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Tri-Flexor Review Summary


I'd been eagerly waiting to test out the Tri-Flexor for weeks because I had a sneaking suspicion it might just be the single best piece of equipment for ATG/knees over toes...

After using it every day for the last few days, I can confidently say that there is nothing that even comes close to it!

Versatility, effectiveness, portability, affordability - it's truly in a league of its own.

If there's one piece of kit you absolutely must own, make sure it's the Tri-Flexor.

Our Rating:

The Good

The Tri-Flexor is arguably the best single leg tib bar on the market.

The Tri-Flexor also completely replaces the need for a MonkeyFeet by allowing you to perform all of the same MonkeyFeet exercises and more.

The heel pivot plate and eccentric strap offers a unique tibialis stimulus you simply cannot get with any other product on the market.

This is by far the most portable piece of knees over toes/ATG training equipment, ideal for athletes traveling to train.

The Tri-Flexor is astonishingly affordable!

The Bad

Weight clips aren’t included so unless you’re using this at the gym exclusively, you’ll have to pay $20 extra to have a pair of clips included.

Maximum foot size is a men’s US size 13. Athletes with bigger feet are out of luck!

Recommended Use

This tool is ideal for any athlete involved in ATG/knees over toes training who’s looking to develop highly functional leg strength.

Make sure to use my discount code “A1ATHLETE” for 10% off your entire order!

Tri-Flexor – The Ultimate Piece Of ATG/Knees Over Toes Equipment

Having reviewed more ATG/knees over toes training gear than virtually anyone else, I can confidently say the Tri-Flexor from Freak Athlete Essentials is the holy grail of leg training equipment.

There’s simply nothing else quite like it.

Aside from a sled, I truly believe this humble hunk of metal is the only other piece of kit you’ll ever need to own because of how incredibly versatile it is.

The Tri-Flexor Is A MonkeyFeet + Tib Bar Hybrid, But Better…

I like to think of the Tri-Flexor as a combination between a MonkeyFeet as well as a single leg tib bar

Not only can you do all the same movements that you can with a MonkeyFeet and a single leg tib bar, but the Tri-Flexor does them way, way better.

Firstly the Tri-Flexor is way easier to use than the MonkeyFeet which is awkward to setup – using weight plates makes things much easier than first clamping a dumbbell onto the boot and then ratchet strapping your foot in.

But the thing I found most interesting about the Tri-Flexor is the pivot plate on the back of the device which stabilizes the lower leg allowing you to isolate the tibialis in a manner similar to an anterior tib machine.

Triflexor Pivot Plate

Put simply, the Tri-Flexor allows you to train every single leg movement you’ll ever need – no other product comes close in terms of versatility.

Unparalleled Value For Money

Freak Athlete Essentials are well known for manufacturing extremely well designed gear at the most affordable rates.

A MonkeyFeet is $80 and a single leg tib bar will cost you at least $120, and we’ve already established that the Tri-Flexor works better than these tools… You’re looking at well over $200 in value for less than $100.

Of course if you slap on my 10% discount code (A1ATHLETE) at checkout, the Tri-Flexor becomes an absolute steal.

What Can You Do With The Tri-Flexor?

What can’t you do…

Ankle Dorsiflexion (Tib Raises)

The Tri-Flexor works extremely well as a single leg tib bar.

Having used both the TBG Solo Tib Bar as well as the HGG Isotib I’d say the Tri-Flexor is easier to use than the Isotib and almost as easy as the Solo Tib Bar.

When you factor in price as well as all the other benefits, the Tri-Flexor is easily the best single leg tib bar on the current market.

Ankle Eversion/Inversion (Ankle Rotations)

This is one of the most effective ways to develop all of the lower leg muscles, with a focus on the peroneals.

This is the major benefit of using a single leg tib bar as opposed to a regular tib bar: you can train much more than just the tibialis.

Heel Supported Tib Raises

This is where the Tri-Flexor really sets itself apart.

Regular single leg tib bars require a ton of stabilizer muscles when doing tib raises which causes the leg to fatigue and prevents you from getting the deepest possible tib stimulus…

But the pivot plate on the back of the Tri-Flexor allows you to completely isolate the tibialis which produces an epic pump.

Previously if you wanted a tib stimulus this good you’d need to invest hundreds into an anterior tib machine.

No product as portable or affordable as the Tri-Flexor can replicate this training stimulus.

Heel Supported Assisted Tib Raises

If you really want to develop world class tibialis anterior strength, the Tri-Flexor comes with an eccentric strap which allows you to assist yourself through the concentric portion of the movement during those really tough reps.

I can’t think of a better way to get really really strong tibs.

Again, there’s nothing else on the market like this.

Leg Curls

The beauty of the Tri-Flexor, and where it gets its name from, is that you can take out the centre/front weight sleeve and stick in the two lateral pegs to load the device up MonkeyFeet style.

The Tri-Flexor is extremely effective for knee flexion and allows for a larger range of motion compared to a standing leg curl machine which inhibits your top end ROM due to the ankle pad.

Hip Flexor (Knee) Raises

This was the primary reason I bought a MonkeyFeet: to train my hip flexors via knee raises.

The Tri-Flexor does this exact same movement, but does it even better.

