Harvey Meale – Founder & Author

Harvey Meale, A1Athlete Founder

I’m a former international level volleyballer who has a passion for the science of vertical jump training as well as anything sports performance or strength and conditioning related.

Since the age of 10, I’ve been obsessed with the field of vertical jump training and have been lifting for over 16 years now.

I wanted to dunk so badly growing up and spent a lot of my youth experimenting with different squat and plyometric routines.

I made decent progress and ended up on the national youth volleyball team (I’m Australian) but never quite succeeded as an athlete in my earlier years.

After a few years at uni, I developed a strong interest in writing as well as SEO and I decided to fuse those skills with my passion for jump training by creating A1Athlete.

I now spend my days in Thailand training full time, writing, and running the ship here at A1Athlete.

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Harvey Meale - Founder & Author - A1Athlete

Harvey is the founder and head contributor to A1Athlete. As a lifelong athlete, he now specializes in vertical jump training and strength and conditioning.

Email: harvey@a1athlete.com

Job Title: Founder