MonkeyFeet: Dumbbells On Your Feet – Everything You Need To Know

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If you’ve been following the ATG training methodology, or simply have an interest in sports performance, chances are you’ve heard of MonkeyFeet.

This tool quickly gained popularity when it was featured on the Joe Rogan Experience and is used to train primarily your hip flexors and hamstrings.

Having used the MonkeyFeet myself for a number of months, I’ll be looking to answer all of your questions about this product in this article.

What Are MonkeyFeet?

MonkeyFeet is a training device that attaches to your shoes and allows you to lift dumbbells using your feet!


At first they took the fitness world by storm, though nowadays there’s many other similar products that I feel do a far superior job.

Feel free to read my full MonkeyFeet review to see why.

Being able to attach dumbbells to your feet opens the doors to a variety of interesting ways to target your hamstrings, hip flexors, and quads without having to buy expensive gym equipment.

MonkeyFeet Side Profile

The MonkeyFeet is a sturdy and reliable contraption designed with a nylon frame and an ultra durable aluminum hinge.

Thick padding attempts to maximize comfort as the device is secured onto your foot, although I feel as though this device is quite uncomfortable to use.

I’ve been using this thing for over 4 months now, and have recently stopped using it, so be sure to check out my detailed MonkeyFeet review to see why I’m not a huge fan overall.

Who Makes MonkeyFeet?

MonkeyFeet were invented by US based company Animalhouse Fitness and the product started selling towards the end of 2020.

Off the back of this single product, Animalhouse Fitness went from $0 to $1m in sales within the first 4 months of doing business.

MonkeyFeet Price

The current price of the MonkeyFeet device is $79.95 which I believe is a bit excessive, especially since there are now other more affordable MonkeyFeet alternatives.

How Long Do MonkeyFeet Take To Ship?

For orders within the USA, standard shipping is 3-10 business days and expedited shipping is 2-5 business days.

Typical international shipping takes 6-20 days and expedited shipping 2-7 days.

How Do You Attach MonkeyFeet?

The concept is fairly simple and the device is really easy to use.

You simply unclip the straps, attach the clamp to the dumbbell, stick your foot in, and cinch it down using the ratchet strap.

The device should be tightly secured to your shoe and you shouldn’t be able to move your foot around inside.

Benefits Of Using MonkeyFeet

As far as training goes, there are countless different ways you can use the MonkeyFeet.

I’ve created a great big list of MonkeyFeet exercises so you can get a feel for what sorts of things you can do with it.

What Problem Do They Solve?

What it boils down to is convenience.

MonkeyFeet allows you to perform movements and target muscle groups that are usually extremely difficult to work on unless you have access to a bunch of expensive gym equipment.

Benefits Of Using MonkeyFeet

This makes them a decent piece of equipment for home gyms.

And even if you do have access to a gym, MonkeyFeet can often be a more effective and efficient way to train than using conventional gym equipment.

Hip Flexor Training Device

As someone very interested in sports performance and vertical jump training, MonkeyFeet stood out to me as a decent way to train the hip flexors.

Before MonkeyFeet came along, you’d have to use an ankle attachment with a cable pully machine to get an equivalent stimulus – and so it was virtually impossible to isolate the hip flexors from home.

There’s plenty of other amazing uses for these such as leg extensions and leg curls – you’re welcome to check out my full list of exercises including several advanced movements for more ideas.

Nowadays I prefer using my Tri-Flexor, which can do all of the MonkeyFeet movements and much more.

How Much Weight Can MonkeyFeet Hold?

MonkeyFeet will hold up to 160lbs (72.5kg) dumbbells with no issues.

That’s going to be significantly more weight than you’ll ever really be able to use!

But it is really nice knowing you can go super heavy on leg extensions, weighted chin ups, or hanging leg raises with these.

What Dumbbells Work With MonkeyFeet?

Almost any dumbbells will work with the MonkeyFeet but there are some limitations in rare cases.

The dumbbell handle must be at least 127mm in length for the MF to clamp onto it – unless you’re using the tiniest dumbbells in the world, I don’t think you’ll ever have any issues with this.

Dumbbell handle thickness is also a factor as the MF won’t attach to weights with extra thick handles. The maximum handle thickness is 37mm.

You won’t really have any compatibility issues with 99% of dumbbells.

MonkeyFeet Starting Weight?

This of course depends on your strength level as well as what exercise you’re doing.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to start off fairly light and to feel the weight out.

The sensation of having an external load on your foot is very peculiar and awkward to begin with. It definitely takes some getting used to.

You can always increase the weight if it’s not heavy enough.

For almost every exercise you perform with the MonkeyFeet, you should look to control the weight with nice, slow movements.

For the knee raises and hamstring curls, I’d recommend the ladies start with 10lbs and seeing how that feels. Gents could probably go for 15-20lbs.

What Can You Do With MonkeyFeet?

MonkeyFeet are a very versatile piece of equipment and can be used for all sorts of different exercises and training methodologies.

Get creative and experiment with different movements.

Design your own workouts and modify existing exercises to find what works best for you.

Can You Use MonkeyFeet Barefoot?

If you’d got particularly big feet/shoes, going barefoot might actually be easier to get your foot secured into the device.

I had absolutely no problems using the MonkeyFeet barefoot, although it’s definitely not super comfortable.

Can You Use MonkeyFeet With PowerBlocks?

The MonkeyFeet should fit onto some PowerBlock models, although I’ve not tested this definitively.

We do have evidence that they fit onto the PowerBlock Pro 50/EXP series, but I can’t confirm if they’ll attach to the Pro 32, Sport 24, or USA Elite models.

MonkeyFeet On PowerBlock

The fit is snug but works perfectly.

I did just find this however…

MonkeyFeet And Powerblocks

So I wouldn’t get your hopes up if you’re a PowerBlocks user…

Can You Use MonkeyFeet For Knees Over Toes/ATG Training?

This is quite possibly the single best use of the MonkeyFeet!

Ben Patrick has personally endorsed this product and has been seen using it, particularly for knee raises/hip flexor workouts.

Again, although MonkeyFeet work okay, the current market seems to have passed them by, as there’s now other products that do a superior job.

Can You Do Tib Raises With MonkeyFeet?

You can… sort of.

Not really.

While it is possible to do tibialis raises with MonkeyFeet, it really isn’t a very good way to do this exercise – the product simply wasn’t designed for this use.

As you can see, the weight is situated too closely to the heel and needs to be further towards the toes for this to be an effective way to do tib raises.

If you’re serious about tib training, check out my tib bar buyer’s guide to find out the best ways to hit those tibs!

Final Verdict?

As you can already tell, I’m not a huge fan of MonkeyFeet anymore.

They don’t feel all that great to use and there’s simply better options on the market.

I’d strongly recommend checking out my list of MonkeyFeet alternatives.

Or you can grab yourself some MonkeyFeet here.

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