The main reason is because your tibialis is engaged while you work your hip flexors (because of the positioning of the weight being near your toes, not your heel).

This better replicates athletic movements such as sprinting – you’ll virtually never be engaging your hip flexors while your tibialis is relaxed, so the MonkeyFeet isn’t quite as effective for this movement in my eyes.

I also found it way easier to setup and more comfortable to use than the MonkeyFeet.

Leg Extensions

Although I don’t personally spend much time doing leg extensions with the Tri-Flexor, it absolutely can be done and it works extremely well.

All you have to do is prop your leg up on something like a foam roller or yoga mat while sitting on the edge of a bench.

Because the Tri-Flexor leg extension is effectively a “free weight” movement, it actually creates a much tougher quadricep stimulus than using a leg extension machine.

And More!

There’s so much more you can do with the Tri-Flexor including hip extension movements like donkey kicks as well as single leg weighted calf raises.

Hell, you can even use this thing for weighted chin-ups.

Check out the Tri-Flexor product page or the Freak Athlete Essentials Instagram for more inspiration!

How I Tested The Tri-Flexor

I’ve been thrashing this thing in the gym every day since the product arrived earlier in the week.

You’ve seen me doing all of the above movements, but I’ve also been throwing it around a bit to see if anything breaks.

It’s been solid as a rock and I haven’t had a single issue as far as quality or functionality goes.

I’ve loaded it up using 3-4 different types of 2″ weight plates and all fit on very smoothly.

I’ll continue to use the Tri-Flexor regularly to see if it stands the test of time!

How Did The Tri-Flexor Feel To Use? & Usage Tips

The overall Tri-Flexor experience has been pleasantly surprising.

It took a little fiddling around with initially to get the foot strap exactly how I wanted it, but now that I’ve got that sorted out, I don’t really have to touch it much at all.

Triflexor Foot Strap

It’s as simple as undoing the velcro, sliding my foot in, and tightening – no different to a sandle.

I’d say it’s not quite as easy to get your foot into/out of as the TBG Solo Tib Bar but significantly easier to use than the HGG Isotib.

I noticed the weights would shift around just a little on the weight sleeves after a while of use – this is pretty typical especially with products using stainless steel weight sleeves as the same thing happens using the HGG tib bar.

It would be nice if they stayed completely flush up against the collar, but this doesn’t really bother me much to be honest. It’s largely a function of the weight clips you’re using as well.

The Tri-Flexor Has Foot Size Limitations

Unfortunately the max foot size for the Tri-Flexor is a men’s US 13, which is definitely going to rule out a number of basketball and volleyball players, sadly.

I’m wearing size 12 shoes in the image below and can confirm the limitation is very real – I was running low on velcro space left on the strap to properly secure my foot and I imagine a size 14 or larger wouldn’t stand a chance.

Triflexor Foot Size Limitation

It would be a nice thought if FAE could do some sort of an “XL Strap Pack” version where our big footed friends can order a slightly larger foot strap.

Does The Tri-Flexor Work Barefoot?

Initially I wasn’t able to get the Tri-Flexor to secure around my foot barefoot, because with the strap properly fastened, there wasn’t any velcro available where I needed it around the heel.

I was however able to overcome this by wrapping the excess strap around my heel and pulling it through the islet on the other side.

It’s not a particularly elegant solution, but it definitely works barefoot!

The Tri-Flexor Is Surprisingly Ergonomic

The Tri-Flexor is amazingly well designed and feels extremely comfortable to use.

Although it’s not quite as quick and easy to secure your foot in the device as the Solo Tib Bar, the sandle-like strap design actually feels more comfortable to use during your sets than both the Solo Tib Bar and the Isotib.

I imagine that’s to do with the strap securing around the heel.

The foot plate also feels great and the stainless steel weight sleeves are a really nice touch also.

Remember To Order The Clips!

One thing to mention is that the Tri-Flexor does not come with any weight clips, meaning you either need to own weight clips or spend an extra $20 to have them included.

If you’re only ever using this thing at the gym, then you won’t need to order the clips. But unless you have a home gym setup, most athletes probably won’t own clips so the product will be useless unless you’re able to get ahold of some.

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the weight clips FAE provides.

You can also easily add a few small weight plates to your order which is super convenient.

Detachable Sleeves Massively Increase Portability

The Tri-Flexor is significantly more portable than any other comparable product.

Tib bars are actually pretty bulky and take up a lot of room in your gym bag, even if you’ve got one with detachable sleeves.

Triflexor Portability

The footprint of the dismantled Tri-Flexor is absolutely tiny which makes it perfect for athletes and trainers on the go.

What’s The Verdict?

Having reviewed every tib bar on the market, as well as the MonkeyFeet, and many other pieces of ATG/knees over toes related fitness equipment, I can hands down say that the Tri-Flexor is the most exciting product I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing.

If I was an athlete getting into ATG training, my first purchase wouldn’t be a tib bar, it wouldn’t be a MonkeyFeet, nor a slant board…

It would be the Tri-Flexor, and it’s not even close.

The amount of usage you can get out of this thing is unparalleled. And to think that you can order one today for less than a hundred bucks is absolutely mind blowing!


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