP-Sled!

Best Internal Resistance Sled


Knees Over Toes Guy Tank Sled

Torque Fitness Tank M4

If you’re looking for the holy grail of knees over toes sledding, it simply doesn’t get better than the Tank M4!

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Best Internal Resistance Sled For Knees Over Toes

If you wanted to step your sledding game up a notch, the Torque Fitness Tank M4 offers an unbeatable sledding experience at a surprisingly affordable rate.

Why Use An Internal Resistance Sled For Knees Over Toes?

As you push a regular sled harder, it ends up moving more quickly.

When you push an internal resistance sled harder, it increases the resistance so you can work harder while covering less ground.

You also don’t need to mess around with adding or removing weight plates to the sled.

The other cool benefit of using an internal resistance sled for knees over toes work is that it scales perfectly to the user’s strength level.

Elderly people (or very young athletes) can always push an internal resistance sled, but they might struggle to push a regular sled with weight on it.

This makes the internal resistance sled ideal for anyone training with a partner or in groups as it’ll always provide the perfect level of stimulus to whomever is using it.

Surprisingly Affordable

The Tank M4 is the version you might have seen Ben Patrick using in some of his videos.

I thought these things would cost north $4,000 easily, but they sell for just $1,600 which makes them a fairly affordable piece of kit for a huge range of gyms and home gym setups.

They also retail through Amazon which is super convenient.

They also don’t come with a sled strap, so you’ll need to grab one of those as well.

Recommended Use

Most convenient option for people training in groups as you don’t have to worry about handling weights/changing loads. Ideal for both very young and very old people, and everything in between.



  • Easier to set up and pack away as there’s no handling of weight plates.
  • Scales perfectly to any strength level, regardless of age or ability.
  • Better stimulus over a shorter distance.
  • Surprisingly affordable!


  • A little bulky/difficult to move into position.
  • Significantly more expensive than going with any of the other sleds discussed earlier in this article.

Final Verdict?

I find it really difficult to go past the Multi Sled by Freak Athlete Essentials because of how insanely affordable it is while still doing everything you need it to as far as knees over toes/ATG goes.

The BP-Sled from HGG Performance is another fantastic, lightweight option that is perfect for the vast majority of users.

Other sleds like the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 weren’t designed for knees over toes training and don’t provide a great ‘out of the box’ solution for this use case.

If you have the money for it and really want the best possible knees over toes sled training experience, consider going for the Torque Fitness Tank M4 internal resistance sled, which is the Rolls Royce of ATG sleds.

Our Sled Testing & Review Process

We always make it our mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so we can be as helpful as possible to our readers.

I have personally tested both the HGG BP-Sled 2.0 as well as the Rogue Dog Sled 1.2, so I have first hand experience using these products.

We’ve also got a FAE Multi Sled as well as a Shogun Multi Sled en route, so we’ll have a much better picture of this product category after we’ve finished testing them.

When testing these products, we’re seeing how well they function for the purpose of ATG/knees over toes work, which is fairly simple and usually just involves pushing the sled 30-60 feet forward and then dragging it backwards using a strap.

In addition to our first hand experience, we also took the time to research each of the other options and put together this complete list, hoping some of you would find it helpful.

Part of this research involved getting in touch with manufacturers to confirm details about several of the products you might want to know about, like how much the sleds weigh or how tall the upright poles are.

We’ve also been able to negotiate some pretty nice discounts from a couple of the manufacturers on this list, so you can get the HGG BP-Sled as well as the FAE Multi Sled for the best possible price using the discount code JUMPSTRONGER.

We’ll also be updating this article frequently to ensure the information stays up to date.

Feel free to read more about our product testing standards and review process.

What Type Of Sled Does Knees Over Toes Guy Use?

Ben Patrick has been seen using numerous different types of sleds over the years and he appears not to discriminate.

At his home gym in LA, Ben has several Rogue Dog Sled 1.2s, each with the duel bridge attachment as well as the wraparound rail kit.

I’m sure if you were to ask him, he’d say the movement itself is far more important than whatever apparatus you use to perform it with.

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