MonkeyFeet Review – Overrated & Outdated?

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When the MonkeyFeet first hit the market, they were a pretty groundbreaking, first-of-their-kind device that were insanely popular.

However over the past few months, we’ve seen a number of other products hit the market that I feel do a much better job, at a more affordable price.

Having personally used the MonkeyFeet, as well as many of the MonkeyFeet alternatives, I strongly feel you’ll get more value from shopping around.

MonkeyFeet Unboxing & Build Quality

The MonkeyFeet come really well packaged in a nicely branded box inside a drawstring carry bag.

You can tell just by handling this thing that it’s a solid, well put together piece of kit.

Animalhouse clearly didn’t cut any corners when it came to the manufacturing process. There’s not a single part of this thing that’s flimsy.

Very heavy duty and feels like it’ll last forever.

MonkeyFeet Initial Impressions

After my first time using the MonkeyFeet, admittedly I wasn’t all that thrilled…

Initial Concerns Over Comfort & Ratchet Strap

I have fairly big feet and was wearing size 12 shoes when using the MonkeyFeet and found it exceptionally difficult to get the ankle pad to secure to my foot using the ratchet strap.


Eventually I got it secured to my foot and was able to start using it but found it was super uncomfortable as the pads were digging into my lower shin and Achilles at the same time.

Maybe my shoes are too big/thick for it, but they’re just regular size 12 sneakers and Animalhouse claims they should fit up to size 14…

I think I’d probably need to fork out an extra $15 the XL Strap Kit to be able to fit my feet into it more easily.

Bit of a shame since I definitely don’t have size 14 feet and don’t exactly want to have to pay the insane shipping fees and to wait for the attachment to arrive…

It took a lot of finessing but eventually I was able to get the MonkeyFeet on in a somewhat comfortable position.

It definitely took me way too long messing around with the padding location and the ratchet strap, that it’s probably going to deter me from using them.

Not All Shoes Are Going To Work…

Perhaps the reason I struggled so much with securing the device to my foot was a combination of the shoes I wore and the size of my foot.

If you can, avoid wearing shoes with a caged heel.

I actually found it a lot easier going barefoot in the end!

Not Easy To Move Around In…

This is to be expected, obviously.

Make sure you attach the MonkeyFeet in the location in which you’re going to do your exercise.

Even just hobbling around 4-5 extra feet is really difficult with any amount of weight attached to your foot!

Supine Leg Extensions = Dangerous?

I’d also be cautious about doing the supine leg extension exercise as depicted below.

I did this and had the entire thing somehow slide off my shoe at the top of the movement as I locked out at the top.

Obviously this is extremely dangerous and it wasn’t the first time the dumbbell had released from the clamp mid-exercise.

How I Use The MonkeyFeet

I don’t use the MonkeyFeet anymore, but these are the use cases that I think it’s okay for…

Using MonkeyFeet For Hip Flexor Training

This single exercise, the knee raise, is 90% of the reason I bought one of these.

Training hip flexors is way harder than it should be, but the MonkeyFeet knee raise solution is not a bad way of approaching hip flexor training.

I much prefer using my FAE Tri-Flexor to perform this movement, which I think is a far superior product.

It does everything the MonkeyFeet does and considerably more – and it’s far more comfortable and easy to use.

Using MonkeyFeet For Hamstring Curls

The MonkeyFeet can also be used for leg curls, and for this use it does a fairly decent job.

Again I think the alternatives are superior for this purpose, but undoubtedly the MonkeyFeet does work.

MonkeyFeet Leg Curl Vs Machine?

Is it better to use the MonkeyFeet for the standing leg curl or a machine (supposing your have access to one at the gym)?

Ben Patrick once mentioned that you’re able to get a greater range of motion (particularly at the top of the movement) using the MonkeyFeet as opposed to the leg curl machine.

He claimed this was because there’s no pad sandwiched between your heel and your butt.

Personally, I’m unable to get my heel anywhere near my butt anyway when using the MonkeyFeet, so this isn’t going to limit me.

It’s extremely difficult for me to into deeper knee flexion than what I’m managing in the above clip.

Probably something I need to work on!

I actually prefer using the leg curl machine to the MonkeyFeet, because it’s much easier and more practical to use.

Other Ways To Use The MonkeyFeet

Personally I’d really only use the MonkeyFeet for knee raises and hamstring curls but I can see why people would want to get more use out of it than that.

Luckily there are plenty of other ways to use this device that it feels almost wrong not to explore other movements.

I strongly encourage you to check out my full list of MonkeyFeet exercises for inspiration!

How I Don’t Use The MonkeyFeet

I see a lot of people doing leg extensions with the MonkeyFeet and personally I am not a fan of using it for this movement…

Because of how I’m unable to get the strap to properly secure around my foot, my heel tends to slip out of the MonkeyFeet at the top of the movement, which means I have to stop and attempt to reattach it.

Unless you’re doing knee rehab, you’re probably better off just using heavier weights and doing leg extensions at the gym.

Of course, if you don’t have access to a gym, this is a fantastic option.

Would I Recommend The MonkeyFeet?

Six months ago I would have said yes, absolutely, but my opinion has changed recently as I’ve discovered a number of other products that quite simply do a better job.


Although the MonkeyFeet once was a very useful tool, there's now several other products which do a better job overall.

Our Rating:

So to be completely honest, I would strongly recommend avoiding the MonkeyFeet and checking out my list of alternatives, in which you’ll find a number of superior products at a more affordable rate.

Tri-Flexor – The Superior Alternative

My favorite alternative is the Tri-Flexor from Freak Athlete Essentials.

This thing is a combination between a MonkeyFeet and a single leg tib bar…

Triflexor Diagram

It does everything the MonkeyFeet can do plus a lot more and it’s similarly priced.

Check out my full Tri-Flexor review now to find out more and get yourself a 10% discount!

If you’re looking for cheaper alternatives that also work quite well, check out this article.

If you did still want to grab yourself some MonkeyFeet, feel free to use the link below!

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